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Way of King Summaries Part 1

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Kaladin leaves his barracks at dusk as the highstorm begins to subside. It's the same day as when Syl left. He sees Gaz collecting his now-glowing spheres, and Kaladin tells Gaz that he's going to the Honor Chasm to commit suicide. Gaz has him leave his sandals and vest. As Kaladin goes to the Chasm, he thinks of the boy who died who reminded him of Tien. As he is about to fall into the Chasm, Syl stops him. She has Blackbane leaves, the poisionous leaves that Kaladin had in the caravan, because she remembered how happy they made him. She cares about Kaladin because he would protect the young men in Lord Amaram's army. Syl convinces Kaladin to try to save the Bridgemen, because what has he got to loose?

He goes back to Gaz and starts choking him. Kaladin explains to Gaz that he is now reborn, and demands to be made bridgeleader. Kaladin also begins collecting his pay, and tells Gaz that one in five marks is Gaz's to remind him what he's getting for not interfering with Bridge Four.

He goes back to the barracks and gets the names of each person in there, starting with Teft. Kaladin ends the chapter by contemplating his new responsiblity in protecting the other men.


Ishikk, a Purelaker, is a fisher who is having a bad day. He thinks about how Purelake used to be an Epoch Kingdom, but how it's better now that it's just the Purelake. He meets with Thaspic, who tells him that Ishikk's foreigners are waiting for him at Maib's place. He goes to Maib's place and gives her a kolgril, a lucky fish, which puts Maib in debt to Ishikk. If Maib ever gets Ishikk enough in debt to her, than they would get married.

Ishikk examins his foreigners. Two are dark-skinned Makabi, Temoo and Vao, who Ishikk has nicknamed Grump and Blunt. One has lighter tan skin, like an Alethi, who Ishikk calls Thinker. They begin asking him if he has found a traveler named Hoid. Ishikk says that though he's gone to many places, he hasn't found a trace of him. Ishikk says he might be able to get a fish that could find him though. After the three foreigners argue amongst themselves in a different language, they leave.

(Side note- Grump is Galladon from Elantris, and Thinker is Demoux from Mistborn)


Nan Balat, Shallan's brother, is taking apart a small animal at his family's mansion because it soothes him. As Balat walks through the garden, he thinks about how his sister Shallan is supposed to steal the Soulcaster from Jasnah. He plays with his axehound Scrak a little bit. He feels guilty that he sent his sister, whom he sees as a shy, delicate, quiet girl. Balat thinks about how his father had sent Asha Jushu to vice and Tet Wikim to despair, while Shallan had escaped without being injured. Nan Helaran, the eldest son had stood up to his father repeatedly before dying.

Wikim comes to get Balat to tell him there's a problem.

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