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  2. ... oh. Well then. Can someone who Turtle's claimed to (outside the Hemalurgist doc... or at least say it was outside the Hemalurgist doc) confirm this? I'd like to have a bit of insurance before I take Turtle's word for it, because it's... not as much a defense and more a don't-kill-me-or-you-will-regret. And it seems to conflict with Aman's claim of finding her as a probable Mistborn target. In other news, I suddenly have much more time to devote to this game...
  3. *knocks on the Dor* 


    *knocks on the door*

    Trick or treat! 

  4. more accurately energy over time, or mass times distance squared divided by time cubed.
  5. Hello people!


    Or if you're not a human, than other organism

    I wanted to give y'all a heasdsup cause I'm probably going to be very active for the next little while...

    bye bye for now Garfield | Goodbye pictures, Bye bye, Good morning funny  pictures

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      Vessel of Theory

      Very well... We look forward to your return, Shardfish


  6. aah... I really want to be a chasmfiend corpse... actually, chaos, if you see this is there any way you could make me a chasmfiend corpse. or a chasmgoat.
  7. Nicrosil and Aluminum.
  8. @Elkanah, can you put the vote count in the OP? When that happens, I'm going to look at the later XP voters. And Somebody from Sel. Connie abstaining from voting could be a point in her favor, though it also could just be a way to dodge any reads from a vote. Ashbringer is an interesting choice for a kill, I'd guess the elims probably just thought it would give us the least information. I probably will go through his posts too, though.
  9. the fellowship of the thing

