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  2. That's true. I definitely take a lot of the terms too literally and forget to frame them in the context of Roshar instead of Earth
  3. Would that even count as assonance though? Doesn't assonance, by definition, require the same vowel sound, with a consonant change?
  4. This quote (WoR I-3): Well, Wiktionary defines tent as: So, a pavilion should count (as you mentioned gazebo above) - or - anything portable using poles as a structure. Like that last picture, probably. Also consider that's a modern Earth definition, so I wouldn't put stock in the materials (cloth or skins) since interwoven rushes (as pictured) would likely count (especially when you consider this is "translated" for the reader using closest terminology - not exact terms (since not all birds are chickens, for example). I think anything inspired by the native structures from a similar geographic type (Indian Ocean, Polynesian, South Pacific, etc) would be suitable. Just find some good inspiration
  5. Also, go get your name sent on a trip to another world.

    Do this every time you have a chance.

    Litter the universe with copies of your name.

    I can proudly say that my name has gone around the Moon.


    if you do this,

    you can proudly say that your name has gone around the moon of another planet.

  6. Bonus points if you know the significance of these numbers.


    Put your answer in spoilers.


    1. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist

      I wish I knew.


      Can you tell me in spoilers?


  7. The elevator continued on its path upwards for several more minutes, and the Earth continued to curve below, revealing it's beauty as the structure moved higher and higher up the beanstalk. Eventually, the view of the Earth below was swallowed up by metal again as the elevator reached the top of the beanstalk. The viewing windows were obscured. The elevator came to a halt, and after a short wait, aides began leading the passengers off the elevator. They were led from the corridors of the Beanstalk complex out into the open city. Pacific Peak, as the city had come to be known, stood at the top of the Pacific Beanstalk, opposite to Seaport. The city was contained within a circular area where the Beanstalk met the Orbital Ring. It extended for many miles in every direction, with the Beanstalk's apex in the very center. Spread out from the Beanstalk complex was an array of buildings, parks, businesses, and homes, all arrayed in a utilitarian pattern. Hovercraft flew in their designated zones above automated cars that did the same. Greenery was common; trees lined the sides of many roads and filled the yards of many homes. There were even a few small lakes and ponds in the outer portions of the city, and a few wisps of clouds hung below the huge glass dome that encompased the entire thing, miles from the "ground". On opposite sides of the circular city were huge gates that led to the ring segments on either side. The colonists were led to a series of large public transportation hovercraft. The bus-like machines used powerful propellers to fly through the air. "This will take you to the spaceport," one aide explained. "There you'll board the shuttle that will take you to the Hawai'iloa."
  8. Thank you for the welcome and the interface guide! I also imagined them that way but its mentioned in WoR in Rysn's interlude that the reshi were resting by their tents in the forest on the way up the greatshell. I could be too strict with my interpretation of tent though as wikipedia recogonizes gazebos as a type of tent. Also I have had trouble replying because the site won't let me post links as I'm a new member even if they are links I'm quoting but it was nice of you to give the response you did so I wanted to thank you for that at least.
  9. its been a long day..

    i’m in a bit of a mood rn, remembering a lot of past traumas, not of my own free will

    could i get some kind comments please?

    and also..

    why can’t i cry? why do i always have to smile why can’t i just break for a bit sometimes you know? i can’t cry my body won’t let me but i want to cry so so bad

    1. The Bookwyrm

      The Bookwyrm

      Life is hard sometimes. It's a fact of the universe. Doesn't mean it's pleasant, and it doesn't justify anything anyone does to anyone else.

      But there's always light ahead. Sometimes it's hard to see, but if you take a close look at the world around you you'll see great beauty and peace amongst the ugliness and turmoil. Both the natural beauty of things, and the beauty that people can bring to the world.

      There are people who love you. And people who are thankful for who you are and what you do. And even when that's hard to see, it's still true.

