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  2. Dang, I wish I was Scadrian. Great roast @Zath !
  3. Saw it last night...
  4. @Archer Thanks for your support! It means a lot to library staff when our patrons advocate for us. I have a feeling we'll get interlibrary loans back in some way, shape, or form...but probably not as extensively as we had previously. What really bothers me is that they didn't even consult libraries before slashing the budget of our services organization. And to add insult to injury, one of the ministers called them "arms-length agencies that don't have an impact on the day-to-day operations of libraries." Well, our book clubs are pretty much dead now, but thanks anyway for that reassuring statement. On the other hand we get a new province slogan and new license plates! Woohoo...
  5. thank you so much that worked.
  6. Started listening to Mistborn on the way to work this morning. Nine and a half hours in so far loving it. Kelsier is the man.
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  8. It's rather difficult to explain.
  9. [Adonalism] Unity, you are called to the stand
  10. Aln asked, "Do you have Rosharan stew?"
  11. I know, theres a quote that confirms he refused a shard.
  12. I guess I could wear my kilt. My wife probably would throttle me though, the paraphernalia vs. my luggage allowance.
  13. Gant caught it with one hand. “You could say that, yeah,” he said, disappointed there hadn’t been a fight. He eyed the canteen the man had given him. “This better cut it, I ain’t gonna be so nice if I have to come ‘round here a second time.” He looked to the hermit and the man again. Bill.
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    Go ahead!
  15. worldbuilding

    Is it okay if I briefly take control of the thing? I was thinking of making it attempt to lure us into its liar so as to trap us. Maybe have it send Karl away as the new gang leader. (I have kinda been thinking on this creature and what it's motives and origin could be, if it was okay with the group.) @ZincAboutIt @Sorana @Vargo Seldon @Turtle373 @Steel Inquisitive @Invocation @MacThorstenson
  16. Thanks for the vote tally(you forgot my vote though!), but don't forget to add your vote somewhere! There's probably been a conversion or 2 so far, so this is the best time for us to try and draw out the elims by putting pressure on them with the lynch. Updated vote tally, and keep in mind that Sart has vote manipulation: Lopen (2 or 3) - Ark, Sart Sart (1) - Rath Rath (2) - Fura, Lopen No vote (9) - Lumgol, Xino, Snipexe, Devotary, Levitaph, Shqueeves, Cadcom, Dr Dapper I bolded Xino and Shqueeves because they haven't posted yet, but everyone else, please vote! Personally, my guesses for conversions would be Sart and/or Fura, with Devotary as another option(if I'm remembering correctly, he pretty much always gets converted in conversion games ). Sart for his role and Fura for his influence in the thread and general trustedness. What's worrisome about Sart to me is that he's gone after very active villagers the past 2 lynches. First was Fifth, who was imo acting as a sort of village leader, and now he's going after me. That's not to mention that the elims just killed Rand, another very active villager. If we only have half of the players participating in the voting, the elims could very easily control the lynches with Sart's vote manipulation. Ninja'd by Devotary...I mostly agree with the order of suspicion, although I think I'd switch Levitaph and Xino, simply because Xino really hasn't been around much, and I'd expect the main eliminator to at least have a semblance of activity. Anyways, with all of this in mind, I think I will remove my vote from Ark, and I'll move over to Rath. I was considering moving to Sart, for the reasons I mentioned up above, but similarly to Fura, Sart just feels too obvious to actually be an eliminator. Also, I'd have to vote alongside Rath who I'm obviously not very trusting of. I thought it was good of Rath that he was posting a bunch of analysis, but I could see it being a sort of front. Like, he wants to post to seem helpful, so he decides to just go post by post as a sort of "safe" option(rather than having to post a village/elim reads list for example). I know that I sometimes have trouble finding things to post about as an elim, so having something to fall back on(such as a post-by-post analysis) could be useful to make me seem more active than I actually am. I'm not sure how much I'd hold it against him that he didn't role swap, because role swapping in a conversion game is extra dangerous, but it doesn't help his case any.
