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Rysn Rollin' (figuratively for floating)

I delayed the update last month because I still had hw and ambition, but it died prematurely just like Uli Da... so this is good enough for posterity. Can't wait for the printer to get fixed so I can post about a resin Rysn risin'! Also, you should see the Polish cover of Dawnshard :o

Or random screenshots, I suppose https://www.tinkercad.com/things/fIkHiAn1eCt

Rysn holding her pot of grass, Tvynk


Chiri-Chiri clings to Rysn's back





me >:D


From the album

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Y'all omg I just found out about these minis: Halfling Bard STL. (strataminiatures.com). It's everything I wanted in this design (even the pan flute) and it has MUSICAL wheels!
I don't play Pathfinder yet, but the campaigns with wheelchair heroes is making me want to! Sara Thompson is the GOAT for making the combat wheelchair...
Also, I just thought of a writing prompt: if Rysn has a fabrial that can remotely control her wheelchair, I want some epic batmobile action >:D  (Chiri-Chiri = bat?)

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