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Chapter 74



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 74 (A Symbol)
Epigraph: Is this another letter? Is this Jaxlim’s sad goodbye given over the course of years? I don’t know yet.

Venli considers attuning a rhythm of an emotion she doesn’t feel a lie not to others or to herself but to Roshar. I want a cryptic’s take on this.

What kind of rumors are circulating about you two? Is it about loyalty issues? Sanity? Or (my first thought) shipping? That seems less likely, but it was what it sounded like when Venli first brought it up.

Ah, so that’s how Rlain mingled. He just covered his tattoo, and nobody knew he was anything different from the rest of the singers.


“I might have a way around that [the collapsed tunnels]”

Oh! Willshapers can do stuff on the same scale as the Deep Ones. I was thinking of smaller manipulations, but she’s imagining a much more involved surgebinding.

Every time Venli or someone else talks about hiding something from Raboniel or planning around what she knows I get this sinking feeling. The Lady of Wishes already outplayed Navani, and some of the things we know she learned have definitely compromised Rlain. I heavily doubt that she is unaware of Lirin and Hesina’s disposition, and only Venli’s radiant status seems like a true secret at this point.

Lirin and Kaladin continue to be very much at odds. The people are following him, though, and the symbol he represents.