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Interlude I-2



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Interlude I-2
Sja-Anat. Huzzah! I am really excited for this one. I spent a long time during Oathbringer trying to translate the Keeper of Secrets text, and we still only got ~60% of it worked out. Plus, she’s a fascinating character that we need more insight into, and who recently accepted an offer from the Ghostbloods. Secrets, here I come!

Odium trapped the Unmade in “a halfway existence” fully in neither the Cognitive nor Physical realms. I hadn’t thought of that as a possible contributor to how they were “unmade.”

Actually seeing Sja-Anat requires reflected light, like the mirror Shallan used or probably puddles of water. I can’t decide how much of a weakness that would be. Is it volitional on her part? Could someone searching for her find her with a mirror if she were trying to hide?

So, her children (i.e. the spren she has “corrupted” like Glys) are also trapped in this between-state. I wonder how much that will help us understand what’s going on with Glys. Frankly, not much if we never get more information! Come on, Brandon! Renarin chapter, please. Or at least Jasnah explaining what they’ve figured out in the past year. We need info!


You sacrificed some of your children so others could live. It was a law of nature. Humans didn’t understand it. But she did. 

Eeee. That’s disturbing.


God of passion. 
God of hatred. 
God of all adopted spren.

That last is an interesting title. Especially the inclusiveness of it. Not just the useful spren who chose to follow him, or a few that were unclaimed by Honor and Cultivation. I’m curious what this adoption entails.

I am glad to see that Sja-Anat has her own agenda that does not align with the Ghostbloods. She’s using them for a distraction as much as for their utility. If her child makes it to Urithiru, I wonder if he’ll end up choosing Mraize or someone else.


Thank you for my eyes.

Awww. I am also glad to see this spren at least is grateful for his “Enlightenment,” though we still have no idea what that means.

So, Odium is “one of the three pure tones of Roshar” as compared to the rhythms, which are less “resonant.” I don’t think I can theorize too much on how the rhythms relate to the shards and other investiture of the planet, but that insight is a useful one.


Do not question.
“I will not question.” However, she felt a surgeon to the power that moved within him. The mind did not like being questioned, but the power… It liked questions. It liked arguments. It was passion. 
There was a weakness here. In the division between the Vessel and the Shard.

This is the sort of intrigue I like to see, and I can’t wait for the realmatic payoff.

Sja-Anat’s manipulations are golden. I am eager to see how she influences Taravangian and those around him.