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Original character designs I've been developing -- Jasnah is in the works. I would love to hear any critiques/tips you all may have!



© Elizabeth Kunkle 2014



Kal's looks a tiny bit too old, I think. But nevermind that, these are wonderful!!


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assuming you have drawn Adolin and not Renarin I think he looks a bit too lightweight. Of the three young men (Kaladin, Adolin and Renarin) He is the soldier and I imagine the most physically strong. I think he is slightly older than Kaladin as well but I may be wrong about that. Good work though. I like the realism of it


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Posted (edited)

Isn't Kal supposed to have completely black hair? I believe it was mentioned that dark eyes often have full dark hair, by Dalinar, because they don't often seek marriages outside of Alethi. Light eyes tend to have mixtures of black based on marriages of arrangements and alliances. But Alethi hair breeds true.


                     The skill you used to draw them is immaculate though. I think your Shallan lines up with how I imagine her the closest, but I do like your drawings.



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