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  2. I would think that she does a complete cognitive capture of the moment. I do believe that her identity and the process of the art will allow for those changes. Which is a cool concept, right?
  3. Sazed described compounding as creating a new allomantic metal that only you can burn. Thus a compounding savant would be an allomantic savant, not a feruchemical.
  4. From the album RP Doodles

    Nearly-finalized version of card 0 in the Alleydeck (no, I haven't forgotten about the deck)! Lita Attar as The Acolyte. Meaning: The Acolyte [Fool] represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginner's luck, improvisation and believing in the universe.
  5. A vessel cannot permanently change a shard. Their interpretation influences the shard to some degree while they hold it but they eventually loose the battle of wills between themselves and the shardic intent.
  6. Had another thought not really about the Impulse thing but more about Intents in general. The Intent of each Shard is mostly set by its inherent nature, however the Holder still has some infuence on excactly how it manifests. Ive always interpreted each Shards Intent as a line and the Hoders influence drawing it away from its natural resting point. But anway, my thought was this: how do we know that the shards as we know them are true to that center line? If a Holder pushed a Shard in a certain direction was replaced by someone who pushed in the opposite direction we could see a more dramatic change than it might be expected. I consider this fairly hypothetical when we look at the Shards who have been onscreen. Ati pushed very hard against Ruin and was brished aside by the Intent. But it still seems a possibility.
  7. He became John’s loyal companion.
  8. Oh yeah, you didn’t get on until this cycle. So that gives a pretty good alibi for you, and a half decent one for Lopen (assuming my assumption about the rules regarding the Kukupa being randomly assigned is true). For now, I’ll place a tentative vote on Stick. I guess it could be possible that she claimed Aviar early on because what elim would claim Aviar like that so early? I dunno, I just don’t feel comfortable voting on anyone else. There’s only a few people that have been consistently posting, and Stick’s the only one that’s done the most suspicious things in my opinion. (Most of Devotary’s posts have been NAI, which could be indicative of an elim trying to hide, though I’d like to hear her response to Aman’s vote on her before I decide anything about her alignment).
  9. Not a dumb question. In the meeting doc, I think(?) either Bloodlight or Stalemate would be next (@Sazedezas) Although, it's not clear if that thread is meant to be parallel with the meeting, in which case we could still do something else with the meeting in the meantime. Most of the things I can think of would involve the Circle and/or Karabiner though.
  10. Caught up. Yes, I did get the Kokerlii I requested on the first cycle, and then had to return it. It isn't so helpful to be claiming birds we got last cycle since that was when the Aviary was sabotaged and it didn't require an action to get a bird (and apparently more than 3 Aviar were distributed). But, I might as well say anyway that I requested a pair of twins, and got a Shoebill instead. I'm going to scan through all of the past posts and try to come up with something. In the meantime, given the precarious balance of the game, I think it's the right idea for people to be giving alibis for sabotage. I'm pretty sure we could lynch one of the eliminators this cycle with some good analysis, but we're going to need a bit more than that if we are going to specifically target the elim engineer, who will end the game soon if nothing changes.
  11. Hey, is for horses. why did you start following me? Just curious, I am completely chill with it...

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  13. I had assumed Lopen used his bird to PM Ventyl with hopes of getting him more involved, but now that you mention it, it makes sense that both of them got one of the twins from the get go. I don't really believe that would impact Lopen's alignment, however. It's also impossible for me to be the saboteur, since I was offline and thus unable to put in any orders prior to this cycle.
  14. It was kinds funny. I asked him "Can you tell me anything about Vax?" and he understood "Wax" so I had to correct him. "No, no, Vax". He looked at my with the face and said "No, no, no". I went like "C'mon, can you at least tell me if Leras would recognize Vax or it's just like some Ati backstory?". He thought for a bit and said yeah, he definitely would. (I still cant post the image, it tells me it is spam) Later I asked him if Odium had something to do with Adolin killing Sadeas, cause in Thaylen he sais that he has been preparing Sadeas troups for a long time. And I got instant RAFO. I got the first spanish RAFO card! Hurrah me!
