I was inspired by the character of Deathpoint, because of the strange calm attitude he displayed while turning civilians into bones. My Image is done in charcoal to display the "darkness" of the character. The burning paper effect is a nod to the ashes and the Skull to the bones of the dead. I chose to hide the characters face, showing only his smile because the smile most effectively represents his calm demeanor. The color variation of the Skull ND Deathpoint visually contrasts the dead from the living. I named my piece Calevera which refers to the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead" which is befitting of the events that took place at the First

Union Bank on Adams Street preluding the Great Transfersion, Calevera can also refer to poems written for the Day of the Dead intended to humorously criticize the living, lastly it can refer to any artistic representation of skulls.


© Zakiya Kudoos


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