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Chapter 109



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 109 (Emulsifier)
Icons: Four with Ishar, Kelek, Jez, and Palah. Best guess with the title is that Rlain is going to help emulsify the Warlight, hence Ishar for Bondsmith. Kelek for Venli as willshaper, and Jez for Kaladin doing stuff. Not sure about Palah, though. 

Epigraph: This is getting tedious. Lots of little backhanded compliments for the slaves El wants to rule. Get to the point, please.

Leshwi is overjoyed at Venli’s radiance. The previous scene cut was a fakeout. 
Leshwi is asking after her honorspren friend? She’s humming to the old rhythms? I hope these are actual indicators of what is going to happen going forward, not death flags for a character we want to root for.

Leshwi can’t become a Radiant with her soul steeped in Odium’s power, but maybe others can, and she can support them. 

I love the affirmation Leshwi shows. Venli is still her Voice, and she is content to lead when Venli is conflicted. And what does she do? She leads her forces against the Pursuer’s.

Oh, the Sibling may not be entirely given over to the Rhythm of War. They hear it somewhere in the tower, but they aren’t producing it.

Oh, is the Rhythm of War coming from Venli? (And possibly Leshwi) That would make her the emulsifier, especially since we’ve already seen she can use both Stormlight and Voidlight.

Hm. From the vision it looks like Venli is indeed the emulsifier, but not the sole producer of the tone. She is bringing Leshwi and the humans together, binding the previously unmixable to work together as a single force.

Navani makes the same conclusion. Nice.

Moash is fighting Raboniel with his Blade, and he also has a dagger capable of killing fused. Is he going to take the blame for her permadeath? Will Navani be off the hook from Odium’s perspective and the Fused?

Rlain is coming, but he’s too far away, and too late. And Navani is not worthy. Blunt, and devastating, but honest.

Rlain is working to heal as a surgeon. Being a unifier as a bondsmith would be a great role for him, but maybe truthwatcher is in the cards instead, if the Sibling is out of reach?

Reminder of the sky burial customs of the listeners. I appreciate that Rlain wants to give Teft that honor, leaving the body unmolested. 

Lift isn’t healing. Did anyone try feeding the girl? 

That alliance with Leshwi didn’t last long. She doesn’t seem to think she’s in rebellion, just acting with more compassion and honor while she serves the cause of her people.

Rlain speaking with confidence, ordering Leshwi around, is gold. Telling her she absolutely committed treason here, so he needs to listen up, then placing himself and Venli as trustworthy listeners with experience in escaping Odium’s control, that’s brilliant. He doesn’t even know about Venli’s radiance yet.

Ah, there it is. And Rlain’s response? 


“Figures. Kelek’s breath…I wait years, then you of all people grab a spren first.”

Yes, that is definitely too much channeling of Teft, Rlain. You even swore like him.

Yes, let’s all go out in the highstorm carrying unconscious Radiants. There’s no way that could leave you vulnerable. At least it got people moving.

Venli is super impressed at Rlain ordering Leshwi around.

“Hi Venli, please summon your blade to work the oathgate.”
“What? I can’t do that.”
“Well, crem.”