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Way of Kings summary

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So I'm going to (slowly but hopefully surely), work on the Way of King Summaries. The first 10 have already been done by others, so I'll start with Chapter 11.

Chapter 11-

The day after the Tien-look alike died, Kaladin wakes up and leaves the bridgeman barrack during the end portion of a highstorm. He notices Gaz gathering his spheres after the Highstorm, and Gaz begins to demand to know why he's out during the storm. Kaladin tells him that he's going to the Honor Chasm, the place where bridgemen can kill themselves. Kaladin goes to the Chasm, and is about to walk into it when Syl stops him. Syl is holding poisonous leaves that Kaladin had earlier while being transported to the Shattered Plains. Kaladin finds it ridiculous and sweet. Syl explains that she cares about Kaladin because he protected the weak in the army. Syl convinces him to help the bridgemen, to give one more try. Kaladin goes back to Gaz and begins to choke him. Kaladin coerces Gaz into making him the bridgeleader, and also begins bribing him to stay out of his way. Kaladin feels like he is a new, tougher man than he once was. He goes back to the barracks and learns the names of each of the men. Kaladin feels a new energy at his responsibility to protect the bridgemen.


Interlude 1-1

Ishikk, a man living in the Purelake, notices that bad times are coming. After having a poor fisihing day, he goes to Fu Abra, an isolated village where he lives. Ishikk goes to Maib's house where foreigners are waiting for him. There are three men, Grump, and Blunt, who call themselves Temoo, and Vao, and Thinker. They ask Ishikk if he has seen a man named Hoid, who he has been searching for for five months. He says that he hasn't but that a stumpy cort fish might be able to find him. The foreigners debate amongst themselves before giving more instructions to Ishikk, and leaving.

(Note- Hoid is a character that appears in many of Brandon's books, and Grump/Temoo is a man named Galladon in Elantris, and Thinker is named Demoux in Mistborn. They are likely members of the Seventeenth Shard.)

Interlude 1-2

Nan Balat, Shallan's older brother, hurts animals, which he quite enjoys. He is in Jah Kaved, and notices Scrak, his axehound, with a small songling. Nan Balat feels guilty for sending Shallan off to find Jasnah, but knows that she's the only one who had a chance. He sees Shallan as "Shy, quiet, delicate". Wikim, Balat's brother, appears and tells Balat there is a large problem.

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