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The Lesson

An illustrated scene from WoK in the style of an animated TV series. Some of these chapters more easy to imagine in my mind than others - and this is one of them that is memorable and leaves a lasting impact.

"Shallan hesitated at the mouth of the alleyway, her heart thumping, her thoughts muddled. The wind blew and bells rang, like frozen raindrops shattering against the stones. In a moment of decision, she rushed after Jasnah, preferring company, even in the dark, to being alone. The shrouded glimmer of the Soulcaster was barely enough to light their way, and Shallan followed in Jasnah’s shadow.

Noise from behind. Shallan turned with a start to see several dark forms crowding into the alley. “Oh, Stormfather,” she whispered. Why? Why was Jasnah doing this?"

Chapter 36, "The Lesson", WoK

I really like Jasnah's design. There's something very expressive about her, even if she tries to be cold all the time. I guess it's all that outward arrogance and confidence.

Process pic:



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