4. The Shrine

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The Shrine

Kay, so this is a bit esoteric, but I decided to post it anyway. There are quite a few things that go into this, but it mostly ties into my 3,000th post where I talked about a specific shrine.

"As her fury subsides, she takes his blade - Starscraper - and plunges it into the earth, creating a shrine for him. She places his helm atop it and our story comes to a close as the wind takes away her tears."

I also put a few elements from Fallen in there, such as Thought's necklace and a few flowers which you can't tell are purple, but they are, and Thought loves purple petals which you would know if you've ever fought her. 


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Shard of Thought

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7 hours ago, beantheboy12 said:

I am sorry

No, don't... Oh, you're impossible. ^_^ (The poem just fit. I wrote it a long time ago.) Actually, you can think of it this way - I drew it first and then afterward, Thought went over it adding stuff for AJ. 

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