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  2. I think he misinterpret this - because Anti-Tone was used to remove Voidlight from Sibling Fabrial System and restore protection. This happen practicly in the same moment, so he thought it was the sound, witch hurts him, but Connection was repel by Tower Protection System.
  3. Hi, since your opening post refers to RoW material, this topic should be in the RoW boards. If you're referring to new material, that's where things go. This may be useful for you:
  4. I see Vin as a Stoneward too, but also as a Bondsmith, because she really liked it when people were honest and kept their promises. I don't know, but thats what i feel
  5. I don’t know how to hide content, but RoW spoilers below... MOD ALTERATION: (it’s the eye button on the tool bar ):
  6. @LewsTherinTelescope Questions ≠ Complexity. A theory making more intuitive sense doesn’t make it simpler. Occam’s Razor posits that the theory with the fewest assumptions, a general analogue for the simpler theory, is the more acceptable theory if multiple plausible theories account for the same evidence. Shardic Nature Theory: the nature of Shards and their Intent confers particular abilities on certain Shards, and renders these abilities in specific respects off-limits to others. This theory requires only that single assumption to explain both Odium’s only-9 Surges and Voidlight’s failure to suppress certain abilities. Plus, it explains other Cosmere events. How many assumptions are required if we consider the theory that Odium’s choice to limit the Surges he granted, and his Voidlight’s failure to make the fabrial suppress Adhesion, and its failure to suppress Lift’s Progression, all have distinct causes not bound up by the nature of the Shards? And that theory doesn’t even touch anything beyond Odium’s Surges. It’s vital to question how Intent-based or other restrictions limit any Shard from granting particular abilities tied closely enough to other Shards. Or even if that’s the mechanism for those restrictions. We can wonder if Shards just oppose one another enough to willfully avoid interacting with (conferring or suppressing) abilities favored by other Shards, of if they physically cannot do so. We can even disagree about the likelihood of universally- and consistently-applied Shardic limitation potentially based on Intent. The existence of those questions about how a theory works in no way makes a simple theory complicated. It still posits that a single (possibly composite) effect universally limits all Shards in the exact same way. The alternative still posits that several distinct factors are required to explain the Odium’s 9 Surges and failures to suppress. When fewer assumptions explain vastly more facts/observations, that’s definitely simpler.
  7. I am a coward and a traitor. Always have been, from the time I accepted the Ghostbloods’ offer of membership to now when I ask you for the Mercy I once held and discarded. I left behind my family, friends, and even planet when the Ghostbloods offered me a place. I never once spoke out against their ideologies or methods even when two innocents died to grant me power over Fortune. And yet when I first encountered the agents of Odium I forsook my oaths and allegiances to join up with Hate incarnate. As one of their champions, I helped kill seven people, Shatter two Shards, and remove three from existence. Even here, entrusted with the full power of Mercy, almost a sixteenth of all there ever was in the Cosmere, my self-preservatory habits continued. Siena and Aurora I let die face the wrath of the assembled Shardic collective when my voice could have saved them. I foisted Mercy off on Solemnheart at their request when suspicion fell upon that Shard and helped orchestrate the death of the only person who knew the level of power I once held. I made only cursory attempts to defend Solemnheart and Konion from death and accelerated the timetable of Scarlet’s death. Now I am alone against the insurmountable might of the remaining Shards, all allies having either died or achieved their goals. I have seen the honor and compassion of your remaining coalition, though the former now lies only in our hearts and the latter a force wholly independent of Adonalsium. No longer shall I allow this conflict to continue. For my last act as your enemy, I will Shatter the Shard that started this conflict before its Intent overwhelms me. It is up to you whether I survive this, and what happens to me should you choose to spare me. I will accept whatever judgement you wish to give. -Enoras, current Odium, ex-Dominion, ex-Mercy, ex-Ringer, ex-Ghostblood, ex-decent person.
