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Chapter 32



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 32 (Of Three Minds) 
Epigraph: Yes, Sazed, we know you’re stuck.

Thanks, Adolin. Now we have something about Zu to be suspicious of. As if there wasn't enough suspicion going around in this plot thread.

She says she can shape stone, which makes sense for her being a Stoneward, but is the obsidian ground of Shadesmar “stone” enough for that to work? What about if someone wanted to soulcast an item that was native to the cognitive realm? We know the Windrunner powerset isn’t useless in Shadesmar, and illusions work fine, but what about things that rely on the essence of physical objects?

Getting chased by the Tukari isn’t a good sign, though. Lots of room for things to go dramatically wrong. (Bring it on!)

Yes, I’m still enjoying Shallan’s inner struggles. You’re probably getting bored of me commenting on it, so I’ll refrain for the moment until something else happens.

Yay for Adolin the diplomat! Thinking up new possibilities on his own. Good work.

Okay, and here I am again talking about the Three, only half a page later. I love the rapid fire switching in this conversation. It’s courteous of them to announce who they are, but I’m doubtful that it’s necessary given Adolin’s demonstrated perceptiveness.


“[Odium] hates Honor. Well, I guess he hates everything. It’s kind of in the name….”

Thank you, Adolin. I love your commentary :-)

Veil is explaining things to Adolin, finally! 


“She couldn’t have told em that, could she?”
“No.” Indeed, in saying those things, she’d made Shallan retreat into a little knot of fear. Right next to Formless.

Aaaaaa! Aaaaa! Are we really getting that close to this blowing up?
Okay, prediction time: Not this time, but next time Shallan retreats she will be supplanted by Formless. Veil and Radiant will have to work together for the rest of the book, right up to the Sanderlanche, to maintain/regain their own foothold, then to recover Shallan.

And Veil likes Adolin’s answer.