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  2. I like how you're still using the words 'we're' and 'us' as if you are part of the village. *Reads Pyro's post again* Oh wait you're claiming Sart as an elim. Never mind.
  3. Me. I think I tried them during middle school and I didn't get far. I liked it, but I'm a slow reader and library time constraints can be a problem. Right now I'm interested but a "Sometime in the eventual future" kind of interested.
  4. Yeah, Taldain is basically an example of 'God Did It' and results in a system that isn't stable across geological or astronomical timeframes but is stable enough for the relatively short span of time that Brandon is working with. Unfortunately, Adonalsium is dead so nobody can ask why they set things up that way. Ditto Roshar with its slowly eroding continent and unstable moons. At least in that case, we know there was a reason the Rosharan System was set up that way, we just don't know what it was yet.
  5. I have a few things to say about the recent changes of the index, Firstly, the Index post of the character submission thread still say the cap is 150 points with 50 for skills and the one in the character discussion thread have not been changed at all, which could confuse new people. Secondly, I think this update does make the Index easier to use, especially the part where you separated the power part in two. I also absolutely love that all compounding variants but the really op ones and atium are within point range without weakness and that Feruchemist, Mistborn and the body stealing ablity seems to be possible to use without an insane amount of weaknesses (especially the last one, which previously required 100 weakness points) On the other hand, it's now impossible to make a Radiant that know how to fight, as 1st oath + skilled melee weapon training is 135 point which is 15 points over the cap. It seems to me like a Radiant that know how to fight should be possible with much less weakness points than 15.
  6. I liked it. It's not exactly a "Top 10 thought-provoking movies of all time" but I would watch it again. Also, I really should watch Parasite.
  7. - Stormlight - Kingkiller - Dresden Files - Harry Potter - Discworld Funny, I didn't include Earthsea because I only really like one book in the series. But my this book was Tombs of Atuan.
  8. ... because we're totally going to leave an alignment scanner who has demonstrated complete willingness to out us alone? I mean, he's not our first target, but he's on the list.
  9. Too many ninjas. And while it is true that Bleeder can win while dead, killing them lets us focus on killing the rest of the Constables, without having to worry about our alignment scanner being attacked every cycle.
  10. Just finished the TFE and currently anxiously waiting for my copy of TWoA to arrive (should get here tomorrow). I'm curious and eager to decide for myself if it really reads as slow as some people have suggested here. I agree that the latter parts of the first book are building up quite the suspense but it's obvious that it will be slower in the beginning of the second part, they have to take control of the city and such. I've also read reviews of Stormlight Archive where people have been saying that WoK is slow and takes a long time to build and with as many pages as that book has I honestly never felt like that at all; I've actually kinda devoured all three books in the SA even though they are so huge. So I guess I will find out in the next few days...
  11. With their makeshift spaceships.
  12. You missed my vote. Pyro Elkanah.
  13. Yep, I feel you. It's a quirky, pretty uneven movie. It wants to be fun yet have a serious message and convey it in an appropriate way, and I think that's a respectable goal, but it stumbles on the way because it doesn't really manage to blend these things together. I liked it better than Snowpiercer, but worlds below Parasite (which I love).
  14. Who liked to lose in wars.
  15. Created by some rats.
  16. Coconuts
  17. Bleeder doesn't need to be alive to win. EDIT: @Sart numbers on tally don't match up with names.
  18. Vote Count: Archivist (1): DeTess Pyro (1): Elkanah Elkanah (5): Wilson, Matrim's Dice, Kynedath, Hemalurgic Headshot, Karnage, Devotary of Spontaneity Alright, this is turning into a bandwagon against Elkanah. The main piece of evidence against them was that Young Pyromancer (An outed eliminator) claimed they had seen Elkanah targetting Araris, the victim of a kill. After much pulling teeth, Elkanah eventually claimed to have removed Araris's vote. I was going to go into vote manipulation discussion, and urge whoever removed a vote on Karnage's train to step forward. However, I got ninja'd by Devotary, who scanned Elkanah targetting Karnage. So yeah, Elkanah is 100% Bleeder. Let's lynch them before Flogs dies.
  19. Hi, I'd love to have a copy of Aether of Night! Thanks!
  20. Really feeling the absence of Straw here. I'll jump on Elkanah. If it's not them, know that it's not an elim. We checked. Which means it's probably wilson.
  21. That's almost certainly a lie. Knowing perfectly well that a. you had been stalked once and could be stalked again, and b. Karnage was extremely likely to be attacked, there's no reason you would have framed yourself by soothing Karnage's vote. There is a reason for Bleeder to have taken that risk in an attempt to kill Flogs, so Elkanah.
  22. It was actually just a hologram.
  23. I actually really enjoyed Iron Gold. I think some people just don’t like multiple p.ov.s and cant get past this new way of telling the story. I love the Minotaur of Mars and need more of him in the story. I actually enjoy Iron Gold more than Red Rising and Dark age more than Golden Sun. So far, for me at least, the new trilogy is better in my opinion.
  24. Because France doesn’t exist
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