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  2. I’ve got no clue at this point
  3. Jacob tsked once and followed Jaywalk. If he was teaching Narration, he had better be supervised.
  4. Am I what? Posting too much? Making too many puns? Probably. (I think Lunamor was questioning whether or not you were sure if I was sure that I was winning, which I am, as of right now.)
  5. Ahhh... I see. You're a disbeliever. There is much to learn then. You see, puns are the most humorous of all of the jokes for a few reasons. No other kind of humor possesses the level of intelligence that a pun has. When one makes a pun, they use their knowledge on various topic to typically replace one word in a sentence with a similar kind of word that fits within a kind of theme, perhaps of the conversation or perhaps just the sentence. Of course, this is only one kind of pun. All puns make a play on words, and allow for one's wit to shine through a hidden message that only the intelligent will understand.
  6. “You don’t know who I am?” Rose asked.
  7. "You can call me Sophie- Wait a second. How do you know me?"
  8. I’m not sure that’s what Luna meant. Are you?
  9. Jaywalk shrugged. “We’ll see about that.” The three of them faded into the void. ”Aunt SoT?” a girl’s voice asked. “Where is he taking my brother?”
  10. SoT shrugged. "Puns just aren't that important. Impuntant?" She giggled.
  11. About me winning!
  12. But could you teach him how to be punny? a voice asked in SoT's head.
  13. SoT popped back into existence. "Okay, I'm back. Sorry, my friend can be a bit inconsistent at times. And Jay, I am insulted by how little faith you have in me! I could teach him plenty!"
  14. Am I sure about what?
  15. Granite let go. “Thanks, Luna.” He walked away to Jaywalk and Max. Jaywalk pushed the terrible force of puns from his mind. “Remind me to ban puns from the void.”
  16. “Aaaaaany time now, Granite.”
  17. Are you sure about that?
  18. Are you sure about that?
  19. *wins*
  20. Cassie looked uneasily at Shana. “No.”
  21. Suddenly, both Granite and Rose were killed by the power of puns because they were still just characters and not narrators Teach them about puns!!! a voice suddenly spoke into Jaywalk's mind.
  22. When you’re having Shardcast withdrawals after the bi-weekly change.
  23. “Come, Granite,” Jaywalk said. “We can train you to a higher potential than your aunt could ever do.” ”What about Rose?” ”Rose?” ”My sister.” ”Ah. Well, I’m sure she could join us too,” Jaywalk lied.
  24. SoT cocked her head. "Xinoehp... what do you miss most? About the plot."
  25. Xinoehp shook his head. "No, I'll... I'll be fine. It's over now."
  26. SoT smiled empathetically. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
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