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  2. “When I go poo into the wormhole of a thousands possibilities, it will break the known universe. It will also probably smell like poo.” My favorite card of all time
  3. *dons a cheetah butt* Me too!!
  4. Lita felt her grin widen further, and she slid off the stool to land on wobbly feet. She clutched her pen in one hand and swept her coat into the crook of her arm; intoxication had always made her more careful of her belongings, likely due to her heightened paranoia of losing them. Laurelai had already begun navigating the small minefield of table legs, table planks, and broken glass that littered the path to the stairs. Lita followed in Laurelai's wake, giggling softly. "There is no one better suited to archive this momentous occasion," she whispered, before remembering that Laurelai wasn't burning Tin. She repeated herself, likely too loudly this time, which renewed her giggling. As they neared the stairs, Lita pointed with feigned gravitas. "Behold!" She said, spinning slightly as a shard of glass slid out from beneath one of her boots. "The Stairwell of Ascension! Only we are fit for this task. Only we can take this power." She placed one foot on the bottom stair and stuffed her pen back into her pocket before gripping the bannister. Her other hand she held back toward Laurelai, palm up. Miraculously, she kept herself from giggling again. Well, almost. "Join me. Together, we make history. Drunk history." @Voidus
  5. Or maybe some excruciatingly painful belly rubbing? (I’ve got practically all of the cards memorized )
  6. Anyone else feel like some Kitten Therapy?
  7. plot

    Star sighed. "Okay. C'mon, Shadow." She began walking out, making her way to the disturbance in reality. There was an uncomfortable feeling in the air, something foreboding that she couldn't shake.
  8. plot

    Xino nodded. "Let's go, then."
  10. At last they made it to the house, and James opened the door. "Well, here we are." he sighed in relief. "Doc?" he called out, "You home?" @Lunamor @Dr. Dapper
  11. “All signs point to nope!”
  12. main plot

    The Stranger nodded, “I could use some peace and quiet.” Behind them the Behemoth continued to decimate the remains of the enemies forces. The Stranger looked at his old friend and saw the look on his face. Voidus was out of patience. Whatever relief he had felt the moment before had vanished like a raindrop in a hurricane, swept away by the cold rage of the most powerful man in the universe. The Stranger new that in this state it was very likely Voidus could destroy the entire city. While the Stranger wouldn’t be terribly against it, he knew Voidus would regret it later. He was a good man, despite what the world believed, perhaps even what Voidus himself believed. I’ve got to find a way to manage this situation. This Ajax fellow will almost certainly be a arrogant little cremling, and if he even further provokes Voidus things could get messy. He glanced at his friend and saw the air beginning to warp around him, the Void bubbling in small pools. Very messy. “Let me make an example of him. We could just destroy him, or we could use this opportunity to remind the world that we do not suffer such fools as these. This man slights is, and I would not give him an easy death. I would have him know despair, then perish. Would you grant me that, old friend? Then we could sit down and indulge in some catching up and perhaps even some reminisce.”
  13. And he was happy to eat it.
  14. Luna gave Trewee some dairy free ice cream. Oddly enough, some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had was gluten and dairy free.
  15. Today
  16. TVG dropped off some milk pills for him.
  17. Which was why he was actually crying.
  18. Trewee was lactose intolerant.
  19. *slams down nope card* *starts eating nope sandwich with extra nope sauce*
  20. “*wins*” Truthless said.
  21. *obtains fishing liscense*
  22. I love pistachio ice cream...
  23. Luna changed it to strawberry ice cream.
  24. *Attacks babies with bears*
  25. But it was pistachio ice cream, which made Trewee cry more.
  26. *throws exploding kittens at everybody* *proceeds to play the game Exploding Kittens*
  27. If my spirit web is like a mirror, Nightblood is the hammer. All he has to do is make contact, and my spiritual, cognitive, and physical selves are destroyed to their constituent particles in a puff of black smoke.</theory>
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