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  2. *Raises hand* I'm not in precursors, though Ink and Clyde are!
  3. Georgi-Gretta shouted, jumping in, club swinging. "Carai an Ellisande!"
  4. I'm predicting there will only be four Great Guilds, but the system should be able to accommodate more. It depends whether the wild cards will band together to form a few large guilds, or remain divided over multiple smaller guilds. For reference, here's back-of-a-napkin vote counting. Affiliation Predictions: Ghostbloods: Meeker, Itiah, Kaladin78, Sorana, Shardbreaker TUBA: Silva, Xino, Karn, SD, Clyde The Dark Alley: Mac, Kenod, Voidus, Snipexe, TFA GUESS: Gancho, Dwig, Jac, Life&Death, Wild Card Sentinels: Bit Precursors: Darth, Ark Wild Cards: Nohadon, Kidpen, Ax, Steel Inquisitive, GK, Meta, Fura, Spacefarring, Grumpy Elantrian. It's a safe bet that the big three guilds will manage to get GG status. Right now, GUESS is the one I have pegged to take the fourth slot, but another guild made up of mostly the same members may take its place. It could just as easily end up being the Sentinels etc.
  5. Wow guys. I really need to update myself on this page more often. Really ran away from me... Anywho, I like Palindrome's idea, so lets just stick with that, and make sure to keep me out of government because I don't think I would get anything done.
  6. No, I rather liked it. Still running for Prez
  7. Is it sad that my goal for Era 3, that I believe is setting my goals high, is to have a redeemable villain?
  8. I am really fond of what you suggest. In general, I think you keep the important points that [redacted] had, but also simplify it by merging the the entire Congress together. With 11 statements, it looks a bit complicated, but it really isnt. My only issue with it is that all the chancellor does is tie breaks pretty much. But I don't see that as something that would need to be changed now. Instead I would prefer it to be changed in-world, by the first governing body. I really like what you have. well, in the current proposed model, there is no president : P (and also you would already have to be a legislature to run for chancellor/president in this model (which I like)). ...also I want to make it known that I declared myself running for Gov before Ark did... I just posted it in a guild PM... (that Ark is also in... :P) (I am already preparing my campaign in my head...) Ark, you have any ideas or issues you see with Palindromes model?
  9. I'll hold onto it, just in case.
  10. Ahem. I would like to announce that I'm running for president.
  11. No, it's possible.
  12. Actually, if Tena heard Mace say that, she’d have her worst fear confirmed: that she’s not worthy of being loved. That’s irrational, probably, since her son, dog, and grandfather all care for her, but still... I don’t know if I hate or love doing these things to Tena.
  13. I really liked this, even if I didn't understand a lot of Magic-specific concept (the Entities, the Angels? Are crazy angels a thing in Magic, or is it specific to this story?). Davriel is very Lightsong-y - but that's fine by me, I'd be happy to have more Lightsongs in fantasy (and more accountant demons. Miss Highwater's banter with Davriel was fantastic). The chapter where the villagers get soul-sucked felt kind of hasty, though, as if Brandon was trying to get it out of the way as soon as possible, and the story didn't really click for me until Tacenda assaulted Davriel with the icepick. Is this going to be a series? The Entity's dialogue at the end certainly implies that, and the label on the epub file says "a Davriel Cane adventure", so this kind of suggests to me there'll be more. I'll certainly read more, if Brandon writes it. On a related note, can any Magic-playing Sharders recommend some good Magic novels? I'm left wanting more.
  14. *is a grizzly bear*
  15. I see
  16. May want to reconsider that cookie then
  17. Thank you. Iron Compounding has always interested me. He'll need Hemalurgy to accomplish his goals though. Assuming it's possible.
  18. have you considered making hir a steel inquisitor, or a person experimenting with hemalurgy like an inquisitor?
  19. I'm now tempted to make one...
  20. *grumbles* Tena would punch Mace real bad if she heard him say that, then heal him out of guilt.
  21. Wow. That's actually really cool, I never realized.
  22. He's not finalized yet, but yes. He's an Iron Compounder (Crusher?) and Metallic Arts fanatic who's obsessed with getting a Shardblade, but more specifically with proving one can be made from the Metallic Arts. He's also a Lurcher Savant, so he can do cool things, like stopping trains and following bullets (not far though, because of drag).
  23. The bit about shielding powerful processors isn't about AI, it's about radio. Having electrons wiggling around in very specific patterns at very high frequencies is how CPUs work; it's also how radio transmitters work. Electronics can generate a (very small) amount of radio waves as an unintended byproduct of their basic operation. This is the source of the unfortunately all-too-persistent myth that portable computing devices can cause radio interference that can cause a commercial airliner to crash. (The truth is, the amount of radio waves produced are several orders of magnitude below the level of interference that an aircraft's systems can tolerate, which ought to be obvious if you think about it: if it were really possible to bring down a plane with something that ubiquitous, some terrorist would have done it years ago!)
  24. So... do you have a character?
  25. Unless there's some initiation I missed beyond the offer of a cookie that was definitely not spiked, yeah.
  26. Anyone with Smedry talents feel like marrying me? It would be especially convenient if you have the same talent as Sing Sing. It would make falling in love much easier. But marrying Death or Ax's character works too.
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