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Chapter 108



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 108 (Moments)
Icons: Mirrored triad: Taln, Vev, with Jez doubled. Windrunner moments, plus endurance and healing?
Epigraph: Confused but brilliant? Sure, I’ll take that compliment, El.

On a tent in Amaram’s colors. Is this Tien, and he doesn’t recognize him? I am not sure how this vision will be helpful, Dalinar. 

Kaladin hasn’t learned that in living the vision he inhabits memories of the one he replaces. It took a while for Dalinar to learn to go with the flow on that. Kal is just being himself.

And suddenly Kal recognizes where and when this is. “Work with what you have.”

Oh, that’s why he didn’t see it at first. Tien came in later to protect these two. 
Aww, Tien recognizes him in the vision, somehow.


“Of course I was terrified. Doesn’t change that I needed to be here. For them.”

Kal and Tien are more alike than we’ve had a chance to see.

This is touching. I am frequently emotional in books, so this isn’t out of the norm by any stretch for me, but this little exchange is definitely making me tear up a bit. Well done Brandon/Tien.



“They all die….That means it doesn’t matter. None of it matters.”
“See, that’s the wrong way of looking at it. Since we all go to the same place in the end, the moments we spent with each other are the only things that do matter. The times we helped each other.”

“And if I fail again?”
“You can’t. So long as you understand.”


And Tien gives him a wooden carving to carry out of the vision to show it was real. 
Alright, Dalinar, I take it back. This was a good idea after all. (Though only because there was more to it than just watching Tien die again.)

He grasps Syl, somehow recognizing her from only a pinprick of light. 

Oh, the horse dissolved. Not sure how that will go over. 

He hears Tien and Teft’s voices egging him on to say his Fourth Oath. And more shockingly, the voice that says “These Words Are Accepted” isn’t the Stormfather’s. I want to say it’s Tien’s but they’ve already left the time-agnostic realm of the Spiritual, so it seems like Teft is the only one who could stick around long enough for it. I’m not sure, though, because Tien was definitely implied.

And all the windspren congregate from across the sky to (presumably) form his Plate.