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Shallan's Sketchbook - Part I



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers

The first Urithiru sketch already featured in Oathbringer, but the scale of this place is insane. Very worthy of its mythic stature. I do like the cutaway sketches that give a sense of the internal space as well as how it would be used. I can really imagine those inward-facing balconies becoming a thriving neighborhood community. It’s interesting to me that the main atrium at least does not close off between tiers. I’m really not up on deciphering the numeric glyphs, and decided it wasn’t worth it at this time since i don’t know what units are being used to measure things. Presumably the dimensions will be given in Rosharan feet (slightly larger than Earth’s imperial foot) but I’ll save that for when I look at the discussion threads in the 17S forums.

Mistspren (image here)
Those masks are really creepy, when you realize that there is no face behind them. The interesting thing here is that their physical realm form looks like glinting lights. Are they cousins to the truthwatcher spren, or are they the nahel spren themselves? The description matches what Ystim and Stump described. I guess we’ll find out shortly.