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October Progress Update

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Reddit: 100%
Twitter: 100%
Blog: 100%
TWG: Brandon 20% (49/249 pages), Peter 0% (0/326 pages)

The review of the blog is done. And now I slog through the TWG. It's a little weird, going through Brandon's musings about music and movies and lingerie (really). Most of it isn't relevant in the slightest, but there are some rare gems. I posted the Aether stuff I found a couple months ago; those are the sort of things I'm looking for. Even though it's a couple thousand posts between Brandon and Peter (who I know has posted stuff about Dragonsteel in there), I don't expect to find very many new pieces of information at all. But this is the last place to check, so check it I will.

I expect that I will only have one final update, next month. I'll have finished up my review and inputted everything I found into the new archive (which is on track to go live by the time Oathbringer is released). For now, an interesting WoB that was never transcribed for some reason, only summarized, during the Seattle signing on the Calamity tour. But in the process of moving stuff from Theoryland to the new system, I found it and transcribed it:



How many worlds does [the cosmere] have in it?

Brandon Sanderson

A couple hundred. A couple hundred stars.


How many planets are your books going to use?

Brandon Sanderson

Habitable worlds, in Goldilocks zones? There's probably 20 or 30, maybe a few more. Maybe up to 50, but you'll only really... there'll be like, ten or so core planets that you'll see stories from.


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