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I'm buying myself flowers now.
I'm walking out of rooms I don't want to be in and people I don't want to see with ease.
I'm strolling downtown with flowers in my hair, makeup on my face, and a smile on my lips.
I flirt with the sun and the moon and the boy reading a book on the park bench.
I'm not leashed to you anymore. I'm not worried about you. I'm not afraid of you anymore.
My lipstick is leaving marks on everything I touch and I'm not cleaning up the mess I don't care if you see what I've been talking to.
I'm climbing mountains now to see the sunset and I don't have to wait for you.
I'm talking loudly, I'm writing courageously, I'm living boldly.
I wrote a poem for myself and shouted it from the top of the world.
I kiss my own reflection.
Don't come crawling back to me, heart dripping in your hands.
You'll offer it to me saying "do with it as you wish"
And I'll say "throw it at passing cars, feed it to stray dogs, burn it, I don't want it anymore, I don't want you anymore."

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