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  2. Yes. It's Maths Humor, which is le most epic style.
  3. So unhappy in fact, that the meh and kinda bad and also sad as well as unhappy Butter Cream kicked the judgy law that made him trip.
  4. xkcd is hilarious as well, but it’s a different type of humor imo.
  5. Good. xkcd is better.
  6. My tacocat palindrome feels threatened. Edit: Also, I don't know about anyone else, but I am just a little perturbed that Mestiv's signature knows where I live...
  7. Ah, thanks for clarifying. In that case I argue that the silliness is why it’s so great
  8. From an outsider’s perspective, it does seem like you guys are arguing two different topics- Xino that asterisks can replace the italics (or bold or whatever) in this sentence- That was epic! And Ene is saying that italics (or bold or whatever) can not replace the asterisks in this- *jumps around excitedly*. Am I correct?
  9. I'm confused as to what we're arguing over- I think we misunderstand each other. I'm trying to say that (1) you need to emphasize action in some way and (2) asterisks are a way to emphasize text. Do you disagree with either of those statements?
  10. Do you mean Exploding Kittens?
  11. The meh and kinda bad and also sad Butter Cream was not too happy about this.
  12. My apologies, but I couldn't resist the urge. can·on1 /ˈkanən/ noun a general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged. Little did the narrators know, but for the last three and a half pages, small, spiny laws and rules had been lurking deep in the background, judging everyone's partying skills. This was revealed when the meh and kinda bad Butter Cream tripped over one of said laws while running off onto his quest.
  13. How else do you want me to explain it? What are you not understanding, tell me and I'll see if I can clarify.
  14. So he went on a quest to earn a better title.
  15. For now it was just the meh and kinda bad Butter Cream.
  16. Bleeeerk.

    1. Shard of Thought

      Shard of Thought

      "Where... what... how..."

      "Why?" Kelsier asked helpfully.

      "Yes! Why?"

    2. Butt Ad Venture

      Butt Ad Venture

      “School...” everyone groaned.

    3. Dr. Dapper

      Dr. Dapper

      Dapper thought that Everyone was a bit of a downer.

  17. Am I allowed to rant upon how much I don't like that game? It bothers me. Like, Mat, you're a funnie man. That game, isn't funnie. It's just stupid.
  18. Soon it would become the great and terrible Butter Cream.
  19. But unbeknownst to it, the butter was slowly percolating throughout it, shifting it... and changing it.
  20. The chefs were fine with it, as it buttered toast for them.
  21. What do you mean?
  22. They're separate things - yes, if you use asterisks, that is one way to show emphasis, but creating an action through words is entirely different.
  23. Where exactly does it say that? Rosharan humans are all but confirmed to be pre-Shattering (they were not created by Honor, Cultivation, or Odium). Probably just a typo, but there definitely wasn’t fainlife on Roshar. What makes you think that there was a regression to “pre history level”?
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