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  3. *glows softly*

    I have >2750 rep now!


    (and too lazy to decapitalize that)

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  5. Lying is part of the game, thats what it is. Thats kind of the reason blue text exists is it not? Saying things like "ill be out of town for a bit and wont be able to check thread" or the like. Imo if its not in bluetext then /shrug Theres obviously the unspoken spoken rule about emotional manipulation and where to draw the line in performing that and in reading into it (ie: saying things in the game are impacting your mental health negatively, or reading into anything like that thats said in any ways for someone's alignment) but lying about things is part of the game and will continue to be part of this game about lies imo I think this does connect back though in a way- if someone does do something like this- obviously not bluetexted, but they shouldnt be pressured or even asked to say it again but in blue. I am of the opinion that blue text shouldnt be referenced in general if you can and if it is, it should be like "Esooa isnt here because she's out of town, as per her post earlier" and nothing more
  6. I can't think of one right now (I have a bad memory) and thank you! Right now, a decent internet connection On and off, on and off, all day long... To be honest, I don't remember. Something to do with soybeans?
  7. Ch 59, p709 I'm pretty sure the Pursuer doesn't wear clothing besides this own hair? Cloth seems like a mistake.
  8. vote count: sart/ookla the lowercase (1): kas/ookla the wyrmslayer, araris valerian/ookla the porched, archer/ookla the paranormal mage (0): ilwei/ooklil' the wei archer/ookla the paranormal (4): szeth_pancakes/ookla the confused, sart/ookla the lowercase, illwei/ooklil' the wei, danex/ookla the quantificational illwei (1): araris valerian/ookla the porched no votes: tani/ookla of anarchy of chaos, mage, archer/ookla the paranormal normally i'd remove my retaliation vote, but no one else has votes besides archer and me, and i don't want to get voted out day one. and i'm ninja'd by araris but i think i trust illwei though... so uh... to heck with it, i'm taking the coward's way out. mage. he's the only person who hasn't posted. let the contribution crusade ride again.
  9. I also think it's bad form to ask someone to bluetext. As a followup question though, when is it good practice to lie about RL stuff? To use a specific example, I remember playing in a game where someone was lurking near rollover, didn't say anything, and then started the new round by saying something like the oop, I just woke up and by the time I was ready to post it was already the top of the hour. But based on what I read in the elim doc after the game, it was clear that they'd been lurking for a while and they'd made that story up just to avoid suspicion. I remember being a little disappointed that that was the case, but also thinking that that's not really breaking any rules. I've always just taken people at their word when they've said stuff like that, assuming that people find it bad form to lie in those situations using an RL excuse. Is that the general assumption or am I just gullible? :P.
  10. I agree that it should not be pressured to put things into blue text. From my standpoint, blue text is supposed to be used for things like saying you'll be inactive for a turn or two because you're going to be away from a computer and mobile is unreliable. It shouldn't really be used for day-to-day issues like forgetting about the game or being short on time, because we all have time constraints. If we all did blue text whenever we have to explain away why we were gone, the whole thread would be blue and it would no longer be the resource it should be.
  11. I decorated cookies!




    There is a Christmas tree, a forest, a 'Merica cookie (My friend made it), a snowflake (which I traded to my friend for her 'Merica cookie), and a cookie I tried to decorate like the background on the cover of Cytonic.

    mmmmmm cookiesssssssss

    1. Ookla the Pendragon

      Ookla the Pendragon

      Mmm, nice! My favourite is the snowflake.

  12. I have already given at least one piece of evidence. I'll work on making more.
  13. I'm sort of confused about what Confused is saying about Archer's tone. It feels pretty normal to me. The content is different, but it feels like normal Archer. And the thing that makes me a little suspicious of Archer is what I mentioned in my previous post. I think I disagree with the justification for most of the votes on Archer (Sart's is the exception, of course), which makes me not want to joint that train. I was waiting for the thread to move past the Sart train (or at least for another option to open up) before I did anything with my vote, with which I was trying to do the same thing as you; gauge reactions to an early double-vote. The general reaction is clearly to vote on you, which I would have done, except you picked up several votes rather quickly. 1. Kas votes Sart 2. Araris votes Sart 3. Archer votes Sart 4. Szeth votes Archer 5. Sart votes Archer 6. Illwei votes Archer 7. Danex votes Archer I guess I have a village read on Szeth for sticking to his guns with the Archer vote. e!Szeth probably wouldn't vote e!Archer, and e!Szeth might have taken the opportunity to back off of v!Archer to gain some credibility on a village flip. Sart's vote is sensible, although not very helpful. Illwei and Archer are probably not e/e, although there could be some weird gambit going on here, since Archer has already mentioned the triple vote thing as a way to defend a teammate. I also think e!Illwei would jump on a chance to vote out v!Archer. I think Danex would probably place that vote with either alignment, but it would still be nice to hear more from them. I'm going to switch to Illwei for now. If nothing changes by cycle end, I'll vote for Sart over Archer, I think. Mostly because I am sympathetic to Archer's attempt to play more casually, and because of the fact that other members of our community have found that frustrating in the past.
  14. *me walking out of my school concert with a totally normal amount of La Croix in my pants*

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    2. Ookla the Kijetesantakalu
    3. Ookla the Ballerina

      Ookla the Ballerina

      :blink:That was more than I expected.

    4. Ookla the Kijetesantakalu

      Ookla the Kijetesantakalu

      2 in left front pocket, 1 in right front pocket, 1 in left back pocket, 2 in right back pocket

      (and one in bow slot of my bass case)

  15. Wait, what did you say I had to do to become a Mistborn? How longgggggg til my soul gets it riiiiight? Has anyyyy human beeeing ever reeeeached that highest liiiiiiiiiiiiight? I CALL ON THE RESTIIING SOUUUUUUUUUUL OF GALILEOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (help me) KING OF NIGHT VISION KING OF INSIIIIIGHT
  16. AWW WHELLLLLLL IT WASN'T THATTT GOOD When someone bakes you cookies
  17. Yup! Still symmetrical. Edit: extended it would be (spoilered for length) Edit the second: Start with "a" Then reflect that over "b" - aba Then reflect that over "c" - abacaba Over "d" - abacabadabacaba And so on.
  18. "go post. dark one." Szeth whispered, then disappeared.
  19. *জিকিব*
  20. Try me. I can totally food foods whenever I storming want to.
  21. What would you have to be given (money or something else) to drop kick a puppy? What did you eat for lunch yesterday?
  22. You can drink drinks but you can’t food foods.
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