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Way of Kings Summary 2

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Szeth (35) is in Bavland wearing dirty frayed clothing and hasn't held his Shardblade in years. His current master Took, calls him "Kurp", which means child in Bax. Took has him do some humiliating pointless tasks to show that Took is in complete control over him. When Took tells Szeth to cut his throat, Szeth says that he is forbidden to kill himself. Took and the others in the tavern are unnerved at his high tone.

Szeth has been being passed through dozens of masters in the past five years as his masters realize that he was well educated, had potential, and it made them uncomfortable. Szeth mentions that he's glad they don't know that he's a Surgebinder and a Shardbearer, and that his eyes change colors when he draws his weapon.

Szeth thinks back to after the assasination, when the Parshendi toss aside his oathstone. After that, he removes his clothes so as to not incriminate himself, and a merchant named Avado picks him up and makes him his servant.

Took tells a tale of a sphere that glows black, which reminds Szeth of the sphere that Gavilar gave him, which he hid in Jah Keved. As Took goes off to bed, he is killed by a group of thieves, who then take Szeth's Oathstone and make him their servant.

Chapter 12-

Adolin POV-

Adolin is riding with Elhokar, Sadeas, Renarin, Dalinar, and Vamah to go hunting for Chasmfiends. He notices the Elhokar's golden Shardplate. Sadeas's red Shardplate, his own blue Shardplate, and Dalinar's unpainted grey Shardplate. Adolin notices how natural Dalinar seems in the Shardplate, and wishes he would do more to fight. Adolin and Renarin discuss Dalinar's visions during the Highstorms.

As Sadeas takes snaps at Dalinar's lack of battles, Adolin grows frustrated, but Renarin keeps him calm. They talk about the hunt, then about how two of Adolin's interests, Janala and Rilla, have gotten mad at Adolin.

Dalinar POV-

Dalinar, on his horse Gallant, talks with Elhokar. Elhokar goes up ahead to scout, and Dalinar follows, leaving Adolin in charge. Gallant, who is a Ryshadium, is much faster than an ordinary horse. Dalinar begins to feel the Thrill of contest as he races Elhokar. As he is about to win, he stops short, letting Elhokar pass him.

A chasmfiend is on Dalinar's section of the Shattered Plains, meaning the beast is his to hunt. Elhokar feels like there is someone watching him in the dark, and fears it might be enemy soldiers. Dalinar feels that his nephew is being paranoid. Dalinar prepares to tell his nephew about his visions, but stops himself.

Adolin POV-

Adolin is considering how to win back Janala, when Tarilar, a member of the Cobalt Guard gives him scout reports. They discuss tactics to prevent Parshendi attacks during the hunt, and organize the army accordingly. Adolin has been given command by Dalinar more and more often lately. He regrets that Dalinar requires Adolin and Renarin to obey the Codes, as Adolin finds them inconvenient.

Adolin sees Vartian and Lomard, two of Sadeas's associates, and hears them poking fun at Dalinar. Adolin wants to challenge them to a duel, but the Codes restrict him from that. Adolin gives Dalinar and Elhokar the scout report, and Elhokar wants to go ahead without the troops. Dalinar stands firm, however, and Elhokar agrees that he will wait.

Adolin, Dalinar, and Renarin begin discussing Adolin's relationships. He courted Deeli two months ago, had another person, then Rilla, and is now trying to court Janala. Dalinar explains that the purpose of this hunt is so Elhokar can show his subjects that he is brave, despite his paranoia. Dalinar mentions trying to leave the Shattered Plains to unite Alethkar, which Adolin is upset about.

As the group begins to go on to the next plateau, Wit rides up. Wit pokes fun at Adolin's relationship troubles, then fabricates a story about him and Renarin with two blue eyed sisters, before Dalinar stops him. Wit believes that Reanarin is stronger than Dalinar thinks he is. Wit leaves, and Renarin, Adolin, and Dalinar meet with Bashin, the day's huntmaster.

They discuss tactics on how to lead the hunt, and mention grandbows, large fabrial bows that only Shardbearers can use that Navani helped create.Dalinar mentions that Gavilar never killed a chasmfiend. As Bashin begins to give hunt advice, they see the Chasmfiend arrive at the wrong location, putting the attendants, scribes, and guests at risk.

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