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  2. it depends on what kind of salad: lettuce: good, don't like much else in it though, not much of a lettuce-and-fruit guy, Caesar is my favorite. fruit salad is good I don't much like other kinds
  3. Same. I've always mourned Ambition for the fun that Shard would have brought to the Cosmere. Also, I agree with RShara that it's probably Rayse doing his thing. He did specifically seek to become Odium, so he probably had an idea of this plan from the beginning.
  4. It’s hard not to stare as I enter the hallway, peering at the monsters through their cages and the massive glass wall that separates us. Fairy tales. The topic is a memory from our conversation on the upper floor. Fairy tales. I knew they had to fit in this somehow. And surgery - how could I not put two and two together? I watch the creature with a lion head and a scorpion’s tail, and I vaguely remember some children’s story with a beast of a similar description. One by one I stare at the beats, each seeming to be a marvel of surgical skill. “I have one question, Raphael,” I say, ideas forming and combining with other thoughts as I grasp this truly new piece of information. He makes myths. Takes animals and melds them together to make creatures spoken about in fairy tales. He’s no mobster, I realise, the hypothesis now coming to a certainty. He works alone, in secret. And now he’s let me into to the fray. Taron said I was the first one to come here. “You said you thought fairy tales had an element of truth in them,” I say, but don’t keep my glance off of the creatures. The doctors where I come from can cure some sicknesses, can mend a wound and leave a scar if it’s surgery, but that’s the extent of their abilities. I feel like I’ve been trying to see beneath Raphael’s surface, and now I’ve just discovered the first layer. “But here, you’re creating the fairy tails. Which means the fairy tales are lies. And you’re making them into truths.” But there’s something more, isn’t there? I can tell it from the secrecy, from the fact that Raphael’s actions imply more than even mixing animals together. They imply danger, serious crime. I can tell it from the heavier door at the end of the hallway. My eyes dance off of the glass and burning tin only slightly I spot him observing me secretly. He’s cautious. It’s remarkable. He’s creating new animals. But such dedication, and yet I see no humans. Surely after whatever he did with himself, working on himself, he never thought to practise on other humans? Deliberately I move my eyes away from the cages and towards the heavier door. @Sorana
  5. I recently got The Way of Kings audiobook and it’s great!!! Although I’ve been pronouncing almost everything incorrectly
  6. Happy birthday Zinc!!!

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      Zinc birthday happy!!! 

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      A truely Vorin well wishing.

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  8. I think that's more Rayse, the Vessel than Odium. It is really a shame that Ambition's dead though. Of all the Splintered Shards, this is the one whose Intent sounds the most intriguing and whose background I'd have loved to have dug in to.
  9. Ben awoke to the sound of his phone dinging. Odd. It didn’t sound like his usual alarm. He sat up and rubbed bleary eyes, retrieving his phone from the nightstand. He had a few new messages. Why were people texting him so early in the morning? It was just then that he noticed the time. With a groan, he realized that he was late. Really, really late. School had already ended. He flopped backwards onto his bed, deciding that he would just have Doc call him in as sick. It wasn’t a complete lie- he had felt awful yesterday, and had probably really needed that sleep. Lifting up his phone, he checked his messages. There were a few from Shana from earlier in the day. He responded with a short message. His morning- well, afternoon brain wasn’t too great at thinking about anything too complicated. Which included just about everything. I love you too. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, I just woke up. Thanks for tidying up, although you don’t need to do that if you don’t want to. He hit send and checked the group chat. Reading the newest message there snapped him fully alert. They were going, just the four of them, to a suspicious address? They could be wandering into a voidbringer base filled with enemies! Without him there to heal him, they could get seriously hurt. I’m on my way. That was all he sent- he needed to get there as quickly as possible. Standing up quickly and noting the wooziness that accompanied that (perhaps he wasn’t completely better yet), he hastily changed into a t-shirt and jeans. Hurrying downstairs, he snatched a large pouch of infused gemstones off the kitchen counter and made his way over to the garage. He tossed the bag into the passenger seat of his old VW Beetle and started the car. Carefully easing the car out into the street, he drove towards the address at the exact speed limit (he was in a hurry but not that much of a hurry). @Wyndlerunner @Sorana @Ookla the Maybe-Existent @Eluvianii
  10. Does anyone know the most likely location for the Midwest signing? It’s gotta be the one near Chicago, right?
  11. What do you mean? I'll also swap out the pewter feruchemy for duralumin feruchemy, so: -Inkspren -F-duralumin -F-nicrosil
  12. Here's to hoping he can finish before his Q&A tomorrow!
  13. She sighed, nodding and following him. "Fine... very well..." She huffed, grimacing and following him, honestly more annoyed than frightened. Not much frightened her honestly. Especially not people. She could understand people. Even if they made no sense, were infuriating, made choices that basked her, and were impossible to predict sometimes. She'd seen enough in her life to simply not care. Especially that last war... after that, what was there to honestly be worried alot from someone as unimpressive as an interstellar army that traveled through the universe through sheer force of knowledge, wil, and the application of knowledge to bend reality to their will? It eased no different from everyone else she'd seen. She was weak, and she knew it. So, since almost everyone was stronger than her, she'd become desensitized to things like fear when in the presence of those that could kill her easily. After all, they usually head more reasons not to hurt her than they did otherwise. Add looping as it remained that easy, why bother writing over something completely out of her control? Instead she focused on what she could do. Mainly, her own actions and her own class. The children especially. (@Grey Knight)
  14. Hatred can be hot or cold. It can be calculating and patient and careful. Odium's a tactician, not just a hot-headed warrior.
  15. What is your opinion on salad? (The food, not me ).
  16. If you haven't already, you could post it on the memes thread .
  17. Furious
  18. They’re character points. You gain character points for certain skills and Investiture and lose them for weaknesses. We use them to score characters to make sure no one is too overpowered. You can find the scoring index here. The process goes that someone from the Alleyverse mod-team (such as me ) scores the character and approves it if everything is dandy, or suggests ways to change it if it is above score limits or whether parts of it are missing (like weaknesses). Scoring can be done by anyone, though. Then, it gets added to the big list at the beginning of this thread). Now, let’s see your character. Steel Feruchemy - 50 Tin Allomancy - 35 I feel like the strengths and weaknesses of tin-savantism cancel each other out. Total: 85 points (the limit is 150 so you’re good). Character approved
  19. Well, not literally anyone Brandon has said we'd seen the Ones Above before and they're from a Shardworld we'd seen
  20. That does match with other Cognitive entities we know
  21. "You will find that hate can unify people more quickly and more fervently than devotion ever could." Devotion is dead, Odium reigns
  22. Name: Sycra Investiture: F-Steel, A-Tin, Tin savant Weakness: Is a Tin savant, and needs to constantly be burning tin to stay alive. Special skills and Weapons: 4 obsidian daggers, Steel-mind piercing upper arm and wrapping around it, 5 vials of Tin. Physical characteristics: Male, Skaa, black hair, brown eyes, medium build, common clothing. Age: 17 Family: Grandfather- Steelrunner Mother- Tineye, Father- Died when Sycra was 2 Home: Scadrial. History/Biography: Snapped at age 7 after seeing his mother killed in front of him, is driven to find out who killed her and to get revenge. Has been tracking down this man since. The man is very illusive, Sycra thinks that he has some sort of investiture, possibly the surge of transportation. Has not yet found the man. Also, What are the numbers that people put by some of the things?
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  24. granted it causes you to need to use the lavatory at those times
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