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  2. No all that quote says for certain is that kelsier has his bones. Everthing else is speculation.
  3. Indeed I personally believe that each order generally comes with four manifestations of Investiture, Surge 1, Surge 2, Surge hybrid and Resonance. The hybrid and Resonance seem to be two sides of the same thing, the Resonance being a more passive outgrowth (Windrunners make people gravitate towards them and adhere to them, Lightweavers can make a "cast" of an impression) that falls more along Cognitive/Spirutal/thematic lines. The hybrid Surge seems to more directly be an outgrowth of mixing the active powers, the Reverse Lashing seems to stick a gravitational pull to something, Adhesion of Gravitation, if you will. I will note that we don't know enough to establish if there's a pattern here, or even to say if the best understood hybrid Surge is Adhesion applied to Gravitation, Gravitation applied to Adhesion, or an even mix. As stated above, I do think all Radiants get it. That aside, Division and Gravitation, hmm... If my guess is correct then the pattern should be that Surge 2 gets used "through" Surge 1 (Gravitation being Adhered to something as our clearest example). If this is correct the Skybreaker hybrid should be Division filtered through Gravitation. One possibility I see is the possibility of creating a more directional Division, something like "only burn north" or "burn to this point but no further" or possibly allowing you to specify a target, creating homing attacks. (Incidentally, this frames Renarin's stained glass as Progression of Illumination) Interestingly I'd think that Adhesion is actually the best bet for implosion, being the Surge of Pressure and Vacuum and all. Jasnah's ranged Soulcasting might come from there, imo. Why thank you. I do wish that I'd been able to articulate it better, but I suppose I got my point across. That is an entirely fair take, good observation. If we start with the idea that she is, essentially, a creationspren, I think we can unravel some stuff. Creationspren are known to be drawn to artistic creation, seeming to not have a set shape, but shift in mimicry of objects around them. Re-Shephir applies this same mimicry to acts of violence/killing, but far more so, she copies not only the appearnace but the whole "art piece." Given how Sja-anat claims that they were made, then Unmade, an act we can infer stripped their memories from her reflection on what it would mean for her to be Unmade again, I don't find it hard to believe that the Unmade may once have been either cousinspren or True spren, twisted and inflated by Odium (or made in the same mould as those spren). In Re-Shephir's case leaving behind a very twisted (or damaged) version of that nature once Unmade. Yeah, that. Well put. A thousand times yes! Something novel is more interesting than a retread! That is still a great observation. Hmm, I can see that, it'd be hard to push people where you want them if you don't understand what drives them. Indeed. And I think that neurotically controlling isn't an unreasonable development. I've seen the "twisted windspren" angle before, though I'm not entirely convinced. I can definitely see this being the case, but we lose Mishram again that way. Hmm. Part of the problem is that we can't lock down enough of them yet. Huh, I don't think I've ever seen an attempt to match them to the divine attributes before, neato. I'd argue that the Thrill actually doesn't make you brave, being closer to the subversion/twisting of the attributes proposed for most of the others. Bravery is overcoming fear, the Thrill rather makes you fearless, IMO. It ends up subverting both Brave and Obedient, in the throes of the Thrill you can be neither. Upon further consideration I do think that you might be onto something with this, what with: Bolding mine. The Heralds' duties (which are presumably linked to their associated attributes somehow) are relevant to a method for trapping Unmade. It's not much of a stretch to assume that they are somehow relevant to the natures of the Unmade, or possibly even spren in general, then. Hmm, I'm not super sure on this one, both because I'm biased towards my own idea that she lines up with Elsecaller and because it breaks from the framework of a twisted or wrong version of the attributes. Though I suppose the idea that it has to be a twisted expression might just be what I read into it. In any case, even if what she does can be considered healing, she practices said healing like a mad doctor, basically