0. The Acolyte

This is a WIP but I'm pretty pleased with this initial sketch.

Lita as a tarot card. I put her as card 0 - "The Fool" or, in this interpretation, The Acolyte.

This card represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginner's luck, improvisation and believing in the universe.

I'm not 100% satisfied with her arm -_- Ah well. 

If any other Alleyverse people wish for me to draw their character as a card, please PM me :) I need the practice!

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41 minutes ago, I think I am here. said:

This is awesome! Good job on doing the hand, drawing hands always trip me up ._.

Thank you! I actually re-drew the arm on my own copy, it was too small. Still, I am pleased with this hand version. Hands are the devil.


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In the spirit of punching ghosts... (Some of whom are named for the Tarot) 



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It's great! I really like it! Especially her face and the way she looks!


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If you knew the personality, I think you'd feel differently


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