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April Progress Report

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WoB Count: 699
Reddit: 86%
Twitter: 0%, 0/93 months
Blog: 29%,  42/144 pages
Interviews: 0%, 0/475

April comes after February, right? No update for last month... sorry about that, but I was very busy with important work. Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild. I'm pretty much done with that for now, so I can get back to working on the database.

Biggest news, I've worked through the old Reddit backlog. Unfortunately, there was another AMA, so I've got a new Reddit backlog. It won't be as long, and I'll be able to get it all fairly easily from Brandon's user page. But, I added the new backlog as a sixth major task for Reddit on my tracking, so I'm 5/6 of the way done with that.

After that, I'll probably go through some of the recent signings that haven't been put in Theoryland; Brandon's European tour, and the Boston convention. I've been caught with my pants down a couple time for not being up to date or not being able to find some of that recent info, so I'd like to get them some place I can easily cross-reference them.

Notable WoB from this most recent batch:

Q: You once said that Investiture follows its own version of the laws of thermodynamics. The first one is that Investiture is neither created nor destroyed. Is the second law of Investodynamics that the amount of corrupted Investiture in the Cosmere cannot decrease?
A: Basically, the idea is that there is a third item in the equations--matter, energy, and investiture. That's the basis of how they work. Entropy is not corrupted Investiture. The second law stands as is. However, there is a fourth law that relates to Adonalsium, which I'm not going to talk about at the moment.


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