performing surgeries unasked for on the local wildlife. I think the connection to learned and giving is a stretch, it feels too general to be true. No matter what powers were granted it could be phrased as "allowing one to learn [something stemming from the ability] and giving them the ability to do so." I do however agree entirely with the placement. I'd say that if one wished to find a corruption of learned and giving it's rather in how the ability to see the future seems to manifest both in Enlightened Truthwatchers and Moelach's subjects. It twists learned by just granting information, not context, simply seeing a scene without learning anything tangible. Think of it like a game or movie showing flashes of future scenes out of context, you don't actually learn much even though you've been presented with information. As for giving, both Renarin and Rlain see visions that seemingly come from outside through no prompting of theirs and the Death Rattles are also thrust upon people, with only one person known to have been lucid enough to refuse to speak of the vision he had. It's not a gift as much as an obligation, something thrust upon you. Not only that, but she imitates rather than create, from what we've seen so far. That seems to line up with my placement working from the Surges, not much to say there. For a long time that's exactly where I'd have placed Mishram myself, but as there's a WoB that there isn't a Bondsmith equivalent that seems far more tenuous, in addition to the discourse earlier in the thread. It probably bears to be pointed out, the Windrunner attributes are protecting and leading. If she indeed acted like a mini-Odium during the False Desolation she would probably line up more with leading than guiding. ¤_¤
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  5. nope! 1) This character does not like a main character and the main character in question returns their feelings 2) This character was used to manipulate a main character by someone else
  6. Thoughts: It may be beneficial for araris to claim the scan publicly so R-S doesn't duplicate the scan on the same player, but that could run into issues if there's rebel roleblockers. Ideally the Black Fisher can set up PMs for araris and R-S so they can coordinate privately, but that requires more role coordination than I think is feasible.
  7. The WoB says that Kelsier had his original body: his bones and that Ishar did not have this advantage. So, there is something different about Heraldic physiology.
  8. 1) This character does not like a main character and the main character in question returns their feelings
  9. Woops... sorry. Just always loved how much backstory he had and how insanely important he was without ever having the spotlight. And go ahead, take the next turn too. It's just fair, you gave me yours last evening.
  10. The Way of Kings - 9 Oathbringer - 10 Dawnshard - 6 Rhythm of War - 5 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 5 The Hero of Ages - 7 The Bands of Mourning - 10 Secret History - 7 Warbreaker - 9 The Emperor's Soul - 7 Sixth of the Dusk - 7 Hurt RoW, Heal Warbreaker.
  11. The thing is Nightblood doesn't seem to be her goal. Nightblood is just her only clue to finding Vasher, her actual target.
  12. There nothing in that quote about Heralds bodies.
  13. Knights radiance can't leave roshar either neither can fused both have regular human bodies. I don't think them been trapped on roshar has anything to do with their bodies.
  14. You could've at least pretended to– like guessed it after the second clue, or even just put a question mark after the name! my pride... /jk
  15. Aren't we assuming that he created this technology precisely because he had already become a feruchemist at that time? If not how do you explain that he used feruchemy of all things to save the Southerners? It looks to me that if you assume that the Savior had no feruchemy before he went south you will be open some huge logic conundrums.
  16. I highly doubt that. They can catch something. I would conclude that they already have the Investiture and that it comes from their star. They just don't know how to use it.
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  18. 1) This character was instrumental in a final confrontation
  19. The Rosharan system is pre-Shattering, created directly by Adonalsium (though parts may have been altered or added by the Shards). Odium arrived on Ashyn later on, after Honor and Cultivation's arrival on Roshar (he was busy ganking other Shards) and was instrumental in its cataclysm.
