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    "They were just there one day." Voidus replied with a resigned sigh, though his eyes did seem to shift subtly at the mention of the topic. There was a small chance that he'd accidentally approved the HR department back in the departmental rush when the DA had still been new. Department creation requests were flying all around the place, plenty of overlapping departments were inadvertently created and then they fought over which department was responsible for what. It'd been a tiresome process and at one point he'd been approving requests without reading them. He'd lived in fear since that day that he'd accidentally approved HR. "So this is where the field agents are?" He asked, shifting topics suddenly. "Meeting with TUBA?" Even as he asked he turned his head towards the nearby building, confirming what Mac had already told him. They were out of the barrier now, he'd have to be a little more circumspect about the matter in the event that there were eavesdroppers about. And he'd have to ensure that he didn't show any open favouritism or others might grow suspicious as Mac had. "They've done good work recently." He said offhandedly. "Perhaps a promotion is in order." Or a department head? No that might be too soon. But a pay rise is well deserved surely? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not giving away much are you. Laurelai thought, still smiling as she regarded the man from TUBA. Well she had something to work with at least, he'd been nearby when she'd collapsed that building onto the creature that was attacking them. If he'd simply been standing somewhere a little differently then he could have been caught up in it. But it might be a stretch, if he could sense danger in some way then that would have been a very unrealistic history, it wouldn't last long enough for the death to be permanent. She received a message from Lita, confirming that he seemed to be holding something back. Having a tineye around was certainly going to be useful, confirming someone's personality without needing to stamp them would certainly be helpful. Laurelai put the problem to one side for now, choosing to simply watch him and gather what information she could without agenda. Sometimes watching without bias could reveal more information than watching for something specific.
  3. Granted. As his first act, he gets rid of Article 13. But the World Economy crashes. I wish my family was atheist like me.
  4. just finished Oathbringer reread. now I want to move on to somethign new, but haven't started looking yet.
  5. yea, its vaguely interesting, but if they completely scrapped the entire concept of the timeline, i wouldn't really care in the slightest.
  6. main plot

    He's holding something back, Lita sent to Laurelai and KanMien. Unsurprising, but irritating. Must be quite worrisome, his pupils are quite dilated, heartbeat sped up after he mentioned the 'other stuff.' "We've been monitoring the city," Lita said aloud. "Getting reports from a few in the field. I'm sure we don't need to tell you it's quite a warzone out there." She tipped her head back, draining the rest of her coffee and Tin, then setting the cup down on the nearby counter. "How much of the city has been evacuated into the tunnels already?" @Voidus @kenod
  7. *is highly concerned* *wonders why everyone is square-dancing in circles while wearing rainbow pineapple hats and singing Jingle Bells*
  8. *Telepathically answers Lunamor's question with a yes*
  9. The level of marvel intellect on this thread is beautiful.
  10. The Second. The first Dr. did not survive the thermonuke like a boss. *wonders if the radiation was what caused the third eye to appear*
  11. It's never changed the whole time I've been a Sharder, iirc. That's...that's indefinably scary. What if he's not Chaos anymore? What if a dragon took his place or something? Wait, what if because he went from being the Stormfather to a dragon, he's gonna change his pfp to a dragon?!? That would just be unholy. (Chaos, if you're reading this, please note that we're all joking (I think) and what we mean is 'congratulations' )
  12. Dr. Survivedthermonukelikeaboss *winks with three eyes*
  13. Well everywhere of course.
  14. And had a new boss, named... *winks with both eyes*
  15. Chaos: I know right!!!
  16. It was named Thermonuke Survival Marketing Inc... *Winks even more furiously than Lunamor*
  17. Whaaaaaat
  18. It was a rather corrupt company.
  19. His rep rank moved up
  20. ...what? Wait, wait a second. Did he change his - No, his pfp's still the same. Okay, Luna, I don't get it
  21. Ummm... what?
  22. Definitely not because the company was too lazy to formulate an entire new flavor and just started calling some of them ghandercorn sandwiches in order to get more kids to eat there and maximize profit, not at all. *winks violently*
  23. Well I need to do something catastrophic to convince my cousin that repeat memes aren't always bad.
  24. Which was the same as ghandercorn flavored, incidentally.
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