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  3. Why won't it have one?
  4. I have just come off a Malazan Book of The Fallen reread and I am halfway through Joe Abercrombies First Law series reread.
  5. I don't want to be a downer but Lift drives me insane. I don't find her goofy act cute at all. I find her quite irritating. Some of the interlude characters were a little dull but there are some interlude characters who are incredibly interesting, so it doesn't balance out so to speak but makes reading the interludes a positive experience. I got a little irritated at all the Bridge 4 characters getting their little 'breathing in stormlight for the first time' and there 'you got this bro' moments. But on a reread I really enjoyed them. I think the 1st time I was just really eager to follow the story and see what happens. On the second reread I could fully appreciate the character building scenes.
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  7. Storms! Never again would D&D night end with an army of new scratches on the floor! This is BRILLIANT! Gravitation to reenact lungful movie fights where someone gets kicked across the room. Tension to make bulletproof clothing and become a superhero Transportation or Gravitation to become the fastest pitcher in baseball Cohesion to create breakaway walls wherever you want Transformation: CONGRATULATIONS! It suddenly only takes a moment to make breakfast! Illumination makes your voice carry wherever you want. You have become quite the ventriliquist! Regrowth: Hey, I cured cancer! Regrowth: Hey, I started a religion! I didn't even need to tie your shoes together with adhesion. Gravitation made me the strongest man alive! See ma, I can lift over one-thousand pounds with one hand! Transportation got me both in and out of your new highly-advanced and impenetrable bank vault. Transformation: And now I'm an architect that doesn't need other people to actually build the project we'r - ahem - I'm working on. Assuming teleportation, Transportation means no more work commute. Division lets you tell your math teacher that yes, you do understand the concept. You just don't like writing long division by hand. (sorry Chaos) Illumination instead of spending money on makeup or select other beauty products
  8. Partway through Mark Charan Newton's The Book of Transformations, which is Book #3 in Legends of the Red Sun. I like it, I just don't seem to be nearly motivated enough to want to finish it. The worldbuilding is really fun though, and I'm really enjoying the rumel Inquisitors.
  9. Suppose you were attacked by one of Kalad's Phantoms. If you were an allomancer capable of burning atium, would it have atium shadows?
  10. 4. Leras knew of the possiility of Lerasium before he cocreated Scadrial. And he always intended to make Mistborn. Apparently Allomancy was a mixture of deliberate design and natural, random tendencies. Leaving open the question how much of it came from Adonalsium. But if you assume design, there is no need to assume that Leras only cared about natural manifestations (or indeed about them at all)
  11. I started the Giver of Stars yesterday and I am already halfway through. It's about the Pack Horse Library Project. (For more details about that one: So far it's an easy read, captured me quickly and what I like - it's only one book, not another longer series. The characters are well developed and you can follow them as they grow, as they change according to their tasks and learn how to stand up for themselves. It's not as deep as SA, by far not as complicated, but I enjoy it a lot.
  12. I found this a little while back when looking for a Knights Radiant 5E writeup: I'll confess I don't remember much about it other than it was cool enough to bookmark. The major hurdle I see in adaptation would be the self healing. Stormlight healing is nuts if one compares it to D&D. I mean, in book 3 Shallan takes a crossbow bolt TO THE FACE and just keeps trucking along while it repairs itself). And, that's not an advanced Radiant thing. That's ALL of them. Granted, there's a bit of disconnect between that and D&D damage. But, if one were to just take it at face(hehe...) value... The only thing in 5E that I think comes close is the Moon Druid with its ridiculous(but hilarious) in-built infinite hit points(which starts turning on around level 17 if I remember correctly).
  13. Yes, saying this before RoW, so who will knows what will come, but considering the dark color of Ivory, I believe she like Shallan was making contact with the “shadowy” man, and maybe since people don’t know meet high spren these days I suspect she was deemed insane. Possibly in the dark of her Illness where Anoly the shadowy figure talked to her.
  14. I don't think aluminum could reverse Savantism. Your Spiritweb gets altered by Savanthood. It isn't harmful Investiture, it's mutated Investiture, permeated through your Spiritual self: it's becomes a part of your own Spiritweb. Just like Cosmere healing wouldn't work on it, because it applies your Spiritual ideal onto your Physical body, and your Spiritweb has itself become altered. Aluminum wouldn't be able to do anything either: because it's not harmful Investiture that's affecting you, it's your own inherent Investiture that has been altered by sustained exposure to certain type(s) of Investiture.
