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  2. “Now there’s a name l haven’t heard in a while,” murmured Ene. “I really gotta reread that thread.”
  3. Changing the topic a slight bit, sorry, but I HAVE HAD A REVELATION. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and the alphabet song are the same tune! THE SAME TUNE! Ahhhhhhh
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  5. flamesinger theory

    "Sure. Do it in the afore mentioned testing room." "Forcefields are beautiful things..." John waved his hand and a rock appeared. "There you go, Cheh. Now, I am going to test myself." He walked through a door.
  6. flamesinger theory

    Cheh was beginning to understand. He was far, far away from home. Maybe not even on the same planet. There were people here with different magics, different customs, and he was alone. Him and his Bending. He wondered what his family would think of the abduction. “Is there any rock in here?” Cheh asked to John. “My power’s not as dangerous as some others’, but I still wanna practise.”
  7. But I wasn’t in charge of that! I would have been kicked out had I gone up there to properly inspect them!
  8. flamesinger theory

    Jessy laughed. "It is great that you are concerned about the spacecraft." She said dryly. At least it showed that he had no idea what she'd tried to explain. "I was more thinking about those inside."
  9. @Lord Furret @everybodyelse
  10. Fair point I'll grant you however, the positioning of the lights in a way where they might be knocked over seems to have been something that should have been examined prior to show time.
  11. But those were backstage, where the fire was! I would not have made it back there alive!
  12. I'll .... pinch hit. I really want to sign up, but life is still a bit hectic through August.
  13. Luna walks in after Ene. ”I am fairly certain that the owner of this establishment quit a while ago, as they haven’t been in here for quite a while. Would you like a Horneater Root Beer, courtesy of The Happy Inquisitor?”
  14. Yeah, but they might also look around to see if there was an alarm system or extinguishers.
  15. It’s not my fault I was panicking! I am fairly certain that most people would panic in that situation!
  16. main plot

    Althea listened to the conversation, her eyes not leaving the newly formed body of the girl. "They are marching?" She asked because it was logical, because they had waited for this. If he didn't attack now - he would hardly find a better time. Quietly she started giving orders, alarmed their troops. "Do you have a strategy?" She asked Max and looked into the direction where they had suspected Lord Ajax to be. She could see some of the creatures already, one was tall, large. Turning to Eiran she added: "Any help on your part would be greatly appreciated." Then she inhaled again. The storm was still raging around them, and she knew it would be gone soon. But for now she would use it. She reached out for the street they were taking and soulcast the ground below the pavement into water. If they walked over it, they hopefully would break through. @Ax's Boyfriend @I think I am here. @Silva @kenod ================== Mike opened his phone and paled. "The city is under attack. We are to report to the closest troops in order to join them." Gently he shook Seom awake. "I won't be able to keep them back. Not with the storm still raging." He added quietly and looked over to Wes. "So don't be surprised if I change." @I think I am here. @Ark's Boyfriend ==================== Zokora saw Althea's orders to inform the troops she had commanded so far and started to do so. Turning to Baker Pi she showed him the pictures Althea had sent, her face earnest. "I knew they would come, but not that there would be that many." She paused and then gestured to her men to get ready. Sending the pictures to Lusk she tried to get an overview over who was where. @AonEne @I think I am here.
  17. Ene strolled in. “Yes, hello, do you have any root beer?”
  18. @Lunamor I think that therein lies the problem.
  19. And rehearsing!
  20. We were too busy panicking
  21. main plot

    Max raised an eyebrow. “Max Tenira, leader of all Canton of Combat Operations.” He looked to Tels. The man wanted to use Rioters to control the Dark Phoenix. Max wished the others weren’t here, so he could tell Tels that even in the height of his power with the AlleyStorm he hadn’t been able to manipulate the Dark Phoenix. It definitely wasn’t hemalurgic. “The Canton has a few Rioters,” he said. “But even if get them all to flare their metals, it might not work.” He looked to the Dark Phoenix in the sky. “It might make things worse.”
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