    “No. . . Is alright. . . Just gimme a minute. . .”
  10. In my opinion, we should go for option B
  11. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you.
  12. Radiant Orders that people have so far put forward Adolin as a candidate for: Edgedancer, Stoneward, Willshaper, Dustbringer. He does fit within the worldview of several Orders, after the official Radiant quiz, Adolin is also fit for becoming an Elsecaller. Hey, Lightweaver's also available as an option. So, which Order do you think fits him the best?
  13. *Pretends that it's not gibberish* The first one, obviously
  14. Hour 2 Accusations Quick Fix 48 "A suicide pact? Really?" The ghostblood looked like he couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Get over here! What's your name kid?" Experience thought about it for a second and said "Well, I was hoping to come up with a newer better name once I got into the ghostbloods." "It was a clever idea to get yourself to be the sole survivor, but it seems you lacked the persuasiveness to make it happen. What do you all think? Ghostblood or Diagrammist?" The assembled group didn't reply at first. Finally a few said "diagrammist." The ghostblood nodded, swiftly chopping the back of Experience's neck. He collapsed to the ground lifeless. "The answer was neither." Faleast felt a twinge of pain in his back. Then it twisted quickly doing what usually would have been irreparable damage. "Ah right. I've been killed." he thought. He'd hoped to stick around for a bit and learn more from the ghostbloods, but he'd died before and he'd need to make this look good or they'd resort to methods that could actually hurt him. Faleast fell to the ground allowing blood to drain from the wound. Hoping it wouldn't take too long for the ghostbloods to finish up or cart him away. Experience was lynched! He was a Loyal Convincing Recruit Ashbringer was killed! He was a Loyal Recommended Recruit Player List The cycle will end at 10 AM MDT 10/31/2020 Please Bold your votes so they are easy for me to pick up as I scan the thread. Two
  15. Welp. Here we go. I've already claimed to multiple people, but I will say that I am a Loyal Regular Hemalurgist (H1, though it doesn't matter to people who understand), and so killing me is probably a bad idea. I suppose if I'm lynched you guys will know that and if not I will have a night to PM people and talk to people on the doc. Yes, I could just be a elim hemalurgist, but I actually think I know who the two of those are (We think one or two slim hemalurgists to the 6 of us in all). So there. I won'tbe here for about an hour in which time you guys can talk about wether or not I'm lying, so goodbye until an hour.
  16. Could be. As I said, Dai-Gonarthis and Chemoarish can mostly be interchanged as we know too little about them. Are you saying that there's evidence that the Dustmother and Yelig-nar were involved in the scouring of Aimia? Are you confusing it with Hessi's claim that Dai-gonarthis (the black fisher) was involved? Or is there some information I don't know of?
  17. This is really late, but if you need someone to answer questions about the disabilities you mentioned I’d be more than happy to help, I have both depression and a hypersensitivity to sound.
  18. I don't totally disagree with you in Pailiah. I think the artist was trying to reflect her ties to Cultivation, regrowth, etc. by having her in a twisty pose with the vines. It ends up looking a bit seductive. To be fair, though, the males look like generic pretty men and Chana looks as military as any of them. She doesn't have a stern look on, but Dustbringers are more about serene destruction, and the quirk of a smile does convey that serenity. The safehand wasn't a thing when the Heralds were created. By the youth of these pictures, I'm guessing these were intended to depict them as per-Herald or new Herald, so young.
  19. On Pailiah: why would she be old? Is it because of the theory that she is Taravangians ardent? Because right now, it seems to be 50/50 on wether or not she is Battar or Pali, since Mr T claimed she was Battar at the end of Oathbringer. Also, I think that it was hinted that Chana is kind of young. Her chapter heading portrait looks like a pretty young woman IMO (I wish they kept her helmet from that in this new illustration). Finally, it makes sense for all the Heralds to be conventionally attractive in these pictures, given that these are supposed to be in-world portraits. Generally, people who are admired, or even worshipped, are portrayed favorably by the culture admiring them, which would include looking good.
  20. Yeah, the WoB of the parallel between the Nightwatcher and Stormfather is pretty damning for my theory. As you say, it doesn't completely disprove it, but it does seem likely dead. I just can't but help but think the Sibling is going to be an odd man out, otherwise. Unless, instead the Sibling is related to Odium in some way (which honestly was a previous belief of mine), but that also seems unlikely.
  21. Probably getting over a stack of diamond blocks. Um..... I don't really remember. I think it was as an outgoing and kind person?
  22. There used to be the ability to down vote people and if you got negative rep you could become a zucchini. They removed the down vote function at some point in the past.
  23. After the miserable attempt to fight the possessed, Qavisxu seems to be panicking just a little, having gotten behind the other members of their little party. Why was that so weak? And the pane of reality so strong! What is wrong with this place? After a couple of moments of this, he notices the dark tendril entering Rekaerb- it didn't seem to be coming from any of our other team members- It must be the enemy, doing to them whatever they did to those people. After a moment of hesitation, Qavisxu dashes forward and tackles the corrupted Rekaerb from behind.
  24. TFA is fun, but unoriginal (apart from Kylo) and doesn't really hold up for multiple viewings super-well. TLJ is, while not flawless, still great. Rian does know the point of writing, and did what he could to move Star Wars in a direction that isn't: hey, lets just rehash the OT! He wrote it with the intention of opening new doors for the franchise, attempted to send Rey, Kylo and Poe in genuinely interesting directions, and tried to make Star Wars a bit more grey through DJ (he should have stopped Benicio from stuttering though). RoS is a mess writing-wise, but a fun spectacle. I agree that JJ Abrams is much better at making a movie (RoS is incredible from a visual standpoint) than he is at writing it. They wasted Finn, Hux, Zorii, Jannah, and a lot of others. Rogue One is amazing though, and Solo is fun. And Mandalorian is amazing.
  25. If it's inevitable that you are going to die, there are a couple of things you can do to make the game more enjoyable. First, you can still come up with a list of players you suspect. Then if you are flipped village, we will know that your list was honest (if not necessarily correct), and that can give us some information. Alternatively, if you are an eliminator, you can troll everyone. You could also post a reads list as an elim, but the chances of it actually helping your team aren't as great. My point is, if you stick around in SE, you are going to get lynched as an innocent a lot, and most of the time you won't be able to convince other people of your innocence except by dying (I mean, elim!Turtle could ask the same question). So it's a good idea to prepare yourself to do more than say "I'm a bad lynch option". Another thing you can do is come up with a convincing argument that someone else is a better lynch target than yourself. But that can be hard to do as a newer player, and there's only 5 hours left in the cycle.
  26. I said that it's bad for the story, not it was a bad story. So let me rephrase: TFA was good for the franchise and bad for the overarching story, including the trilogy as a whole. But it is not a bad story. It's the Hero's Journey. You know, the same thing that the Misborn trilogy, Avatar: The Last Airbender , Horizon: Zero Dawn, pretty much every Superhero Origin movie, and so many other stories are. TFA's story is literally the same story told in ANH. Which was a great idea. It allowed for fans who knew the story to focus on the new characters who were awesome and fresh and exciting and held so much potential. For fans who didn't know the story, it was a nice way to explore the main Star Wars formula with updated graphics. (And yes it was the main Star Wars formula, since ANH, ROTJ, and TPM all follow that exact same pattern.) Not everyone's first Star Wars movie will be ANH. For some, TFA was the first because they just reached that age and the parents wanted to share that experience with them. For others it may have been TPM - which, you know, also tells the same story as ANH but with more Jedi and politics. TFA's job wasn't to reinvent the wheel, it was to revitalize interest in the wheel. And I can say it did that swimmingly. The problem with retelling the ANH after the OT was that it reset everything. The Empire is back and the New Republic is destroyed, undoing the sacrifices the Rebellion made; Han and Leia broke up, undoing their entire romantic arc; and Luke is missing, undoing his call-to-action at the end of ROTJ. Some of these couple have been expounded on and addressed in TROS, others...yeah, bad ideas in the long-run. Again, good for the franchise, bad for the overarching story. I'm not 100% sure I agree, but I'm 100% behind you on this!
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