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  2. "From what I know, Lord Vesuvius was quite the honest man." @Snipexe
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    "Perhaps it would go faster if we took a look at my laboratory."
  4. Yeah. A couple of years ago I realized that I couldn't call myself an antisocial bookworm anymore. I realized that if I could say that I knew at least by sight every single one of the 600 people at my school, I wasn't antisocial anymore. When people who just met me started having the impression of me as clever and talkative. And that was hard for me to admit. I went through a solid month of cognitive dissonance first.
  5. Myriad went on the defensive. But he was getting the fighting style of his opponent. That was the first step to winning a battle. Knowing your enemy. He carefully lured Devaan and Hellbent into thinking they were winning. *** Sebastian blocked the blow. Then shot more wires at both of them.
  6. I don't think we can call that as evidence as a limit to his capacity. I would say that is more indicative of the rate of absorption. That being said, the longer Nightblood is out, the more investiture is drains, possibly exponentially, so it may have been possible if he was just left out longer.
  7. Yes, you would lose touch with everyone, and you would have to effectively become a savant. But you know there are some people who would make that choice, to get crazy rich. Imagine investing in Amazon or Apple before they became big.
  8. With a killer(literally) dental plan.
  9. I don't understand... How does having multiple universes help with the problem of remembering where all the characters are?
  10. Or from losing touch with pretty much everyone as social views and culture shift.
  11. There were consequences for far more than Adolin. Just no legal or political consequences. Which is true of pretty much every other "murder" we know of. Szeth has killed a multitude and is now Dalinar's bodyguard. Shallan's father. plenty of emotional consequences, and consequences for her family, but legal? Political? That's all washed away with the Veden civil war. Which is also why there were no consequences for his relationship. To judge him for it would make her one hell of a hypocrite.She killed her father to protect her brothers. Because she cared. Adolin killed Sadeas because he threatened the people that Adolin cared about and had proven he had the will, means, and lack of remorse to do so again... And Sadeas was nasty on a scale that was both far more reaching, the entirety of Alethkar becomes the analog to Shallan's family, and far more subtle and socially acceptable. Everyone knew what Sadeas was doing, but because he played the political game he was both respected and permitted to continue. Even the means by which they killed are comparable, with Shallan's actions arguably worse. He attacked a man with a Dagger in his bad hand because his main hand was injured, which was not hidden and allowed a struggle to ensue, which Sadeas lost. Shallan on the other hand attempted to poison her father, and when that failed strangled him while he was still paralyzed and unable to fight back... How is Shallan's action. Any more defensible than Adolins? As to the consequences of Adolins actions there are emotional consequences that he buries himself in work to try and avoid. And there are massive consequences story wise. The way I mentioned above that everyone knew what Sadeas was doing is the very reason that everyone assumed the Kholins were responsible. That assumption, and what was perceived as a lack of action to "find the killer" (work to cover-up is what they more likely thought) on Dalinar's part, created the increasing animosity in Sadeas men that is referenced over the book and ultimately allows their possession by Odium's forces in the end. Much of the ending of the book is only possible because of the manner in which Sadeas died, and that that death was glossed over by larger events. The very frustration some seem to feel about the "lack of consequences" is the frustration that drove Sadeas' men to be the thrill driven army at the end. There were plenty of consequences for Adolins actions. There just weren't the consequences that people expected, and some think Adolin deserved. Consequences that in my opinion would have been both a distraction from the larger events of the story and ultimately resulted in little actual punishment anyway. We've seen everyone save Dalinar's reaction to Sadeas death... I doubt Kaladin or Shallan or Skar and Drehy would have simply let Adolin be killed or exiled. And we'd be right back to square one.
  12. As long as you don't mind alienating yourself from friends and family and potentially never seeing them again.
  13. I'd say they were both bigoted, and both helped each other grow over course of books 2 and 3. Adolin is nice to darkeyes, treating them kindly as long as the established social dynamic is in place. Lighteyes rule over darkeyes... that's the way things are 'supposed' to be. Within this social dynamic Adolin has no problem being kind to soldiers and servants, and actually treating them like real people. In this I see Adolin as simply being a product of his culture and station. Where he has a problem is when a darkeyes starts moving above his station. I think that's his initial dislike of Kaldadin... although that was probably reinforced by Kaladin being outside the chain of command, being overly familiar with the King and Dalinar... and Kaladin's abrasive attitude toward Adolin and lighteyes in general. Let's not pretend Kaladin is always pleasant to be around. While I do think Adolin helped shift Kaladin's perception of lighteyes, he wasn't the main catalyst. Nor was Dalinar. Dalinar and Adolin's actions might have made Stormblessed judge them on their own merits as opposed to lumping them with alm the other lighteyes, but IMO the big changes came from his time in the Wall Guard. The comments about how the tenners conversations sounded exactly like darkeyed soldiers and seeing their distrust of higher lighteyes was crucial... along with the off screen time he spent with them getting to know them as 'real' people. Circling back around, I dont think Adolin has completely erased his bias either... at least we haven't seen 'proof' of that on screen. I think he's simply started judging Kaladin on his own merits... and started making adjustments in his 'social dynamic' to account for Radiants.
  14. I wouldn't want to play soccer with that mustache.
  15. So I had this idea for duels. The traditional duel involves two writers narrating their responses to the other's attacks. these are pretty cool but maybe they could be improved. In this technological age with so many wonders around us I put forward this idea. The duel will be between two members of the alleyverse (Although this could be manipulated for any kind of RP duel.) The first contestant will record his attack with either a dummy, or a human stand-in for the opponent. Then film his first attack. The next contestant will replicate the attack and defend then respond with his own attack. I'd like to hear what you think of the idea. I have some other thoughts on it but I'd like to hear your ideas first.
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  17. "So.. about the name?" Dwig asked, taking a sip of the whiskey and smiling.
  18. If you can wait, one of the best ways to make money is investing in a interest bearing account. Of course, waiting is hard for most of us, because we need that money. But if you were a misting like Marasi, and you could speed time up, you could amass a fortune.
  19. They got members quickly, because they provided employee benefits
  20. You all are as bad as Brandon when it comes to "accidentally" producing extra content.
  21. My head
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    Allak's mental cogs began turning. "Excellent idea. If I had enough time to work on an already existing specimen, then maybe we could work something out."
  23. The ghanderflaffle empire was still rising.
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    Seom ran over to where this 'Bellatrix' was standing. @Ark1002
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    Nael opened his eyes and pulled away. “Oh, yeah.” He blushed, running a hand through his hair. Idiot, he said to himself, don’t mess this up.
  26. That's great!
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