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A Boon, A Curse

Most of my work comes from speedpainting every day (It was my resolution), but I wanted to slow down for this one and give you guys some of my line work. This scene really jumped out at me from how Sanderson described it.  


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13 hours ago, hoiditthroughthegrapevine said:


I love how you visualized the Nighwatcher, hauntingly beautiful, and incredibly creepy. Nice work!

Thanks, I'm glad you think so! I liked how her, the vines, and the havaa (even though Cultivation prooobably wouldn't wear one) turned out. Backgrounds are my weakness, but hopefully the plain-ness is balanced by the details in the foreground. 


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The linework on the havah, Cultivation's hair and the trees and vines is super nice. It looks a lot like Alphonse Mucha's work (the Master of Art Nouveau). Simplicity of background can be offset by a dynamic compositin (which yours definitely is). Here's one of Mucha's paintings spoilered below:






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I really need to reread the Nightwatcher scene it seems. I didn't think of her to be the girl from the Ring.

Looks awesome!


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