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  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  3. That's killer. I wish I wasn't so broke or I'd buy a print.
  4. Schevin and Azgard were offline from all lightspeed communication: the engine, of course, was no place to have such signals bouncing about.
  5. Hi! Szeth here! Feels good to be in another SE game after all this time and leave analysis until late in the day again! Bye! Szeth out!
  6. 17th shards christmas

    Just a nice little snowman...
  7. Ahh, it’s that glorious time of year when I struggle to log into my account. (:. Please just call me Archer, that’s easier for everyone. The line in the rules, “only alignments are revealed upon death”, implies that individual players have more that could be revealed about them. From that line alone, we pretty much know that there’s roles in the game. Looking at Mat’s QF55, the roles he used were Coinshot (one-shot killer), Thug (tank a kill), roleblocker, vote adder, and person who can see who someone targeted with their actions. I imagine this game probably has a similar set. I suggest we avoid revealing our roles, but offer unsolicited advice every round about how someone with one of the usual array of roles might use them. For example, if you’re an alignment scanner, I encourage you to bank on the possibility of a bodyguard role and reveal any alignments you get promptly. Knowing who is a villager is almost as good as knowing who is evil. * Brawnze was in a daze as he entered the town, pulling a pile of bronze shavings on a sled behind him. There were so many- he stopped to try to figure out what the large, four legged creature in front of him was. What had the Old Stories called them? Horse. So many horse. “Brawnze has brainze. Brawnze made bronze,” he shouted at the people milling about. “Come look at bronze! Bronze good.” He smiled, ready to transform the Loud People's lives. A drop of blood trickled out of his lips. He spit out his snack. "Note to Brawnze. Bronze make bad meal for Brawnze."
  8. windrunner hasn't been on for months jsyk
  9. Here! You're actually in the place that's authorized to distribute it.
  10. LG82: Day One: Something is About to Happen In separate parts of town, the Allomancers and Feruchemists met to discuss. Each group knew roughly where the other party was, yet each group kept to themselves. For now. Day One has begun! The turn will last about 48 hours and will end on Friday, December 3rd, at 10am PST. There will be an execution today, with a 1 vote minimum. Tied votes will be decided by RNG. PMs are closed. As a refresher, here are the Ookla Season rules, to be edited when I realize I forgot one: When voting, please use normal usernames. If you are an Ookla, please keep your normal pfp. Edit (I knew this would happen): If you're an Ookla, it would also be helpful to put your original name as your member title, though I won't enforce this rule as much as the pfp one. Player List:
  11. I have to wonder how much this will affect Hoid in the long-term. What kinds of Memories were taken? Can he still access and utilize all of his magics? I hope it's not a brief plotpoint (e.g., gets resolved in the first half of book 5) because I love the idea of this being the very first time in millennia that someone has gotten the better of Hoid. Would feel a little blah if the only thing that was stolen = Wit's particular memory of TaravOdium being "off", and nothing else.
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  13. The time manipulation aspect of the Stormfather's visions can just go on the Investiture page as that's a function of high Investiture density really. I'm not worried about that. One thing to elaborate on as to why list articles are not optimal: by having a list, then you kind of get into arguments of "what is a vision" and I feel like that's best to avoid.
  14. Is there a specific reason you recommend it this way? (I admit, I'm not super looking forward to the Elantris re-read as it is! His writing has progressed so much since then. I find Serene nearly insufferable.) I think this is a particularly interesting suggestion! I've never considered "World-Hopping" myself like this. Makes me feel like a mini, goofy Hoid. Where can I read Aether of Night? ALSO I DIDN'T REALIZE THE SOTD2 READING WAS CONSIDERED SO IMPORTANT. I have that YouTube link open (literally, in one of my 217 tabs) and haven't watched it once yet! Thank you, friend!
  15. Signups are over! PMs will be sent out ASAP, after which D1 will begin.
  16. Been a bit since I read SoS, but had a feeling that was the case, thank you for confirming.
  17. @The Windrunner Supreme @Ookla the Frog @Ookla the Kijetesantakalu *shrugs*
  18. They do, at least per what happened in Shadows of Self.
  19. *enthralled noises*
  20. Yes. I will not elaborate. The person below me has green hair.
  21. Thanks for the follow!

  22. So... Kelsier? Did someone already say that...?
  23. *Hands waiver for the destruction of all Cosmere.* "Sign it and the dime is yours." Finger algae. (Did I do that right?)
  24. Well. I could give you a long list but for now I'll just tell you some. Some of my favorite bands are Foreigner, Boston, ELO, Journey, Chicago, Rush, Styx, Triumph, Aerosmith, Queen, Kansas, Eagles, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Supertramp, Toto, Night Ranger, Tom Petty, Heart, Steve Miller Band, Fastball, and Bon Jovi. Just to name a few. And I also listen to other old music around that era, like Michael Jackson and such.
  25. But there was no proof as of yet. The other narrators were skeptical.
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