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Interlude I-8



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Interlude I-8 (Chiri-Chiri)
Just want to say that the larkin image in the chapter header is delightful. Can’t wait to see what Chiri-Chiri looks like all grown up!

I find it wonderful that Rysn and her ilk are called “soft ones.” That is such a flexible term, with potential to serve as insult, endearment, or anything in between. 

Important! Chiri-Chiri notes the lack of rhythms in human conversation, suggesting that she is just as in tune with the rhythms of Roshar as the singers. Is that a function of the gemheart? Are all forms of native Rosharan fauna in tune with those rhythms? Or just the sapient ones? That would be a fascinating thing to explore. Siah Aimians might be the first thing to test that hypothesis. I don’t recall anything in Axies’ PoV that suggested an affinity for the rhythms.

Well, at least Chiri-Chiri is helpfully avoiding Dawnshard spoilers. “The event at the homeland” is circumspect enough to not give anything away. We do know that Rysn encountered the Sleepless there (shocking if she hadn’t) and more interestingly that Chiri-Chiri recognized Aimia as the larkin homeland. (Her personal homeland? Where did she actually come from before the Reshi Isles?)

Ah, sounds like Rysn gets to be Ambassador to the Sleepless. That’s a cool job that I’m glad someone else is doing. *shudder*

Chiri-Chiri seems to be adept at sensing emotions in others, even when she doesn’t understand them. It’s a sense close to but not the same as her sense for the rhythms. I want to know more about this empathic ability, and if it’s something that other cremlings (the Sleepless?) share.

I’d forgotten that Rysn’s chair was a hover chair with fabrial tech. Is that new? I’m gonna have to go back and read the bit in Oathbringer.

And now Rysn realizes her friend can talk. (Sort of. She’s still learning, but with motivation like head scritches, she’s sure to pick it up fast.)