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  2. The Inquisitor Quartet. “Who knew a spike in the throat could work such wonders?!”
  4. As far as I am concerned their is not even a difference stylistically. Kaladin's intent is to kill him either way. Han Shot First #the truth. Is different as it changes the character as they are introduced.
  5. So are you saying you belive the Unmade are corrupted bondsmith spren? So each line is denoted by a number. So second emerald, first emerald, etc. It has shown up in the book in the below order. We could potentially reason that the two second emeralds are from the same emerald, same subject. We could potentially reason emeralds one through the final are one full thought recorded over the course of multiple emeralds. The order would then be: Or it could be (exchange the two second emeralds order): Or it could be (the second emerald is its own separate thing): Or what you are positing: I personally think it is separate. Even if it is linked as you posit, to me it does not change it could be a truthwatcher concerned about what is happening with his order with the failing of Urithiru. Again no magic involved. Another member of the stonewards was concerned about the windrunners and skybreakers fighting while a willshaper felt they have all devolved into squabbling children. A skybreaker is even stating he or she thinks honor is changing, while an elsecaller is theorizing why the sibling is withdrawing. So it would not be a stretch that another member would be concerned regarding his or her order. All I was saying is for myself, I think truthwatchers normally do not see the future. That is my own personal theory I am holding onto till we learn more from Renarin.
  6. As far as I am concerned their is not even a difference stylistically. Kaladin's intent is to kill him either way. Han Shot First #the truth. Is different as it changes the character as they are introduced.
  7. You have everything! We know odd stuff is going to happen. That is it.
  8. It's a 1/27 chance, which is why I said it was suspicious. Although it seems rather convoluted to make up some numbers to justify a vote nobody cares about.
  9. Nope! Clue 2: This character has broken the law.
  10. Based on my limited knowledge of how Endbringers work: Amethyst wouldn't do that much. Her ability is a rather bad matchup for Endbringers. Shade is basically Panacea with less experience and a somewhat weak stealth ability, so probably useful as a healer but not much more. Are Epics from other RPs allowed? I had one in the Alleyverse that can do a decent chunk of damage once their weakness of not being immune to their own powers is fixed.
  11. Hmm... facinating. Though I'm going to believe HH purely because I dont like the idea of lying about random chance.
  12. I think the Unmade would count as Odium's godspren - and they seem to have been corrupted ("made, then unmade") I assume you're referring to the quote below: That still doesn't explain the other one: The whole situation doesn't seem to concern just one or even a few persons, but Truthwatchers in general. Not that all their spren must have been corrupted, but probably enough for some people to notice
  13. So I know that inquisitors can burn metal from their spikes and I've heard a WoB about how burning hemalurgic metals could have "weird" effects, but nothing is clear in my mind really... Is burning hemalurgic metals the same as burning regular ones but with weird side effects, or is it possible that there is some form of Hemalurgic "compounding" that could be done? What do we know?
  14. “I should be good. We didn’t have too much stuff ‘cause of prom.” Leona replied. “We should probably go inside and se what the others are up to.”
  15. Racing, high jumping, long jumping, swimming, gladiatorial arena battles,...
  16. I think in addition to that - he still views himself in some respects as a slave - a lowly person in society who is not deserving of praise. I'm not sure if swearing the fourth ideal will make the brands go away, but it's definitely going to have to be some event where he can let go of his past and accept his new place in society. I think that it's going to have to be something like reuniting with his family for the long term or finding (or starting his own) new family where he feels like he really belongs in society and has worth again like he did before he was made a slave. I think forgiving himself is part of it, but not the only component of him losing his brands. I wonder if he will ever lose them. His time as a slave (and the cause of his slavery) has left a huge mental/emotional scar on Kaladin. It feels to me like the slavery and everything leading up to his time in the bridge crews has left a deeper mark on him than Tien's death. It felt like in his WoK flashbacks that he had found a way to deal with that grief. I think it might be that he can't get rid of the brands and they stay as an outward sign of all the pain and loss he has experienced and that no matter what else changes that is always going to be the core of his personality. It seems to fit with the character and his depression issues too. Some days or even some months or years he may forget about it but it's still there.
  17. And the larkins only have their mouths over the bondsmith, and their claws holding the truthwatcher. Every other order is just overlaid. My point is I am not saying you are wrong to reason as you do. I am just saying by itself it isn't evidence enough to directly say truthwatcher spren must be corrupted. Otherwise why aren't the bondsmith spren as well? So for myself, the gemstone isn't enough. It could just be, to me, artistic license like the woman with the safe hand. That is your interpretation. Just like my own interpretation of the gemstone archive is that the truthwatcher is talking about something he figured out. I have used this example before: Lets say hypothetically I see two friends expressing interest in each other. I know them separately, and know they would be horrible together. But I also know they would get defensive and upset if I said as much to them. Ultimately they get together, and it goes horribly like I knew it would. If I point that out, they would get upset at me for not having warned them. So I do not want them to know, could not say it, but I foresaw it. All without any magical means. So I think it was put there, to make people think "Hey! truthwatchers of old could see the future! Renarin must be normal!". That way when it was truly revealed, it still had impact. That is my own interpretation. I could be wrong. I am just waiting till we see more truthwatchers on screen to either confirm or deny that. Further I am waiting to see more of Renarin too, to learn how Glys got corrupted and what that means.
  18. I think it must be a place that was originally two towns, Vindiel and Cameux. No relation to eachother other than being close to one another. I think "Cameux" may have originally been named after... Stormlight spoilers:
  19. I was having a laugh at the latest changes to the Greedo scene in Star Wars and I felt a little pity for George Lucas and then thought "oh I hope Brandon doesn't go any further down this road with the Kaladin - Szeth scene". For the uninitiated, at some point after the release of the original film Lucas thought that Han shooting a guy who was only verbally threatening him was a little too dark of a way to introduce a character that ends up being a good person. So Lucas changed it to have Greedo shoot first and miss and then Han kills him. People didn't like and it's been revised repeatedly since then. It's sad because it's never going to work no matter how many revisions they go through and Lucas was still trying in 2012. This makes me think of Brandon's change to WoR having Kaladin cause Szeth's death, but not outright kill him because Brandon felt it wasn't right for Kaladin at that point and he wanted to mitigate all the fake deaths. Like Lucas, he'll never be able to "fix it" because Jasnah's fake death hangs over the whole book and you can't change that because, to quote Lucas "it's stylistically designed to be that way". Brandon can only reduce the effects of it. Having Kaladin cause Szeth to fall a great distance into a superstorm, but not stab him through the torso is a weird morality upgrade "I shoved him into the street, but I didn't run him over." To be clear I don't mind that he changed it, it's his life's work. I just don't think the change really fixed the issues Brandon perceived and I don't think he can so I hope he never tries and ends up still tinkering with it years later.
  20. Ironsides claims they can detect it now. Also they might be able to duplicate the tec.
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  22. What if we made a serious fanfiction incorporating all of these and tried to actually make it make sense? (Also, Vivenna has children in that one! Are they Zane’s)
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