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Chapter 100



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 100 (Watchers at the Rim)
Title: A repeat from previous books. While I recall the term and its meaning, I don’t remember at all what chapter previously bore this title so I don’t know if there’s any parallelism being set up. I assume not, and it’s just the conceptual callback.

Icons: Jez and Shash. Jez for windrunners, not sure about Shash

Epigraph: El refers to himself as a singer, so yes, Navani’s “no title” bit was definitely misdirection. 

Kal was woken by a distant song–the Sibling? The anti-Stormlight that was just created? Hard to say.

Sibling is talking to him, but isn’t doing well. Not sure why the Sibling is being weakened by this. I’d have expected more scattered thoughts, altered emotions, not frailty.

The Fused found the final node, and it’s in the same room where all the Radiants are being tended. This feels contrived. I’m all for confluent climaxes, but I’d have liked there to be a reason that the Radiants were placed in that particular room, so that’s it’s justified as a decision rather than just a coincidence.

Oh no. Kaladin doesn’t know what the Sibling meant when it asked him to send Rlain. I hope the delay from that misunderstanding isn’t too costly.

Dabbid brought them Bridge Four uniforms to wear. That’s unsubtle, but sure. Time to suit up for battle.

Rlain is not at his best, due to Venli’s confession. That could help open him for the bond, or hurt by distracting and discouraging him.

Hm. It makes sense to have Rlain and Dabbid hide, since they won’t be with the escaping party, but I was anticipating a larger breakout. This method trusts everyone to handle themselves and leaves fewer points of failure for getting some people out, but also leaves people to their own devices and the increased risk that entails.

I know it’s just a backup plan, but Teft’s willingness to jump off a cliff in the hopes that his powers return in time to survive is uncomfortably reminiscent of the Envisagers. I guess that’s the point, but yeah. Not something I want to see him try.

Teft made Kaladin swear to escape and not sacrifice himself. That’s going to make a big difference. He’s not going to risk another broken oath.