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Stormlight Park 2.0 - The Knights Radiant

I tried Stormlight Park again! The whole style is based on South Park ;) Just for fun, don't take it seriously!

These characters are all new Radiants and their spren. Heralds and some candidates are not included. As long as we get enough information, I’ll update the chart :) Though I tend to believe that Adolin/Rysn is the Dustbringer and Eshonai becomes the Willshaper. About the Stoneward, we have only seen Taln so far.

Side notes: I created the characters via SP-Studio at first, then used PS to add some specific details.

High res: [x]

You can also find the ten single pieces here: [x]

Additional: What I did for WoK is here: [x]

Perhaps 2.0 is more refined than 1.0 because I had modified some details and costume design.

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Too funny!!!  I can't wait to meet others so the chart can be filled out.  :-D


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