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My take on Sylphrena (aka little trickster) from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson.

Instead of adding her to my drawing of Kaladin, I believe Syl deserves her own portrait, thank you very much.

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Ookla the Eternal

Posted (edited)

ok, I really like your art. But I do have a bit of advice: your jaw on them is a bit too strong, especially on the females. I wasn't 100% sure jasnah was even art of a woman at first, and Shallan kinda looks like she could grow a beard (:P) Syl less so, but still a bit of a problem.

Sorry if this is rude.

Overall, I really like your art!

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Hehe, it’s okay, I can take criticism. :) After all, I only did these to practice my drawing skills, so I thought why not just post them for fun? Part of the problem with the female characters was also because I at the time didn’t know how to use the stabilization tool (it helps making smoother and softer edges) in my drawing program, and I would avoid it by drawing straight lines. I have just started painting digitally, so the portraits are mostly work in progress.

Even though I kind of like Jasnah to have more stronger features to make her look more intimidating, I honestly just think it’s mostly because my proportions were not that good in that drawing to begin with.

And I do agree on the Shallan drawing, I’m actually planning on redoing it in the future.


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