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Cold places intrigue me and the Frostlands are no exception. While they might span quite an area and include some slightly warmer areas with the ability to grow stunted rockbubs, they do have some decent mountains as well. 

What can I say. We're snowed in here in Seattle and I was inspired. :) 


Vianki (Bonnie Bruenderman)


© ViankiStudios 2018


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That's gorgeous! We have a snow day where I'm at so I can almost feel the chill. I'm outta upvotes, but I shall be back tomorrow!


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Those look like the opposite of happy little clouds.  (Sorry, oil paintings of nature always make me think of Bob Ross.)

Excellent work!  I love the streaks of snow being blasted off the mountain peaks by the fierce winds.  Definitely a scene that fits in Roshar.


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thanks for the Ross comparison, that's a huge compliment! <3 <3 <3  I used his method for this. The blues/greens/blacks were put down wet and from there I (almost) only added white, wet on wet.  


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