  15. Okay, that makes things interesting. I was thinking that it’d be pretty easy to figure out who the elim engineer/saboteur was by figuring out who got Aviar. But, now that we know more than 3 Aviar were passed out after the Aviary was sabotaged, that makes it much harder to figure that out. I don’t think elim!Stick would’ve claimed to have gotten an Aviar so early into the cycle. I think Lopen must be cleared of being the saboteur since I’d figure that if he sabotaged the Aviary, he’d at least get to choose who he gets to PM. Therefore, I think it’s pretty likely that he just randomly got the Kukupa twins (assuming he isn’t taking advantage of the fact that Ventyl is inactive and lying). Aman apparently has a bird too, though he hasn’t said what he got yet. I think it’d best for everyone to go ahead and say whether or not they got an Aviar so we can narrow down our suspect list. Hopefully there aren’t too many other people who got Aviar, because right now our only possible options for the Aviary saboteur are Stick and Aman.
  16. pity I don't have this kind of programing skill...
  17. Did anyone record the Celsius signing WoBs systematically?
  18. Very well. So we're aware of 3 players with Aviar (Stick, Lopen and I), and 2 who claim to have regular birds (Lum and Striker). With this in mind I believe it less likely for an eliminator to claim receiving of an Aviar, especially as early in the cycle as Stick, so I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt for now. I don't really trust Lopen and probably won't until I can find some way to mechanically clear him of last night's sabotage, however. That all said, Devotary. Instincts are telling me they're a Saboteur, and hopefully, the Engineer themselves.
  19. Project 75192: Update 13 - Bags No.8, Part 2 - "The Upside-down" I promise you we're getting there. Sorry about all the pics for those not digging it So, now we're working on these cut-outs which were featured in previous updates, building the internal gubbins (2) that shows through to the outside (3,4). Each square panel is form of lots of wee random bits of mechanical looking stuff which is mounted on both sides (5), because there are cut-outs on both the top and bottom of the fuselage (4). (7) shows all four units in place, and (8) shows the final effect from underneath. Nice contrast between the light and dark grey. Another nerd-out to follow soon!
  20. More than 3 people can receive an Aviar when the Aviary is destroyed.
  21. Wait. So you're saying you got the Twins from the Aviary Sabotage? If so then Stick is confirmed evil, no? ED1T: Hm. Probably not, actually. While only 3 birds can be loaned per cycle, the rules don't specify whether only 3 Aviar will be randomly handed out by the Aviary's sabotage. @Randuir / @Young Bard, can either of you tell me if more than 3 players can have an Aviar in this situation?
  22. I got the Sak bird C1. And currently me and Ventyl have the PM birds(I did not request it). Sadly they're inactive.
  23. I missed these two posts so I'm going to go ahead and respond to them now. If I'm not mistaken, only 1 of each Aviar can exist at a time, yes? I'll go ahead and tell everyone that I also got one of the Aviar from the Sabotaged Aviary, since it was impossible for me to put an order in when I didn't even get online until this cycle. Stick, if you got the Twins, please go ahead and send me a PM. If not, then if a player has received a PM this turn, you may want to put their name forward since it's extremely likely that player is the Saboteur. Okay so you requested an Aviar on D2? Interesting.
  24. This would be a great ask Brandon. Are their any effects on the soldiers that Dalinar pulled the thrill out of?
  25. I remember.
  26. There's no great analogies for this though, it's never happened before. I would argue that Kaladin is much closer to the humans (biologically and realmatically) than either the singers or the spren.
  27. I got a non-Aviar, I think it was like some type of parakeet or something. Yeah, a Monk Parakeet. Not sure if that’s something you’d find on First of the Sun though.
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