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August Progress Update

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TWG 100%: Brandon 100% (116/116), Peter 100% (116/116), Isaac 100% (75/75), Ben 100% (38/38)
17S 100%: Brandon 100% (102/102), Peter 100% (108/108), Isaac 100% (108/108), Ben 100% (97/97)
Reddit 79%: Brandon 100% (131/131), Peter 100% (104/104), Isaac 100% (22/22), Ben 11% (9/85), Adam 100% (13/13), Store 100% (3/3)
Twitter 42%: Brandon 100% (124/124), Peter 15% (19/124), Isaac 15% (19/131), Adam 35% (19/55)
Blog 100%: Brandon 100% (211/211)

Social Media Total: 81% (1431/1760)
Theoryland Review: 10% (121/1183)
Events and Signings Review: 0% (0/397)

And just like that, we're back on target. Back to slogging through Ben's Reddit posts. This guy sure loves video games.

I've only added one post so far:



If there are very few birds in Roshar, what do all those Alethi and Parshendi archers use to fletch their arrows?

Ben McSweeney

Rockbud leaves of a certain type are used on a lot of common arrows. I believe we discussed paper as another option. Very expensive arrows might use chicken feathers.

General Reddit 2012 (Dec. 30, 2012)

And, ironically enough, I also recently added this from Brandon



What the hell do the majority of armies use as fletching for their arrows? Like we’ve seen that the Horneaters use Goose Feathers but the majority of places minus the Shin lands don’t have Chickens or any feathered beasts so what do they use instead to stabilize their arrows?

Like light shell bits? Or are arrows just incredibly expensive?

Brandon Sanderson

They use a plant material that works pretty well, comes from a fan-like plant that's pretty common around Roshar.

General Reddit 2019 (Aug. 2, 2019)

This is what it's all about, boys and girls. All this stuff, these little bits, that have been lost and have to get asked again. Gives me the motivation to keep cranking. Because even the minutia is still relevant six and a half years later.

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Heh, was just thinking, "Hey, someone asked about fletching just the other day..."


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