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  2. And he might have let it slip that he is heading to Jah keved towards the general direction his house is. And then helaran might have asked him to send a message across to his father and siblings. Hoid might have felt that this is where he needs to be and went to visit. When he saw shallan he might have realised that she is the reason he needed to be there.
  3. theory

    They seem biologically derived as in that they could have been biologically pruned or cultivated in this manner to provide them their abilities. We do know that they are refugees on Roshar from wobs but we do not know if they were like this when they came or they have been modified later. Also this fact does not necessarily rules out their being cultivation’s agents and using her magic system after coming to Roshar.
  4. Nope. 1. This character has a rough demeanor. 2. This character is Invested. 3: This character is a friend of a popular character from way back.
  5. “And that’s in Hallandren, on Nalthis,” she clarified.
  6. theory

    All of the Sleepless' abilities seem biologically derived which may or may not count as magic. We don't even know if they're native to Roshar so I'd say no, at least not for the entire species. Certain individuals may use Cultivation's magic.
  7. "Kalad's phantoms are a Folk tale in T'Telir. Recently shown to have actually been an army of lifeless, that were presumed to be statues around the city." Adren responded. "They are now a strong force in the hands of Susebron, the God-King."
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  9. Another warning, semibad writing...though if you got through the first WoT you can probably make it
  10. Good point . While I love the idea that Brandon does this and answers so many questions . I get so much enjoyment by coming up with my theories . Being wrong never bothers me. I enjoy discussing them . It gives me something to do until the next books come out. Now they are so many of them that I doubt I will ever come up . And people hardly ask the questions I’m interested in. When they do it’s RAFO 9 times out of 10. I respect your knowledge of them tho! I have been debating on whether I should read white sand 3
  11. She shifted from foot to foot, then lied badly. “Nope, nothing.”
  12. “Fun, I’m in the middle,” Myriad said nonchalantly. “What are Kalad’s Phantoms?” @ElephantEarwax
  13. After two weeks, you’re fine.
  14. “Okay!” Cassie agreed, perking up a bit. “I bet it’s awesome.”
  15. "This sounds like a solid plan" Adren said, "Lets move like Kalad's Phantoms are running after us."
  16. Thank you @Greywatch I agree with your viewpoint as well. All these games and banter is ok as a first step of attraction but eventually the relationship between a possible couple should progress to mutual respect and deep attachment to one another. I do not see either between Kaladin and shallan.
  17. "A good mix. Have you seen anything familiar around here that might help you get back there?" Does she even want to get back to them?
  18. I recommend lightbringer
  19. Clare had a brief thought about savoring the kabob, but then all her other thoughts laughed it down and she devoured a few bites. She swallowed, then told him, “I have a mom and had a dad and have a brother.”
  20. theory

    This got me thinking on sleepers.. do you thing they are using a more cultivation based form of magic. The sleepers could be cultivation’ Agents..
  21. "If I might interject, I have a theory on why the Ghostbloods killed Ellarel. Simply put, they are trying to kill discussion. Most of our debate was centered on Ellarel and Hymnyes yesterday. By killing both candidates, they are trying to make that day's discussion meaningless. However, I think we can glean more from this. Suppose the Ghostbloods killed someone else last night. Naturally, suspicion would fall on the people who voted on Hymnyes, a confirmed Noble, rather than those who voted on Ellarel who would still be of unknown alignment. That should have pleased the Ghostbloods, as they could have framed Ellarel and made us kill one of our own. There was a risk though. Suspicion could have shifted to someone else who voted on Hymnyes. After all, Ellarel only voted on Hymnyes in self-defense at the last second. If there was a Ghostblood among those voting for Hymnyes, that could prove disastrous. My theory is that the Ghostbloods were trying to avoid that outcome. By eliminating Ellarel, they shifted blame away from the people voting on Hymnyes. That is where I would concentrate my investigation on."
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