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Looks like Timmy Shallan fell down a well again. :( Luckily for our plucky heroine, Captain Kaladin (who owns shirts - but if you are disappointed, they fall apart in every fight scene wink wink) jumped in after her. Since Shallan's previous date with the devastatingly handsome Adolin went so well, the newest episode features the dark and mysterious Kaladin, just in case you thought she was in danger of picking one.

Have a box of tissues at the ready so you're prepared for angsty sepia-coloured flashbacks about dead brothers.



Particularly clever. I'm hoping that Renarin won't get involved here, though...

Renarin appears in the next episode...




Shallan is soooo popUlar! I wonder who will take her to the prom?

Kaladin doesn't do proms, and he is unlikely to be convinced to go "ironically".  He would rather stay home and eat stew.


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How could he do it? That's...scandalous! Even if they are alone in a chasm, how dares he touching a woman's safehand?


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