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  2. Wow, okay, you all seem rather trolly. Granted, that actually makes me think you are village (elimimators) as I dont think even spambots can be as trolly as SE players.
  3. From the album Natural History of Roshar

    The Common Skyeel nests high up on vertical surfaces such as cliffs, walls, and underneath roofs to keep its young safe from scavengers and predators. In this sketch, the Skyeel pup looks exactly like the adult, just miniaturized, in the same ways that marlins are on Earth. I've made 2 other Skyeel metamorphosis possibilities, and demonstrated them with 2 other Skyeel designs, Greater Skyeel, Lesser Skyeel (very creative at naming things, I am :P)
  4. Hello! Something we need to remember here, is for the first time this isn’t a game. There are spambots, and if we don’t stop them, Chaos will ban us all. We’ve all played this game, we know how it goes. Now we have to use these skills in the real world! Against real threats like Vishkaran and Babaji. This is real! And the entire forum depends on us, the SE subforum!
  5. worldbuilding

    Looks good.
  6. Why was the king only 1m(1ft) high? Because he was a ruler Why can't you trust trees? Because they seem kind of shady Why do cows have hooves? Because they lack toes Why was the grape sunbathing? No raisin really
  7. i dont think so
  8. sigh Clone, why, just why would you bring the day one lynch down on us? Do you not understand the appeal of having fun? Fun, that will DIE if we get lynched? Also, public safety announcement: My clone should not be trusted under any circumstances. He will only say what lands me in the hottest water. Edit: Yeah, like the fact that Steel definitely has a kill role, with double lives, and invincibility to everything but the lynch.
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  10. Haha, with Steel's laptop I can sabotage him! Steel is definitely evil, and you should lynch him as soon as possible! Edit: Dude, I thought we agreed you WOULDN'T do this anymore. Otherwise you aren't getting ANYTHING for that laptop, if you keep this up.
  11. Gammalv leaned back in his chair, a forgotten plate of half eaten nachos lay on a stand next to him. In front of Gammalv his computer screen glowed with energy as it displayed the latest copy of Rhythms of War, the fourth book in the all important Stormlight series. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be one of the lucky few to be an alpha reader. Gamma level was the most he had ever dared hope for but here he was reading a rough draft of one of the most highly anticipated books on his favorite forum. Thinking of the 17th Shard Gammalv tabbed over to it, refreshed the page and noted the recent topic listings was once more filled with Spam. Sighing, Gammalv started to squash a couple of the spambots but found his thoughts drifting back to the book. He had only read a couple of words for the next chapter but it was looking like one of the best, a Gaz chapter. Gammalv had long wondered how Gaz had lost his left eye and it looked like this chapter might just answer his question not to mention that Gammalv could do with something to take his mind off the last chapter. Who thought that Wyndle would die of all spren? Another Mod will take care of these Bots I’m sure. Gammalv thought as he tabbed back to Rhythms of War. He just had to know what happened next.
  12. Player List Countdown Timer Note that the Countdown timer changes based off your timezone. As in it is only accurate for PST players. I apologize. Remember that while PM’s are open, you MAY NOT EVER PM ANON ACCOUNTS. They may not PM you either. Please include both GM’s in all your PM’s. There will be a lynch today. Remember that there is a 0 vote minimum for the lynch, and that tied vote will result in a coinflip.
  13. atla

  14. Please don't double post. Also, I win!
  15. Hello! I’m interested to know if any of you have read translations of the Cosmere novels. If so, could you share your opinions of them and any interesting facts about how all the terminology was translated? I have read a bit in Bulgarian. The translations are very good, it feels like the original novel, though I find myself visualizing the conversations a bit differently. As for nomenclature: in Warbreaker, the names were complicated a great deal by the fact that compound nouns sound bizarre in Bulgarian. I imagine there are similar problems in Stormlight, though I haven’t read that. The title was translated literally: He Who Stops War. However, the names of the Returned and of Nightblood in the novel were written out phonetically, with a guide at the beginning to explain their meanings. Will anyone who shares my interest please respond and share anything interesting about your translations?
  16. It's fun to watch how everyone gets dragged in... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laughing while stroking a white cat*
  17. I know that i said that i was coming all the way back. But i have decided that I'm going to leave the Shard. This is for personal reasons only. I will leave right after the Knights of the Cosmere's second role play ends.

    This hurts, but it is what it's best for me. I'll be gone in about two weeks.

  18. I am pretty new so i don't know if i do it right....
  19. I’m thinking the closest earth equivalent we have to flangria is imitation crab meat, since all Rosharan critters are crustacean-y. And I like the naan idea, so a naan wrapped crab cake.
  20. @@A Joe in the Bush It has been brought to my attention that your name may very well cause problems, as players will accidentally add you instead of me to PM's. Unfortunately, I must ask you to change your name. May I suggest The Only Joe? EDIT: I WILL OFFICIALLY BE CLOSING SIGNUPS AT 10 TILL THE HOUR.
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