This piece is for Shardling Secret Santa on tumblr, requested by whimsical-writer: Spook having his first Mistborn training!

(Don’t mind if there’s anything inaccurate in his proportion.)


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Okay so... when I see something I like, I feel like I ought to comment on it, but I really, really don't get art. So sorry if this is a bit dumb.


I was going to ask where his Blindfold was, but you say this is Mistborn Spook, so presumably after Hero of Ages has finished. I have to say, if you are taking requests, I'd love to see your take on the Survivor of Flames, but I digress.


There's something very Peter Pan-ish about the pose, I think, th way he's throwing his hand up behind him. I know he isn't smiling, but it does kind of look like he might be about to start grinning, which is really reminiscent of how he was in TFE. I like how the tassles of his mistcloak are almost flaring around the coins; that, and the pose he's in gives it a strong sense of motion. There's a part of me that thinks there should be some of the tassles whipping around the front of his body as well, but that might just be my own minds eye of how the mist cloak looks; if you had added them in, it might have looked too cluttered, or cartoonish.


(Or, I suppose, like Batman's cape.)


Anyway... yeah, that's all I have to say. I like it.


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