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Five Love Songs

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Yes. Love songs. You heard right.

Anyways, I'm not (usually) one to mince words, so in no particular order, here are some songs that I personally enjoy. They may not be my all-time favorites, but are ones that I think get my point across.

Under Heaven's Skies -- Collective Soul

She Does -- Collective Soul

What I Can Give You -- Collective Soul (Noticing a trend here? :P)

Magic -- Coldplay

Every Night -- Imagine Dragons

Maybe I should have made this just "Favorite Songs Not By Collective Soul". Maybe then other artists would've stood more of a chance. Oh well.

Anyways, one of the reasons I love these songs is that they never talk about physical appearances -- it's never about "omg that blonde chick over there is hawt". I realize that it's kind of unfair to judge an entire art by the relatively few songs that do this, but it's prevalent enough that I find it noteworthy when a song doesn't mention physical attributes (in great detail anyways, there are exceptions to this).

For example, "What I Can Give You" says, in the chorus,

"I can't give you

Treasures only men have made

But what I can give you

No one can ever take away."


Imagine Dragons and Coldplay are fine examples of this, too:

"I'm coming home to you

Every night,

Coming home to you

Every night.

My mind is made up, nothing can change that

I'm coming home to you

Every night."

"Call it magic, call it true.

I call it magic when I'm with you.

And I just got broken, broken into two.

Still I call it magic, when I'm next to you."

Anyways, I might expand this later on, but for now, that's all, folks! Feel free to comment down below.


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