    2. The Wandering Wizard

      The Wandering Wizard

      I get the thing about crying. Many times I feel I should have been able to cry and that I should have in that moment but I just didn't.

      You are wonderful, brother. And I'm thankful for what you have done for me and for others. And for what you continue to do for us. Thank you for caring and for listening to our troubles, brother <3

    3. The Aspiring Archivist
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  11. it’s cold tonight..

    thoughts of you warm me up,

    but your arms around me would make me warmer.

  12. Welcome to the Forums. In case you are not familiar with some of the tools on this kind of interface (spoilered to skip if you already are familiar): Purelakers probably are similar to Pacific Islander stilt houses (which may also be used on the lower regions of he greatshell, where flooding is an issue): For more inland, I would imagine a similar inspiration, something like these (melanisia/south pacific huts) Hope that helps.
  13. New to this forum, working on a painting for one of my classes of Relu-Na and Rysn. I want to show people living on the island and their communities but I can't decide what type tents they'd live in. How do you guys imagine them?
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  15. “Basically, yes. My body was destroyed and my powers sealed, but my soul managed to endure.”
  16. okay this is a three-in-one post:

    first: me in a cardigan. also take note of my hairstyle, which is my normal hairstyle.


    second/third: me after swimming. see the fun new different hair style that i was actually digging.



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    2. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist

      Microsoft photos wants me to get some sort of extension to see the pictures

    3. CalanoCorvus


      why are you using microsoft photos :skull:

      (on a completely unrelated note i wish the shard let you use emojis)

    4. The Aspiring Archivist

      The Aspiring Archivist

      I don't know what else to use

  17. The brave adventurer is intrigued. “Yes please. Been a while since I’ve learned a new magic system.”
  18. You could get it roughly circular, and orbit isn’t really anything other than falling in such a way that you miss whatever you’re circling anyways.
  19. "Right. And you thought I was Daran for a second when you were coming to from... whatever that was?" He frowned.
  20. “They… they were my mate. We took a job stealing a firestone from the Mage’s Guild. The job, ah, went awry. He was cursed by a mindmage and…”
  21. poll

    I just never came up with anything that seems really suitable. It's not something I ever really thought about, honestly. If I did have a profile picture it'd probably be one of the Stormlight-relevant gems, probably emerald since Truthwatcher is the order I'm closest to.
  22. "Who is Daran?"
  23. “Oh. Yeah.”


    1. Argenti


      it appears its also a thirst trap

  25. "Hey! Allera!" Variance pulled their wandering mind back to reality.
  26. So this is something that I have wondered recently, as I’ve been more active on the Shard. There’s quite a few here who change their profiles a lot, and quite a few others who just have one profile picture that they keep through the ages. There’s also the thing of changing profile picture for special events, such as the recent green pfps for stress awareness. This post will serve two purposes: one, to gather data on Sharders’ profile shifting habits (anonymously), and two, to ask a few more in-depth questions. One habit that I have found myself in is associating the Sharder with their profile picture. Now, this isn’t that surprising of a thing, but where it goes sideways is when communicating with Sharders that have the base picture. While it can just be someone that is literally a blank slate, as in a 12 post newbie on the Shard, it could also be someone like @cometaryorbit or @therunner, who are certainly not a blank slate in influence and reputation on the Shard. Is this a common experience? And for those that have a profile picture, what does it mean to you?
  27. No you don't. That doesn't work. The pulling is happening in a straight line between your center of self and the pulled object, rotating the center of self doesn't change the direction of the pull, it changes nothing. It still pulls the object to the same point in your body. Just like the rotation of the Earth doesn't change the point to which a satellite is attracted gravitationally. Even if your center of self is making circles inside your body, it is still pulling the object straight towards it. You won't ever create a vector that would point outside of your body with this method. no matter where you place your center of self. You won't create a side force constantly acting on the object by changing where your center of self is located. Yyyy, rail gun? Maybe. But why? Yes, by moving in circles and pulling in the right moment it could work. But that isn't really an orbit.
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