Magic Users from Sel

We’ve seen five Investitures on Sel so far, so I picked five characters who perform those arts =) (They’re also from five different nations.)

- Raoden (Arelon) / AonDor

- Wan ShaiLu (MaiPon) / Forgery

- Weedfingers (Dzhamar) / Bloodsealing

- Hrathen (Fjordell) / Dakhor [R.I.P.]

- Shuden (Jindo) / ChayShan

I’m really excited about the 10th anniversary Elantris!

(Full size: [x])

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Portrait version (Click to enlarge)

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You captured Shai, Shuden, and Hrathen especially well! This is the best fanart I've seen in a long time! Well done! I wish I could give more upvotes!


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