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A Doodle Collage

Here's my last doodle collage for a while. In the top left corner is Michael the Part-Time Mime and Narrator-In-Training and the most adorable thing you will ever come across. ("You don't need to be so sad." Well said, you innocent little child, I love you.) In the bottom left is Star's burned hand - never fear, she has been healed by True Love's Kiss. Those burns won't come back anymore. Top middle is Silence, who I still feel bad for killing. Sorry. :( Bottom middle is Pheonix being the cinnamon roll that he is. Phar is beautiful. And bottom right corner is Star, daughter of TVG, who deserves everything. 


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Nothing. I have a grudge against sappy love names, however.

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10 hours ago, Shard of Thought said:

I have a confession to make. I, uh... I don't like cinnamon rolls at all. :ph34r: They're either too rich or too dry. 


To be fair though, I only like them if they have icing.


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