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  2. Quadruple countered.
  3. I like the idea of the Shards each having a complementary Shard. I do think your pairing is a bit off though. Preservation and Ruin being opposites is cannon so no need to delve deeper there. Devotion and Odium seem like the next logical set. Their names are literally Love and Hate so I don't think there is much more to say. I will add that there is a WoB out there (I couldn't find it) that says Odium tried to hunt down Aona and Skai first but failed and so went after Ambition next. Ambition is an obvious choice in terms of kill order as it seems like the Shard most likely to try something like powering up by absorbing other Shards, but why Devotion first? In my opinion he made the choice because, as his opposite, Devotion posed the biggest threat to him personally. Honor and Ambition. This is where it gets a little fuzzy. I think these two are paired (not opposites) because they represent two sides of the same idea, Serving. Honor is about serving something external. Adhering to a code or swearing an oath, that sort of thing. Ambition is about self service and achieving your own ends. Neither is pure good or evil. You can swear an oath do do something stupid or evil, and your ambitions can further a good cause. It's a bit loose but it's my opinion on the matter. Dominion and Autonomy. I don't personally buy into the idea that Dominion is about domination, I think it is more about rulership and domain. The best pieces of evidence I have for this are the location reliance of Sel's magic systems and Raoden. Raoden is more Connected to the Dor than any of the other Elantrians. I think this is because he embodies the Shards better than any of the others. He is a man who took rulership (Dominion) over his people because he loved (Devotion) them. I would consider Dominion to be the Shard of kings, be they cruel tyrants or benevolent stewards. Autonomy, as the name implies, is about self reliance and independence. I would call it the shard of rebels. These could be heroes or they could be terrorists (I think of Kelsier when I think of this Shard). These two things aren't opposites, but they are two sides of a spectrum. I don't think we have met Cultivation's complement yet. I've tried to think about what that would look like and this is my line of thinking. Cultivation is about change. The opposite of that would be no change, but that's preservation. So I tried to think about what it means to cultivate something. Lets say you find some flowers growing in your lawn and decide to cultivate them. This would mean cleaning out weeds, adding fertilizer, watering, maybe putting up a fence to keep animals out or building a path or boxes around them. So cultivation isn't just change, it's change with a purpose or direction. The counter to that while still staying in the theme of change would be undirected or disordered change. This leads me to think that Cultivation's complement would be something like Chaos. Now chaos has a very evil sound to it (flash to the Joker's monologue to Harvey Dent in the Dark Knight), but it's not that kind of chaos. It's more like the randomness of nature. A butterfly flaps its wings and there's a hurricane. You guys get the picture. Long story short, Cultivation and Chaos. I don't think we have met Endowment's complement either. Given the nature of the only magic system we have seen from Endowment, I would say that it is all about the bestowal of power onto others. The other side of the spectrum from that would be taking power from others. I imagine something that leeches power from other is a sort of vampiric way. The best name that I could come up with for this Shard is Assimilation (inb4 Borg Shard). I have a personal theory that you could set all of the Shards on a wheel with their complements on the opposite side and put them in order. It would be in a sort of dark to light setup with Preservation at the north pole and Ruin at the south. You could then place Shards to either side of them (I would put Odium and Ambition one either side or Ruin) and then work your way towards the equator with gradually more neutral Shards. Other hypothetical Shards that I think could exist: Logic and Madness. I think these two would sit next to Cultivation and Chaos on my proposed Shard Wheel.
  4. Triple countered!!!!
  5. Listen up you two. I'm famous for my political correctness, and those dinosaurs are not undead, they are reanimated! Get your terminology straight! EDIT:
  6. Releaser
  7. Don't forget number 14.
  8. probably the best guild in the alleyverse

    I, Hashsaran, swear upon my life that I will serve all superiors in the aims of the Diagramists. I will, above all, serve The Most Brilliant, and defend him from all harm. I will not harm, and will take extreme measures to defend, any and all of my superiors within this guild. I will in all things obey any and all superiors, unless given the order to harm myself. I will willingly put myself in peril to obey The Most Brilliant. I will not willingly seek harm or death while in service of this guild. I will not betray secrets of this guild upon pain of death. Above all, superseding any previous clause, I will obey the diagram, and seek to serve it in all things. This I swear, Hasharan
  10. Truthwatcher
  11. HOP!
  12. I didn't know your were taking a class in Rosharan history, Dolphin!
  13. And Hoid was sad as that South Park reference went whoosh!
  14. We might have the DA open up safe areas inside of the alleys, allowing normal people to use alleytravel to get between cities (not actually confirmed yet).
  15. HIP
  16. probably the best guild in the alleyverse

    Ah. I must say, the GBs have a similar moral code. If someone betrays us, we don't kick them out. We kill them instead.
  17. When you think you read the word “lighteyes” during a history test.
  18. And some other famous people! Yeah, we're rich!
  19. Nah. Really, I'm not. I'm ingenious, actually. That's the opposite of genius, right?
  20. Oh. Well, they never said I was known for my originality.
  21. A second Kandra has entered the fray! We have quite the epidemic.
  22. Here here! 3 cheers for Archer!
  23. Are we still going to have teleportation stations?
  24. January 22 is forever Archer appreciation day. I like it.
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