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  2. watch it be a certain whimsical character lmao
  3. Who betrayed whom? Now, you may see Honor's action as the honorable thing for the greater good of the Cosmere. But he also unleashed hell upon Cultivation, the Ashynites and the natives of Roshar. The latter two he certainly did not ask for permission.
  4. I'd say as little cut as they can get away with. It costs mass. That makes sense. Ruby has a hexagonal crystal structure. Well, they stay perfect. How can that be in that case? Perceptions change. But we cut our gems to enhance reflection. By doing so we are getting parts that are sticking out and mechanically weakening the gem. As the last thing you want is a crack, I'd expect a convex shape at the very least.
  5. Cool - thank you - I didn't know about that WoB. I guess that mean the relevance of "truest surge" is much lower in terms of whats going on with Renarin's powers. So I think I should have been more precise in my original post. I am not saying Voidbinding and Surgebinding are the exact same thing. I am saying they are different versions of the same overarching magic system. So like Allomancy, Hemalurgy and Feruchemy are three different versions of The Metallic Arts, filtered through Preservation, Ruin and a combination of the two respectively. Raboniel tells us clearly that the Fused access the Surges: "We of the Fused know our Surge with an intimacy a Radiant will never know." (RoW, Chp 31) The Fused are accessing the Surges through Odium and the Radiants are accessing them through Honor and Cultivation. I think the problem is that we call what the Radiants do "Surgebinding" instead of Honor-binding and Culti-binding (for obvious reasons given how ugly those words are). I think Odium's line at the end of RoW about other Shards discovering the strength of Surgebinding is the key one. The implication is that there is a version of this overall magic system that uses the suffix "binding" that can be filtered through each of the Shards. My fundamental point is that as things stand, Renarin and Rlain are the only two beings we know of who can access their surges through three different Shards. The implication of that is that their potential power level is higher than that of most everyone else.
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  7. Riight, except no-one's making the case that A-steel and F-steel are both expressions of the "force" of steel. I'm inclined to think that all rosharan manifestations of investiture are expressions of the Surges, similar to how all selish manifestations are expressions of the Dor (with the obvious difference of one side being principles and the other power source, but I felt that as an explanation this made sense.) Mind, I don't think we'd disagree if we all said V-Illumination, even if we'd read it differently. ¤_¤
  8. Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor.
  9. He was betrayed by Cultivation. She changed, grew beyond his love, his sense of duty, the restrictions he put upon himself. His embrace became a prison rather than a shelter. He saw it coming, understood her nature, knew she would betray him and choose freedom, passion, Odium. Still he loved her. Still he felt bound by his oaths to her. This drove him insane, crushed his faith in people. He could have fought, could have fled, could have lived. He chose instead to die slowly, in the hope that someone else might take up his power and find the answers, the faith, the love he couldn't.
  10. There actually was a lot of debate on the cut among us staff when we decided which shape a perfect gem should have. Some of us are on the side that they're likely to be perfectly spherical (or at least approximating a sphere with many facets), while others - including me - think they have more "realistic" interesting cuts like we have here on earth. The internal crystal structure and purity probably plays a more significant role in determining the quality of the gem than the cut, but we do of course know that "better" cuts affect it as well - we just don't know what qualifies a good cut. I personally think it's got something to do with the cut "fitting" to the underlying crystal lattice. There's probably a compelling argument to be made for it also being somewhat affected by perception, too. That is, a technically perfect (in an IRL sense) brilliant cut might be suitable for a perfect gem since people perceive it as beautiful and perfect. Regarding your point about the gems shining themselves, an important distinction to make is between light and Light here (very unfortunate terminology xD). I don't think the cut is all that much about "trapping" rays of light inside the gem, they do glow after all. It's about containing the gaseous stuff inside them and the considerations for that are likely to be completely different than for the light they emit (or refract and reflect in the case of external light). So in that sense the cuts might indeed be completely different than on earth, but it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that the gems shine by themselves.
