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  2. The spiritual is not eternal or immutable or perfect. At least not in the ways we typically use those words. Age is not only a part of your spiritweb, but because of that, age related illnesses also persist. But it is Spiritual. Spoilered for length
  3. I don't think you're using the common definition of Shin. I don't think that it's accurate to call all Rosharans (except for the Irali) Shin, just because they came from Ashyn. While the Shin are pacifists now, they weren't always. We know that there was a Shin Invasion that took place at some point.
  4. I would like to sign up as Lord Flamingo.
  5. I'm confused... Is there some dress-up holiday in February that I'm unaware of? More importantly, do I get an excuse to dress up again in February?
  7. Hello and Welcome
  8. @Ashspren yeah I’m sure. Congrats to @hoiditthroughthegrapevine! You deserve it! And now, if there is space in tournament 4, then I’ll be signing up as Rock. I am thinking it is time to show you airsick lowlanders how it’s done!
  9. Hello and Welcome
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  11. All the humans (except Iriali) were Shin, so the Shin were part of it one way or another. But, the Shin (who look like Shin) are extreme pacifists, warriors are the worst thing you can be in their social structure. Giving someone a weapon and sending them out to be an assassin is the worst punishment in their society. I think the ones we see in the present got this idea from the ones who stayed behind in Shinovar. With the Girl Who Looked Up story it seems they were told not to go past the mountains onto the stone and to stay where there is soil (in Shinovar). Some held to that and are the ancestors of the ones still in Shinovar. Maybe the truthless punishment is a hint at large scale things. Some groups of Shin flirted with exploring past Shinovar and were exiled for it. They were banished and went into the stone lands and conquered. That doesn't mean no light skinned big eyed Shin were part of the groups that went out and made war, but they couldn't have been the majority.
  12. The lead dog was named, Balto. They had a jolly time romping about with the sled and snow. Uncle Brandy was not having a good time as he forgot his brandy and jacket.
  13. Now that the war has started, I feel like we need a timer for the Alleystorm, because that will be pretty instrumental to it. Does anyone know what that one program the SE people use for cycles is? That has a timer?
  14. "Nice try, little pup, I'm a Windrunner like Hobber. You're so screwed up, All you can do is slobber." OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  15. Welcome! I am interested in seeing that list!
  16. I'm sort of active right now. I agree with Navani's suspicion of Tearim. I was, apparently, attacked last night.
  17. Uncle brandy started riding the dogsled with the dogs pulling
  18. "Hellbent." Ambrosia walked into the hospital. "I don't plan on making this a war camp, I just wanted to make sure people could come here to be treated."
  19. School is picking up, but I do it in school, so... I'll take TenSoon.
  20. Okay, so I’ve taken Liss’ list and modified it so we can just see who remains real quick and maybe use some POE. It may seem too quick but I’m going to say the Heralds aren’t the murderers. Kelek seems like he’s spending most of his time trying to protect, Ash has been too inactive, and Beggar His Excellency Jezrien, well, I don’t really have a case for him, but I doubt he’s either the Parshendi-Peccant or the Kholin-Killer (yes I made names for them). As for killing the Heralds stopping the Desolation, it has to be said the Heralds/Oathpact only stopped the Desolations from starting (unless one of them gave in). When the Desolations had already started, killing the Heralds would not do anything. I don’t think it will do anything here either. I’m also eliminating Liss, Wit and myself. Myself because I’m myself, Liss because she seems to have a good alibi where she’s been these few cycles, she seems innocent and I can’t see why she’d want to kill either Parshendi or Kholins, and Wit because he genuinely seems like he has a neutral rolw this whole game (helping others achieve wincons) and I don’t see why he’d suddenly change to a genocidal maniac. Is Klade even active? I don’t think so, and even if he was, I don’t think he would be traitorous enough to kill his own people. As for killing the Kholins, I think he’d be too inactive to do so. As for killing Parshendi to stop the Desolation, it could be a possibility, I don’t know. If we want to find out, all we have to is not protect Klade and hope our Parshendi-Peccant gets him to test our theories Current List: 1.Tearim 2. Ialai 3. Jasnah 4. Ivory 5. Adolin Taking away Adolin, Jasnah and Ivory. Ivory has no reason to kill the Parsh or the Kholins, and I don’t think killing him will do any bad for the Desolation, either. Remember, he’s not a corrupted spren. He’s a Radiant Spren, but not corrupted. Adolin for the most part seems to be backed up by a lot of people, has no reason to attack Kholins, maybe Parshendi but people backing him up negates my suspicions. Jasnah is mainly for the same reasons. List: 1. Tearim 2. Ialai I would normally say it’s Ialai. At the beginning of the game she had a wincon to lead a lynch against a Kholins, who’s to say she doesn’t have a more deadly anti-Kholin wincon now. But I remembered she’s been having her 4 Cooperation wincon to deal with now so there would be no time for her to kill. I’ll still leave this discussion on her, though. And here’s where my suspicions begin to surface. Tearim’s connected to the SoH, he says the wincon’s null now, but we only have his word on it. Even then, his security-themed wincons could have something to do with killing the Parahendi, seeing as though as soon as they enter all hell breaks loose. I think it’s Tearim who’s to blame here, by POE.
  21. game

    B4 is the middle of the left-most column. The third on the top (what @Inklingspren was referring to) is D2. The numbers denote the rows; the letters denote the columns.
  22. Does this still exist?
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