  8. Rose raised an eyebrow, regarding him strangely. This man had secrets. And though those secrets interested her, she wouldn't lose sleep over not knowing. He wanted to kill that woman? Fine. That was fine with her. Why should it matter why he wanted to do so? She was only in it for the money, after all. After a few weeks she would be after another bounty and never think of Jahora again. Whatever his reasons were for wanting Selene dead, however convoluted, they were his own. Human relationships were baffling enough. "Well," Rose said tightly. "Goodnight, then." With that, she turned and walked silently up the stairs, picking the room at the end of the hall and closing the door behind her and sitting on the bed. There was silence. And then, a sharp memory. Sitting in her room at her aunt and uncle's house. Spooning soup into her mouth while she read, the rest of the family eating together at the table. But not Rose. She stayed in her room. Alone. Always. Rose rubbed her temples as the memory faded, feeling a headache coming on. She really should get to sleep, before that headache got any worse. But before she did so, there was something she'd like to try. Back in the tavern, she'd made the stool rattle. That kind of thing very rarely happened in her old life. On the occasions that it did, she'd been brainwashed into believing it wasn't possible for such things to happen. But then the asylum. Meeting Star... She had to know if this was real, once and for all. Could her mind really move and destroy objects? Or was it all a trick? Her eyes fell upon a notebook on the desk. That would do just fine. First, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Here goes nothing... Opening her eyes again, she reached her hand out and focused on the notebook, thinking about making it move. Float, she thought. C'mon, float, I've done this before. She glared at it. But the notebook didn't move at all. Your magic is a part of you. If you use it right, it can be an extension of who you are. It's not the outside that needs to move. It's what's in your head. Star's words. Rose let her face soften, her eyes falling shut once again. She relaxed, picturing the notebook in her mind, picturing it rising off the desk to hover, defying gravity effortlessly. Then, she opened her eyes. The notebook levitated in the air a few inches off the desk. Her jaw dropped in shock and the notebook wavered. Curious, she flicked her hand to see if it would follow, but it did not. When she pictured it flying about the room, however, it zipped through the air. For a moment, she felt euphoria. For once, her power was working with her, not against her. It was blissful. But then, a a sharp pain exploded in her forehead. She cried out softly, putting her hand to her head, the notebook dropping to the floor. One moment. Couldn't I have had just one long moment of something actually going right? She scoffed at the injustice. By now, she'd had enough migraines to know that when one hit, she had to shut down and rest, otherwise she could get very ill. It was time to sleep anyway. Maybe the migraine was a good thing, snapping the whip to encourage her to give her body the restorative sleep it deserved. Hastily - her mind clouded by pain and by questions - she undressed and slipped into bed, falling asleep in an instant.
  9. Okay. So Round 16 starts. Okay @Mist Your turn next [ TR ] ( 0 ) [ R ][ C ][ ? ] ( 4 ) Negative_Null (he/him) [ R ][ A ][ D ] ( 0 ) The Windrunner Supreme (he/him) [ L ][ A ][ S ] ( 0 ) Hentient (she/her) [ L ][ S ][ A ] ( 0 ) Shard of Reading (he/him) [ R ][ S ][ ? ] ( 1 ) Mist (she/her) [ L ][ D ][ ? ] ( 6 ) Chasmgoat (he/him) [ L ][ B ][ A ] ( 0 ) Ookla the Shadowed (he/him) [ R ][ ? ][ ? ] ( 3 ) Aspiring Writer (they/them)
  10. I agree. That’s what I was just thinking...
  11. Today
  12.'s time for another terrible made-up support! This time I tried something incredibly different. I tried an OT3. Y'all, this was hard, so please don't expect many in the future.* So for now, enjoy F!Byleth x Dimitri x Dorothea. (Dimitri/Dorothea is partially written but is in need of rewrites, so it'll give it to y'all at a later date.) Accompanying song is "Wait For It" by Leslie Odom Jr. from the Hamilton soundtrack. I'd recommend watching Szin's animation of the song first however. C-Support: B-Support: B+ Support: A-Support: A+ Support: S-Support: Epilogue: Author's Notes *If I did do more, it'd be Claude/Edelgard/Petra and/or M!Byleth/Marianne/Shamir. Not sure how to get Shamir and Marianne to have anything in common though... Others that I won't do that would make sense and would probably be fan-favorites would be Claude/Edelgard/M!Byleth and M!Byleth/Manuela/Dorothea, F!Byleth/Rhea/Catherine, or M!Byleth/Catherine/Shamir.
  13. When you consider the Allomantic and Feruchemical charts A+ decor.
  14. Yes. I am a Christian and I believe in One God who is Three, who is the God of the Bible, the LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.
  15. Thanks will look in the morning and compare. I’m to googley eyed now with the ambien.
  16. "You can try, dear." The man gave a glance at him. "Others have, and you saw their results. No one needs to be leader. We all know that we need to survive this apocalypse, so I suggest we follow Kitty without asking questions about that just yet."
  17. "Wait wait wait. I could kill both of you right here, right now, and I control the army. If anyone should be the leader, it'll be me. But that's not the point- how about no one be the leader, yes?"
  18. No comment on what I might have seen I'll take income Coins-4 Cards-1
  19. Watched the extended versions of The Lord of the Rings for the first time. It was quite the experience, and an amazing one. Next objective, watch them on the same day. That will have to be carefully planned though, and I won't do it for at least a year.
  21. I do think that Adhesion and Progression lining up with the Intents of Honor and Cultivation play into this (though it's difficult to be sure, since how the suppressor even works is sort of confusing and most theories I've seen have large holes). It's possible that the suppressor being designed to limit the Fused, who do not have Adhesion, might help with that Surge being allowed, and Lift's Lifelight usage could combine with Progression in some way to allow that one to work, but I have no sure answer. I am not arguing that Odium set up the powers, though. I am arguing that, when he created the Fused, he granted access to the preexisting magic system, choosing which powers to give them. Same reason saying "Preservation did not invent the effects of the metals" does not contradict saying "Rashek chose which Allomantic powers the Inquisitors had". They're completely different topics, in my mind. The thing is, I do see this as the simpler answer, compared to all the questions raised by him not being capable of granting Adhesion.
  22. When you rephrase things that you say so that they include subtle Cosmere references.
  23. Welcome to the Shard!

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