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Chapter 92



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 92 (A Gift)
Icon: Vev. Just Vev. Loving/Healing, presumably, and that’s something that Venli needs more of, so I’ll support this.

Epigraph: Why is Kelek explaining this to his would-be captors? I’m not sure sharing this information is a good idea. Interesting to note that yes, capturing one in a gem cuts off their bonds. So I was wrong last chapter in speculating about Syl.

Venli is recovering/progressing well, if Odium’s rhythms are starting to feel unpleasant to her.

Relayform for scouts. Could a description have really been that hard to include?

Venli’s honesty to Raboniel is refreshing, but also highly dangerous. She is too perceptive by half…is the usual phrase, but that’s underselling it.

Oh, and there it is. Raboniel notices the wrong rhythm in her words. Venli covers it well, attributing it to her lost people in a way that is plausible, but it’s still a rhythm she shouldn’t be able to hear. That’s going to haunt her.

Raboniel is almost done here and wlll soon be leaving the tower. “If you survive what comes next, there is a chance you may find some peace of your own, Venli.”
That’s pretty ominous. Is that “what comes next” referring to the war in general, or more specifically to the chaos that Raboniel is about to unleash? It sure sounds to me like the second one.

A report from a flying human scout–I had forgotten that the skybreakers were working so closely with the Fused. Sounds like many of them are on detached duty in various parts of Roshar, rather than all fighting together.

I continue to be confused by Raboniel’s character. Her giving the “lost legion” to Venli like this is something I would not have expected of her. I am not sure if she’s really that complex a person, or if it’s just that her motivations remain obscure, but she keeps surprising me.

Oh, wait. Elderly. Is Venli’s mom still alive? I was sure that she at least would have died, but from all the flashbacks I think we must be building towards that reunion.