  20. Nightblood has also talked about Vivenna to Szeth, he mentioned that she did not draw him often but carried him for a "while". I think Taravangian would've thought of Nale as more than "a former bearer" and he is aware of who Nale was, iirc. I think it's more likely that Nightwatcher and/or Nale offered the sword to other people and it's one of them whom the Diagram interviewed
  21. Nope Not Lightsong Not Bluefingers Not Kabsal Not Paalm Not Nikli 1. This character pretended to be something they were not. 2. This character manipulates a PoV character. 3. This character questions other's religious choices. 4. This character had to flee from former allies. 5. This character is a Worldhopper
  22. I've had an idea for a fan-made shardworld called Nachi (and more specifically the behavior of magic on it) bouncing around in my head for a while, and having finally finished reading through all the Cosmere works, I think I've got a rough enough grasp of how investiture works to put it down on paper. Commentary and constructive criticism welcome. Though we haven't actually seen them yet in the books beyond a mention by Harmony, and as a result I can only make educated guesses about shardic Intent and the like, I decided that the shard investing Nachi would be Invention. Of all the shards, the idea of 'invention' really jumped out at me as matching the magic systems I was toying around with, and helped me finalize them further. The general idea is that, like on Sel, investiture on Nachi is shaped my physical forms, more specifically spirals and helixes, which act as a sort of net for loose investiture. This leads to two distinct magic systems and some change. And Some Change: General effects of spiral-concentrated investiture: The spiral patterns of clouds in motion has resulted in the weather on Nachi becoming invested, though the effect is far less pronounced than the Storms of Roshar. Likewise, lifeforms on Nachi are more invested and therefore slightly hardier than the Cosmere standard, on account of the double helix of their DNA acting like a sponge for investiture. Another interesting effect is that, perhaps subconsciously, much of the architecture and even city planning on Nachi tends towards the inclusion of spiral patterns. Think the minaret of the Great Mosque of Samarra. As a result, cities often attract a very faint fog of gaseous investiture after storms pass through. Magic System 1 - Snail Shells: Certain species of sea snails on Nachi have highly invested shells as a result of their spiral shapes. These invested shells act as a defense mechanism for the snails, since any animal that consumes and digests the shell will have their spiritweb heavily mutated, often with fatal results. These shells are often brightly colored to warn off predators. However, each type of these snails produces a distinct mutation and the extent of the mutations is determined in part by the amount of shell consumed, and so through careful experimentation, some of the peoples of Nachi have developed a kind of spritiual genetic engineering by carefully measuring and combining different kinds of powdered shells. The result is a wide variety of human offshoot species and specialized animals created by tinkering with spiritual DNA. Magic System 2 - Metal Coils: Coiled metal also attracts investiture on Nachi. When two metal coils are inserted one inside of the other and rotated, the interaction between them causes a field of effect. The size of the field is determined by the mass of the inner coil, and the intensity of the effect is determined by the speed of rotation. As a result, Nachins often use wind or water mills to turn massive coils and produce these effects over a wide area. The exact effects of the field is determined by the metals used for the coils. Much like in fabrials, the metals used have some rough parallels to those used in the Metallic Arts. The outer coil must be wound clockwise and be made of one of four "primer metals:" Steel, Brass, Nicrosil, or Bendalloy. The inner coil must be wound counter-clockwise and be made of either the same primer metal as the outer coil, or one of three other metals tied to it. The effects of various metal pairings are as follows: Primer: Steel Iron: Increases pull of Nachi's gravity within the field Steel: Decreases pull of Nachi's gravity within the field Tin: Decreases the strength and energy of living organisms within the field Pewter: Increases the strength and energy of living organisms within the field Primer: Brass Zinc: Enhances creativity within the field Brass: Dulls creativity within the field Copper: Enhances intelligence (particularly thinking speed and recall ability) within the field Bronze: Dulls intelligence within the field Primer: Nicrosil Duralumin: Enhances empathy within the field (in actuality, this effect is misidentified, and it strengthens Connection within the field) Aluminum: None, which is a source of constant befuddlement to Nachi scholars on account of it breaking the pattern. However, aluminum objects are unaffected by the interaction fields of metal coils Chromium: Drains investiture within the field (note that since most Nachins are used to being naturally extra invested, they'll feel sick as a side effect while in the field and for a time after leaving it) Nicrosil: Saturates the field with extra investiture Primer: Bendalloy Gold (Undiscovered Interaction): Pulls the Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual realms slightly closer together. The effect is weak, but it can have interesting effects on other magic systems. Electrum (Undiscovered interaction): Pushes the three realms slightly further apart. Cadmium: Slows time within the field. This is less efficient but covers a wider area than an allomancy bubble. Bendalloy: Speeds up time within the field. This is less efficient but covers a wider area than and allomancy bubble. In terms of god metals, Invention's metal acts as a primer for other god metals, and the various interactions cause a range of esoteric effects.
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