  17. I might as well do my zero-research observations/opinions of Fifth's nine Sja-Anat suspects as a baseline. From what I can tell, inclusion on this list was purely a matter of not having a believable roleclaim, and those who didn't roleclaim at all tended to be near the bottom of the list. CadCom has proven his role, the chances of Sja-Anat starting the game with an Inkspren ally are low enough to be discarded here, and Fura's chances of being Sja-Anat are nearly as low. Additional information from PMs will not be present in this preliminary review. 9. Snipexe(Cryptic)- With Ark claiming to have burned Snipexe, Fura's elim-elim theory looks less likely. Snipexe was not under any particular suspicion at the time he claimed(though it was enough for Ark), so claiming Cryptic would be a poor move for Sja-Anat!Snipexe if he couldn't prove it, and a premature one if he could fake it. Likely a real Cryptic. 8. xinoehp512- Has so many non-SE posts that it will be difficult to isolate the relevant ones. Hasn't done too much from what I can remember other than asking people to reveal their starting essences. More content would be appreciated. 7. Ark1002(Stonespren)- Though Stonespren is a difficult role to prove, I do still believe that owning up to being the one to burn Snipexe is a village move. While I didn't like his D2 voting patterns, I'm not sure Sja-Anat would be that pliable. 6. Levitaph- Went strongly after Lumgol days 1 and 2 for what largely appears to be disagreements with Lumgol's tone and overly *helpful* attitude in the beginning of the game. Switched to Fifth at the end of D2, as lying was apparently the greater misdeed. Continued a crusade against Lumgol last night, but hasn't brought the topic up today. Suspicious of role swaps, which is the main reason Levitaph ended up on this list. Continued focus on one player isn't necessarily bad, but taking alternatives into account is beneficial, even if those alternatives are rejected and the ultimate conclusion remains the same. 5. Lopen- I believe Lopen started out as a Truespren, mostly based on my previous statements. 4. Shqueeves- Inactivity caused by wisdom tooth removal. Claimed to be quite determined to bond a Radiant, but there's no indication on whether that was successful, and a 55% chance of failure even with full activity, it would be easy for Sja-Anat to hide the fact that she is incapable of using surges for a few cycles. 3. Rath- Refused to role swap with Fifth, and ended up very low on this list as a result. Had a bit of a shift from supporting Fifth's opinions during the early part of D1, to retracting that support and eventually turning on Fifth during D2. Has been hesitant to commit to any particular vote, though of course that could be said for many players, including myself. I'm not convinced that going through every post for each turn is helpful. 2. Dr. Dapper- Nobody has taken responsibility for being the one to burn Dr. Dapper. CadCom mentioned that he didn't want to burn anyone so far, so there's a decent chance someone else was involved. If he is evil, the elims presumably don't have anyone with Progression. Was interested in sharing the results of item creation. I cannot recall any significant suspicions from Dapper other than countervoting Ark D2. 1. Lumgol- Aside from early statements about mechanics and general strategy, Lumgol has spent most of the game defending herself and being very willing to vote for counter bandwagons for self-preservation. As there are currently no votes for Lumgol, it's time for her to express more opinions about other players. That leaves my new list, with the same ordering scheme, as 9. Snipexe 8. Lopen 7. Ark 6. Levitaph 5. Xinoehp 4. Shqueeves 3. Dapper 2. Lumgol 1. Rath Everything from 1-6 is pretty arbitrary and will likely change upon review and hopefully contributions from the less active members of this list.
  18. Name: Rye Smedry Physical Characteristics: Pretty young, 15 years old, black hair, pretty thin. He wears pretty earthy clothing. a jacket with a shirt and pants. Investiture: Dark talent (150) Skills: n o n e Equipment: Translator and Truthfinders lenses, one lense of each in a pair of glasses. (so a pair of glasses with one lens translator and one lens truthwatcher). (30) Weakness: Rye is very inexperienced in his talent, sometimes it works in his favor but it often doesn't. He can be put in shock when reminded of his past which really affects him. (-35) (I feel like the unpredictability of his talent is basically a big weakness) Family: No longer in contact except for his sister. Home Planet: Earth Backstory: Rye always knew he had a Smedry talent, he just never wanted to learn it. When he was 10, he accidentally broke his own older sister, which caused him to have a huge shock whenever breaking living animals/plants. He never wanted to learn how to break things due to the unpredictability and the danger of it. When Rye turned 15 however, and was chased by an army of fifty librarians, he decided something had to change, he just didn't know what. After he managed to meet his older sister in the cognitive realm (due to her anchoring herself to a large pool of investiture). She tells him that she went to the cognitive realm before he broke her because her lenses and gibberish and nonsensical phrases warned her of something like this, although she cant go back to the physical realm, she's fine where she is. Rye receives her lenses which oddly enough, both have no tint, and end up being a truth finder and translator lens in one. His sister also tells him that what he did wasn't his fault and he had to keep going no matter what. That led Rye to make his way to the alley verse, attempting to find purpose and reason in himself and his curse of abilities. Guild: n/a Personality: Quite clumsy and often forgets where he put things. Deep down however, he tries to find reason and purpose in living. Would probably still break things on accident even without his talent. Appearance: [maybe coming soon] Theme Song:
  19. Okay, this is about as good as it's gonna get, so here we go. Cosmere Character Roast Battle, Tournament of Champions Round 2, Match 3: Dilaf vs. Sja-Anat vs. Yomen
  20. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people. Crab people.
  21. what are you guys talking about
  22. "Hear hear," said Janim, who had been conspicuously absent from the fight due to internal conflict. "Well said, big guy."
  23. Don’t! Foodstuffs are usually spiked unless they are TUBA certified
  24. Arkium! Ok, I’m gonna have to go to bed now. My WiFi cut out, and last month I went two gigs over on data because I started using the Shard on my phone. So good night to all, and to all a good night.
  25. @Ark of thought!
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