  15. Do we have any confirmation regarding Ati & Leras' relationship?
  16. Nobody going to say Thunderstruck for Kaladin? Really?
  17. Gets a Da Vinci original inserts Jean-Luc Picard
  18. *wins* also apparently it’s Adonalsium’s birthday today! weird, I thought he died and was shattered into 16 pieces.
  19. You know, I said that more for the joke than anything but my actual experience is different. I don't know if they don't notice or don't care, but they never say anything.
  20. "If you ask like this." his raised an eyebrow, slowly pushed himself off the wall and walked over to her, his knife resting calmly in his palm. "I would never say no to another show of your skills." Walking over to the door he unlocked it with a set of keys to cover up on the fact that his tattoo was enough and then gestured for her to step inside. "But maybe we should continue our conversation inside?" He remained standing next to the door, waited to see if she would agree to step through first, enter their territory. Her skill with her knives - he suppressed the smile that touched his lips at the way she had spun them around in the air. Glorious. This woman was exactly to his liking. "Welcome to the Ghostbloods." he added and bowed slightly, never quite taking his eyes off her. It wasn't exactly their headquarters, but for now it would do. And after her initiation, maybe he could hand her her first assignment as well. See if she was as good working in the field, than she was at showing off.
  21. I suppose Taravangian will have straight up volunteered the information gathered by the facility and also presented research on Desolations and the Unmade he has made. Running such a programme is ruthless in the extreme. Yet it is something that can be explained if you show information predicting a Desolation. Taravangian does not have to hide that the Diagramm exists. Only its exact content and that he has made a deal with Odium. In a pinch he could even admit to being a minor member. He just must keep secret that he wrote it and that he leads it. That can be simply achieved by leaking a few contradictory bogus versions of the Diagramm in fragments. The Blackthorn is just not in a position that would allow him to reject an ally for ruthlessness.
  22. "How can I reach you?" Lena asked while he read, not bothering to wait until he had finished. "I think I could go and take a look at these Traders, see who they are and if they have any protection in place." Tapping a finger gently against the message she grinned again. They had to get going. Doing nothing but standing around was boring. "And you should go and find that shadow. Whoever they are, they seem to be an interesting person." @Gears
  23. I’m So Meta, Even This Acronym.
  24. I think it's less about Gaz being a monster than it is that he, Amaram, and Roshone were the immediate examples we were given of how dysfunctional the Alethi hierarchy is from the darkeye perspective, and it's implied that the war camps are full of these types of people to varying degrees. We don't like him specifically because he is the one we see mistreating our bridge crew, but he's no better or worse than any of the other people in charge in the Sadeas camp. Cowardly, a bit of a bully, and desperate to produce results for their own betters so as to avoid their own punishments. It reminds me of the middle managers in a couple terrible jobs I've had over the years. In a way, what we are seeing now are these same people instead from the light eye perspective.
  25. "His name is Xaver." Mike started slowly, tried to come up with a picture, with anything they could use to find him. Nothing. Almost as if the clues, the image remembered was gone completely. A frown crept over his face and he lifted his shoulders a little, as if trying to hide. "No, not Xaver, but something similar." With a nervous laugh he looked up into the man's face and shifted his weight to his other foot, before deciding to follow the invitation. Turning around now, would make him appear like a complete madman. He stepped into the room and looked around curiously. The agency was relatively new and he hadn't been here so far, but it made a very good first impression, clean and orderly. And the man, he seemed to be competent. One thing after the other. Get inside first, and then, maybe he could recall a few more facts if he wasn't standing outside of a building. A frail hope, but for now he clung to it, clung to the knowledge that he had to, that he needed to find him. If not- something bad would happen. His hands touched his gloves again, pulled a little on their shabby fabrics. Standing here, in this new agency he felt small. A teenager in poor, partially ripped and only badly repaired clothing. His shoes were well worn, the facbric of his pants and shirt frail in places from overuse. He had visited rich places, but always at night, always to steal something. The last time he had walked into such a room, with the lights on, with everybody able to see him had been ages. And yet, here he was. Because - he needed to. And that though alone made him nearly shiver. Something was wrong. Something ws incredibly wrong. "I'm Mike." he forced a smile on his face and extended his hand in greeting. "I appreciate a lot that you take some time for us." @AmazingGoob @Spren of Kindness
  26. That's a very tree-looking tree there, Shinovar maybe, at sunset?
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