  11. I do have more time. Cream Tuatara, the cycle is young. Like me you haven't done too much. Unlike me you haven't made much effort to do so, especially since your D1 post gathered a bunch of negative attention. So I'll ask again. You have anything to share, vote, anything? I'm working on analyzing previous posts, but I'm rather exhausted from today's activities and nearly missed the fact Amethyst Scorpion had returned. So, that will occur tomorrow. But it will.
  12. Cults are fun. What is it? What do we do?
  13. Ok, then Wayne? Follows Wax, in a way...
  14. Rhino, one problem with claiming gemstones is that some people may have claimed more than one, causing errors in the count. In addition, indicating that (multiple gemstones) could cause (... whichever form destroys gemstones... decayform? Anyways) to know which people to target for an effect.
  15. [OOC: First off, here is a poorly formatted VC due to the restraints of the mobile text editor. Tuatara (2): Mouse, Falcon Rhino (1): Vulture Vulture (1): Scorpion Falcon (1): Rhino Hyena (1): Lion Second, why is that two of my suspicions are being voted on by someone else I suspect (Scorpion voting for Vulture and Falcon voting for Tuatara). Surely it’s not because some of them might actually be incorrect. Is it strange of me to suspect Falcon for going for what I feel like is a poorly reasoned vote on someone I do actually suspect for other reasons? Yes, I agree that not voting is odd, but there have been countless villagers in previous games that have spent most of their games not voting. I do not think this fact alone makes one an elim, and to me it looks like an elim trying to find any reason to vote on someone. Whether or not Tuatara is an elim like I believe they are doesn’t negate the fact that the reasons given for the vote on Tuatara feel odd to me. For this reason, and the odd feelings their tone has given me in the past, I shall vote on Falcon. I am trying to avoid reacting negatively to creating ties in this game, because I know that it is still only roughly a quarter of the way through the cycle. There is plenty of time for the tie to be broken, whether by myself or someone else. Take this as a promise that I shall move my vote later in the cycle if I need to prevent a tie. I’m not too upset about either of the current leading exe candidates. I am aware that my reasonings for them both being elims in my mind is…contradictory, at first glance, but I believe it works. Anyway, here is a the new VC, as of my vote: Tuatara (2): Mouse, Falcon Falcon (2): Rhino, Heron Rhino (1): Vulture Vulture (1): Scorpion Hyena (1): Lion In addition, I shall go ahead and say that I am in possession of a gem from the village stash. I will leave whether or not I used it a secret, to prevent from too much information going into elim hands.]
  16. Nale told Lift that he would have welcomed her among the Knights Radiant under different circumstances. So you are doing something unprecedented you know to be dangerous and you just ignore knew facts? What was so dangerous and urgent, that they could not release Ba-Ado-Mishram? Are you implying that the capture addled their minds, too? During the years immediately after the Recreance those Knights were mostly also alive. The only difference can therefore be only in the rebonding. And Pattern acts very much like a new spren in Kharbranth. If the damage done is so hideous, why isn't it obvious? And why no warning?
  17. (Every 4 guesses (from now on) I’ll give another clue) Not the The Lopen Nor the naïve Pattern
  18. Had a thought, when Raboniel was talking about "the last Return" is that talking about the Last Desolation or the False Desolation?
  19. Lopen, but he doesn't even follow any sound advice... So, I'll say Pattern.
  20. I'll say that I did get a gem from the stash, but it was on d2, not d1.
  21. I am so sorry y'all have to put up with me.

    But this song is [REDACTED] amazing.

  22. It is not the mysterious Hoid It is not the *gags* Tonk Fah It is not the cheeky Shallan This character is funny This character is a follower
  23. “I have no clue what you even mean!” He protested, “Of course I was sitting and bleeding. I’d just got slashed!” He waggled his arm for emphasis. “And mooning means- well, focusing on something. Usually in a kissy kind of way. And mewling means kinda soft whines.” He puffed one cheek full of air. “Aren’t you the one who has 90 friends? Aren’t they all achin’ to go places and do things?”
  24. I don't know that it would kill it. Trap it though... yeah probably that.
  25. And now to thank our sponser Nord VPN
  26. Ara put the drink back.
  27. “I think it’s alcohol, dear.”
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