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Doomslug (Work in progress)

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I hope you didnt need the title to see what this is ;)

I literally just now finished this sculpture. This is sort of my start, trying to get back into sculpting.

I'm really happy with it, I think it looks cute, my only annoyance is that I cant fix the small creases and dents because they're so small that my fingers can't reach them without squishing everything else. (and the toothpick I used will only create more creases)

Part of the reason I made doomslug is because I borrowed my skyward books to my girlfriend and we've been talking about them together. So you could say doomslug was on my mind when I needed something new to make.

I might give this to her once I finish painting it.

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I'm probably going to paint him normal purple and yellow, but I'm always open for other suggestions 


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