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Some More "Doodles"

I've got three "doodles" for you today, though only the third one should really be considered a "doodle". *shrug* 

On the left is Heather. I put a lot of symbolism into that one and it turned out suuuuuper well, I'm really proud of it. I draw Heather way too much, I need to stop. Top right is Astral, after she clawed her eyes out. Yeah, she wasn't having the best day. She's insane, ignore her. And bottom right is Heather and Ember being adorable. Everyone likes Ember some reason and I don't get it why she is so overwhelmingly beloved. But I do have to admit that she has some pretty precious interactions with other people, particularly with Heather. It's the perfect blend of awkward and cute and I think that just maybe I was able to capture it there in what I drew. 


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Yep, just go on and skip all the lovely misery going on with Astral. :P

"She, insane," you say, "ignore her," you say. Well...us insane people matter too! :lol:


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