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  2. none of us question that
  3. “Wow,” Marea said. “You just go around telling people that? Humans on Earth are different. Here we usually like to keep that sort of thing under the Mist.”
  4. I like how the bottom sign has the word idiot added to it.
  5. Me: *sees the nonuple post* KILL IT! KILL IT!!! 1025
  6. No I love Emi the most fight me
  7. I have a game idea... It's for Mistborn Era 2. Does this seem like a functional game?
  8. This has been fixed. Sorry about that. To anyone else, please let us know if you find anything else wrong with/missing from the spreadsheet.
  9. Two things.




    It's been four years from today since I bought and started reading my first Brandon Sanderson book.

    That book changed my life.

    I'll write more about that next month.

    Anyways, it was a $10 copy of tWoK from a B&N in Salt Lake City. I still have it and the receipt. (Don't ask why I didn't mean to keep it and now I can't bring myself to throw it away.)


    Both of those things are things.

    Happy bread anniversary!

    1. Doomstick


      eyyyyy tWoK first buddies! I got it ~3.5 months after you!

  10. @Random Bystander @Channelknight Fadran
  11. Sighing, Talnic sheathed his sword. "I don't recognize it. But there are others around here that probably would."
  12. Just noticed, my spot on the LG list is missing. I checked and it should be between Illwei and Lotus.
  13. Today
  14. Finished Ruins. It was good - not my favorite, but good. I also read A Farewell to Arms, mostly on a whim, and it was an interesting book. Unfortunately, I don't have any stronger feelings on it. I also finished Strike, and it is one good book. The ending literally gave me end of LOTR/HOA emotions.
  15. No! Famous is hor
  16. Mallory landed on her feet, despite the fact that she had been flailing around. "WHAT THE &[email protected]! WAS THAT?!?!" She yelled.
  17. Now that is very interesting.... And according to Wiktionary, it was borrowed into English as the last name.... Mishra. Hm. Well then apparently I did see this before and just forgot that part, my bad, lol That is.... very very interesting. Great catch! Edit: @mdross81 Brandon's confirmed that some Alethi names are based on Sanskrit, and it's usually intended to indicate a connection to the Dawnchant. The plot thickens....
  18. Despite this very intriguing event, none of the party see it- given that they are current entombed in the earth. Before anyone has time to do any more than a little suffocating, the ground around them vanishes, leaving them in an underground pocket of air.
  19. I don’t think it should be a problem if we wait a bit to post signups. Both because it’ll give me a chance to get most of my finals out of the way before it starts and because it’s probably a bad idea to have two game signups happening at the same time.
  20. Do you ever just get like, really really sad for literally no reason at all? It’s literally my storming birthday, why am I sad? I’ve had a great day, there is nothing at all to be sad about. It’s like, one second you’re having a great day, and then boom, suddenly smothered in a blanket of melancholy.

    idk maybe I’m just hungry

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    2. Shard of Thought

      Shard of Thought

      You are not alone in having feelings like that. I could go into WAY more detail, but TMI. :ph34r: Anyway, yeah, I know food helps ME a lot. You have a great evening, my boy. 

    3. Dannex


      Alright, I feel better now, thanks guys. ^_^

      Man, why does my brain just gotta do me like that.

      ”oh, you were having a good day? That’s illegal, here’s one hour of random sadness.”


    4. Spren of Kindness

      Spren of Kindness

      Oh man, I get that occasionally, it sucks.  For whatever reason baking helps.

  21. "I have to assassinate the governor."
  22. Hold still! Alex grabbed her arm and squeezed it. Hold. Perfectly. Still.
  23. That sounds fine to me. Though I definitely am playing both games anyway.
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