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Chapter 56



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 56 (Nodes)
Epigraph: You know, I’ve been blithely assuming that if the in-world Rhythm of War text is modern that it would be written during the events of the current book, but there’s no reason that must be the case. If Venli is the author then this might well be her research notes from the Shattered Plains when she was working toward Stormform. Going by my (admittedly spotty) memory of the epigraphs so far, that could actually fit quite well. I’d need to go back and reread to form a firmer opinion, and I think I’ll wait to do that until I’ve gotten a few more chapters in.

Raboniel let Venli install her personal inner circle in guarding the Radiants. That seem suspicious to anyone else?
I’m curious about the Windrunner effect here. Are they being fed by something like the “strength in squires” effect from Kaladin’s proximity, or is it their nature as “pure Honor” spren that gives them a little more resistance to the suppression? I’d almost have thought that nature would make them more susceptible, so I’m hesitant to give that latter possibility much weight yet.

“What we need is a surgeon.” Come on, Dul, be a little more transparent. Why not just say “The plot wants Lirin here. Let’s do that!” I mean, it makes sense, but after Leshwi just saved Kal’s family this feels like a staged moment/development.

Wait, are the Fused using cymatics to locate fabrials? Talk about your callbacks. I am excited to see that come into play going forward in much more meaningful ways that Kabsal’s demonstration. Even if it’s not working right now, it’s obviously something they expect to be able to use.

The screamers are called secretspren, apparently. I bet Mraize has a whole flock.

Oh, the invisible watchers are called chaosspren, and they aren’t invisible anymore with the dampening field. Plus, they just answered my earlier question--the tower is too invested for the secretspren to work inside it. Radiants are safe from passive detection here.  (Including Venli, as she just realized!)

The fabrial of protection is new? Does that mean that the Sibling physically altered the tower when creating the shield? That doesn’t seem right. 

Oh, and they just found Rlain. (I mean, I can hope that the lost legion will turn up again, but I doubt it will be this soon. And we already know Rlain is around.) Can’t wait to see that interaction.