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The first image that popped into my head when I thought of Kaladin was him flying (falling!) with the Sylspear across a cloudy sky. The first image that came into my head when I thought of Dalinar was, oddly, not of him sweeping his Shardblade around on the battlefield, but the sombre gaze of a haunted military veteran. So this is the Blackthorn as I imagine him, sometime around the events of the books so far, without his Shardplate. He has, obviously, been through many battles, and even with Shardplate's protection has many scars. The events at The Rift alone were enough to scar his body, not to mention his conscience. He has light eyes, weathered Alethi skin, short hair, and a stiff uniform. I also imagine that he shaves daily and doesn't walk around with blood all over him most of the time, let alone pose for portraits looking like he does here... but a clean, shaven, well-rested Dalinar didn't feel right at all.

This was excellent practice for me -- painting a portrait of a man who doesn't exist...


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Hey, this is really great and more than how I imagined on my first reads. When I read the current WoR/OB timeline of him, I sometimes forgot to imagine how exactly scarred he must be in reality. A few here or there and a broken nose at most. I always thought, its gotta be way more than my imaginings. 


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This looks incredible! I love the rendering, especially on the face (the nose and mouth area is really good! I feel like giving the nose a stark shadow is difficult, and you pulled it off so well!) also he looks real handsome.


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Thanks guys.

44 minutes ago, Bridge_Ojisan said:

also he looks real handsome.

The initial stages had him looking very sharp and much younger, more handsome in a modern American superhero fashion. Had to roughen him up a bit, broaden and pummel his nose, add some wrinkles, forehead vein, scars etc. I always imagine him as chiselled and good-looking in a warrior sort of way, but also as a "Oh storms it's Brightlord Kholin! Scatter!" kind of scary...

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just gotta get in here one more time and tell you how incredible this piece is. I think about it every time dalinar has a scene. You are a True Master.


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