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Chapter 4



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Intro post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 4 (Architects of the Future)
Epigraph: I thought you just said these methods were secret and proprietary. I guess you’re the queen mother and the lecturer, so you can disclose what you like. It does look like the speed of stormlight consumption/removal is important for entrapping the spren.

Another mention of radiant abilities, this time lightweaving, as belonging to Shallan as distinct from Veil or Radiant. Last time it was the Memories, which could have been purely an artistic association, but it seems that it really is the realmatics of surgebinding that belong to the Shallan aspect.

This back and forth with the three aspects trusting each other but disagreeing about certain things is simply delicious!

“Kelek’s breath!” Once again, the most popular of heraldic curses makes an appearance. I really have to wonder how bad his morning breath was to be immortalized this way.


Their hoods looked a fair bit more comfortable than her sack.

Yes, Veil, focus on the important things.


Shallan had a fleeting thought, wondering at the seamstress they’d hired to do all this work. What had they told her? “Yes, we want twenty identical, mysterious robes, sewn with ancient arcane symbols. They’re for… parties.”

Hah! It’s nice that Shallan has an audience in her own head now, since she can snark and not get looked at funny for laughing at her own jokes. 

“Cremling with dark purple colorings”--nice to see the sleepless are photobombing again.


Mraize had explained about this group and their efforts to bring back the Heralds—who had actually never been gone. 

See, that’s the scene we need. More Mraize!

I was concerned when they pulled out the fabrial, but then Shallan was like “yeah, I designed that.” The multilayered con is great. She’s got this. 
Honestly, I kept expecting this to be entrapment, and they would try to expose her as a spy and stab her, forcing her to break out her radiant abilities. Looks like the failure point won’t be quite yet.



Oh, you sweet soft breeze, Veil thought. Bless you for being so naive. We’re not all Bondsmiths or their ilk. The Windrunners or Skybreakers might have had trouble being so glib with a broken promise, but Shallan’s order was founded on the idea that all people lied, especially to themselves.


Yeah, I was gonna say. Trying to use oaths to trap a radiant whose bonded spren is commonly known as a liespren? That’s not gonna work.
I also really like the “Oh, you sweet soft breeze” phrase. 

I love Veil griping about how Shallan gets if she doesn’t spend enough time with Adolin. Why bother with soap opera drama when you can do it all internally?


Radiant could fight, and Veil could lie. But when they needed a problem solved quickly, it was Shallan’s turn.

And Shallan is the best choice for direct action? I have concerns. But that’s the end of the chapter, so I guess we’ll find out later.