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Interlude I-3



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Interlude I-3
Taravangian. Yes, this is definitely new header art. 
Title: “Into The Fire” Just going by what Odium said in the last chapter, this is probably a reference to being called up to actually do some betrayal. Dun dun dun.


The farther they progressed, the less accurate the Diagram became.

Is this the usual form of deviation from his initial prediction, caused by multiplied butterflies, or is it a larger divergence now that at least one Shard is actively participating?

Interesting that his internal thoughts seem to show him working to quash doubts and regrets. Also interesting that he has foreseen the moment he'll be called up. Do the companions he’s sent away include the ones that are supposed to monitor his daily fluctuations? 

Savrahalidem? Who’s that? I’m guessing his daughter, but we haven’t seen that name before. Ah, yes, confirmed as his daughter, nickname Savri. Cool.

Seeing Mrall and Adrotagia so affected by his impending death is a good, humanizing touch. These aren’t just co-conspirators but also friends and family.

“It was a death sentence” to be surrounded by the coalition’s armies when his forces betrayed them. Right, that sounds like neither Taravangian nor Odium have been paying attention to the Blackthorn’s recent metamorphosis, or to the fact that Alethkar currently has a queen, not a king. Especially in light of the fact that Taravangian is apparently our throughline for the interludes this book, I’m entirely confident that he will instead be captured and interrogated--by Jasnah, no less.. I’m looking forward to those conversations.

The Diagram is being dismantled? I didn’t see that coming. I like that he’s sending away his too-loyal underlings on a ‘secret quest.’ Much better than silencing everyone who knows too much. I’m also expecting that to pay off in unexpected ways before too long. “Oops, I sent an opposing force to Shadesmar to race Shallan and Adolin for their goal. Oh, and it’s lead by Danlan. Definitely no way that could have repercussions elsewhere.” At least, that’s my first guess. 

I wonder if the physical diagram and its (presumed) copies will also be destroyed?


“I am the spire that draws the lightning. I am the bearer of our sins.”

I like that imagery and his self-sacrificing attitude. It mirrors what he told Szeth at the end of book 1, and his views on kingship as relayed to Dalinar.

Ooo, that’s cold. I didn’t think about how Vedenar was being used as patsies here. Their Highprinces are colluding knowingly with the Fused, and they will continue the rebellion after Taravangian’s removal, BUT they don’t have any actual promise from Odium that they will be spared. That’s just Kharbranth. 

Shallan is from Vedenar, right? I imagine she’ll have something to say about this. At least one of her will. (The Fourth?!?!)

Aww, a parting gift of jams. Good work, Maben.

Hm, the Diagram says that one of the Unmade is established in Shinovar. Does that mean the Shin are under its sway or is it possibly a more subtle actor? Good thing Szeth’s book is next.

Confirmation (outside of WOB) that Dova is Battah. Um, I thought it was Battar--is that just an Alethi form of her name? Is Battah correct (i.e. the one she actually uses?) Oh, wait, this is that silent h thing standing in for the palindromic letter. Interesting. Is this perhaps where that idea first came from? People used “Battah” and the devout said, “No, she’s a holy herald, of course she has a mirrored name. It’s probably just an h because of modesty.” Which then evolved into the near-mirror forms of other names. This is probably too neat of an explanation for how language actually evolves, but it’s an intriguing possibility.

Yes, he burned his copy of the Diagram, so no answers will be readily available to his interrogators. That’s not a guarantee that other copies won’t survive.