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Navani's Notebook - Part II



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Notes and translation relate to the original image here


“Closeup of the Crystal Pillar”

That pillar is much smaller than I was imagining, especially after the action scene where Shallan evicts Re-Shephir. See artwork here, here, and here. I expected at least a double-height vaulted ceiling, but no, this looks like it’s only 12 feet high or so.


“Suppressor Device Retrieved by Kaladin”

“The pattern of garnets is similar to one I have seen in the pillar.

Also not much like I imagined. I had in mind more of a gyroscopic form factor.



“Stairwell chamber”
“Library room” (x2)
“The crystal pillar room”


I am glad that Nazh is specifying that things aren’t to scale, because I definitely envisioned a longer hallway and larger library rooms.

This seems like a good time to point out that I love Nazh’s commentary whenever we get it, and I really want to see more of him and Khriss doing their scholarly compilations. It makes me wonder a lot how much time has passed between the events of the various books and the time that Nazh is trying to collect documents and artifacts for her.

I also want to mention that the translation is much easier when it uses standard English spelling for its transliteration, as here in Navani's pages (compared with the hidden text from Shallan's sketchbook pages in Way of Kings, for example).