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Disco Nuit: Odd Fashion Trap

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<p>Having retrieved the bag that one of the women was carrying when she died, the group reconvenes at Felix’s apartment to go through it. It contains two capes with brightly coloured, shiny interiors; a frilly silk shirt; a black corset; and a gold-plated <a href="" target="_blank">iron cross</a>. This certainly isn’t the clubbing attire they were wearing in the video, and Shannon’s never seen them wearing anything like it, but it does look like it would fit them. The labels on the two capes sport an elaborately stylized N, which no one in the party recognizes.</p>

<p>What little research the group has time for turns up a laundry list of things that their invisible critters <em>could </em>be, but no real leads; they have no idea whether half of the creatures they’re researching are even real. It’s getting late now, though, and the group is hoping to be back at the club by the time it opens, so they decide to leave their so-far-fruitless research for another time.</p>

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<p>This time, they hear the club well before they see it. The bouncers are out in force, and people are already lining up to get in. The wide double doors through which the group entered earlier are actually the club’s main exit, and the entrances are to either side. John and Felix queue up at the entrance that Bella and Louisa had used the night before, the one marked Diabolique. Shannon joins the line for the other door, this one labelled Angelique.</p>

<p>It takes a few minutes, but eventually Felix is noticed by the man managing the door; one of the bouncers lifts the red rope and Felix, along with a few other people, are waved inside. Shannon is likewise allowed inside after only a few minutes of waiting. John, although he also manages to catch the doorman’s eye, is not so fortunate.</p>

<p>The doorman walks up to him. “No. Go home, change–into something that isn’t out of a Salvation Army bin–and then maybe we’ll talk.” John protests, but the doorman just walks away.</p>

<p>Since the doorman’s attention is already elsewhere, John decides to stay where he is, hoping he can at least get some information out of the other hopefuls in line. Before long, however, he is approached by two very large bouncers, who politely but firmly inform him that he’s in the wrong place, and ask him to leave the premises, eventually asking him to cross the street. Grudgingly, John complies. He lives far enough away that it doesn’t seem worth the time to go home and get changed in the hopes of being let in, so instead he parks himself across the street and aims his cell phone camera at the single exit, watching for people that he can see with his eyes but not with his camera.</p>

<p>Shannon and Felix, entering the club from opposite sides, emerge into a foyer with a cloakroom on one side, a boutique on the other, and the club proper straight ahead. They head to the boutique first, where they’re greeted by racks of loud, flashy clothing, including capes that match the ones they found in the handbag. They’re also greeted by a sales clerk, who speaks in a low, exaggerated tone of voice that he seems to think is dramatic.</p>

<p>Still trying to determine whether the iron cross that we found in the bag has any particular significance beyond looking vaguely gothic, Felix pulls it out and asks if it’s possible to get a matching one. The clerk leads him over to some jewelry racks that sport similar, but not identical, iron crosses and assures Felix that with these pieces, he’ll be able to announce to the world that he and his “lady of the night are most assuredly together.”</p>

<p>While Shannon is still trying to work out whether or not the clerk has just called her a prostitute, the clerk asks, “you <em>do </em>have the proper attire, right?”</p>

<p>“Proper for what?” Shannon says blankly.</p>

<p>“Oh! Do you not know what this club is all about?” Abruptly dropping the ridiculous affected voice, the clerk explains that the club is based on the vampire fad, and caters to people who “aren’t weirdos, but still want to play just a little bit of dress-up.” He adds that the dress code isn’t actually mandatory, but that most of the club-goers probably won’t “play” with people who don’t seem to be playing the game themselves. “This is, when it comes down to it, a nightclub with an odd fashion trap.”</p>

<p>Felix is perfectly happy with the prospect of these people not talking to him, but Shannon reminds him (once they’re out of the clerk’s earshot, of course) that they’re not likely to get very far if the other club-goers won’t have anything to do with them. Felix grudgingly agrees, and so against their better judgement, Shannon and Felix head back to the boutique and allow the clerk to give them fashion advice.</p>

<p>Once “appropriately” dressed, Shannon and Felix split up to explore the club itself. As expected, though, finding any more information about the two dead women proves to be pretty much impossible. There are rumours, most of which are about as asinine as one might expect, but neither the club-goers nor the bouncers remember seeing or speaking to them.</p>

<p>While Shannon is making rounds through the club, a man approaches her. “You look pretty uncomfortable, if you don’t mind me saying.”</p>

<p>“Oh, not so much.” Shannon waves a hand dismissively. “It’s just my first time here, so I’m kind of the new kid on the block.”</p>

<p>“Yeah, but let’s be honest here. You don’t really go for the whole vampire thing, do you?”</p>

<p>“No,” Shannon agrees. “It was a bit of a surprise.”</p>

<p>The man nods. “Yeah, I totally get what you’re saying. My buddies dragged me out here, and since we got here I’ve been hit on by five shirtless men, two very sad-looking people in trench coats, and one guy who I think actually <em>bathed </em>in sequins.” He pauses. “So, listen. I know this is a little bit forward, but uh, why don’t we go somewhere sane, get something to drink … “</p>

<p>“I appreciate the offer, but I’m here with a friend. I should probably go find him, actually.” Shannon makes a show of glancing around.</p>

<p>“Okay, it’s cool.” The man doesn’t seem particularly put-out by the rejection. “If you do decide you wanna hang out or anything, come find me at the bar. There’s only a couple … thousand … people here, but I’m sure we can find each other if it’s meant to be.” He says the last bit with a self-satisfied little smirk.</p>

<p>Shannon bids him a friendly but non-committal goodnight, then decides to take her own advice and rejoin Felix. After establishing that they have both accomplished precisely nothing, they decide to cut their losses. Shedding their ridiculous outfits in favour of street clothes, Shannon and Felix leave Disco Nuit and head off across the street in search of John and a new strategy.</p>

<p><span style="color:#008000;">[This post is a continuation in a series of posts covering my group's ongoing World of Darkness campaign. The next post is scheduled to drop on Thursday, January 23rd, so check back then if you'd like to read more.]</span></p><br /> <a rel="nofollow" href=""><img alt="" border="0" src="" /></a> <img alt="" border="0" src="" width="1" height="1" />

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