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February Progress Report



WoB Count: 405
Reddit: 15%
Twitter: 0%, 0/93 months
Blog: 22%,  31/144 pages
Interviews: 0%, 0/475

Okay, so here's my first structured update. I've made posts pretty frequently this last week and a half, but I'll probably shoot for once a month now that I've gotten things rolling.

Two major differences from what I said I was gonna do. First, I've added Brandon's blog. A lot of them were included in Theoryland's interview database, but I spun them off into their own category. There's not a ton of info from there - I've looked at over 300 posts, and only got like 5 useful bits of info. (Side note, Brandon's old posts are painful to read. But that might be the fault of SCAAALZIII!) I've also gotten a final count of the Theoryland interview and signing pages I want to look over. It's a little lower than I had expected, because a good number of them were from Brandon's blog. But even for all those, many of them probably won't have anything I'm looking for, especially the interviews.

The other big change is Reddit. I was working through Brandon's posts in reverse chronological order, and I discovered that Reddit won't let you look past 1000 posts. Based on rough math using Brandon's total karma and average karma per post... he may have around 8000 total comments. That's a lot that I can't see. Thankfully, most of the good stuff comes from topics he's posted, as well, and I can still find all of them, so I can get most of it pretty easily. Here's my new path forward:

  • Go through AMAs, list all comments in chronological order, find Brandon's posts. I've identified three major AMA topics, and I'm halfway through the first.
  • Theoryland has collected Brandon's reddit posts for 2010 through... 2012, I think, and they've got a Reddit Q&A thread or two. I need to pull them all in.
  • Sort Brandon's posts by "top" instead of "new," and see if there's anything I've missed in his top 1000 comments. Also sort by "controversial," but his most controversial posts appear to be from his philosophy, religion, and thoughts on Magic: The Gathering, so most of them probably won't be relevant, either.

So, I've basically assumed that there are five things to do. First is what I've done, 1000 newest posts. Each of the AMA's will probably be large enough to classify as their own thing. And then everything else will be the fifth thing, since no piece should be too large. I've finished the first thing and I'm about halfway through the second thing, so that's why I said 15%. I doubt I'll be able to provide any more granularity than that.

I'll close with one of the WoB's I've tagged as notable, which I'm not sure there has been a lot of discussion about. I think it's neat:

Q: Both times when Kaladin has had to survive a Highstorm outside, he finds himself in an area of unnatural calm. Is the eye of the Highstorm not entirely in the physical realm? I've had this feeling that the calm area pulls people into Shadesmar, at least a little…
A: This is not 100% physical realm.