4. Shallan Davar & Pattern in Shadesmar
    5. Shallan Davar

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Shallan Davar & Pattern in Shadesmar

Kaelin Twede
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I finished this fan art of Shallan yesterday! I know that it doesn't look anything like her and her outfit is not accurate to the book, but it was fun to create something new. It took me about a week from start to finish. Which is a long time for me, I usually like working on a project from 2 to 3 days, but this was a good practice. I hope you like it and please share with your Stormlight friends!

I will be posting a SpeedPaint of this picture friday on my YouTube Channel, so stay tuned!

Who is your favorite character in the Stormlight series? Comment below!

Instagram: @ kaelintwede
YouTube: Kaelin Twede
Deviant Art: KMTwede


© Kaelin Twede

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