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What? I have a blog? I thought That was a dream...

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No, don't be silly. 'That' is not a dream. It (meaning That) is very real. You might want to wish That is a dream, but that's just being silly. Now it seems That is also being silly.

Moving on!


It seems I don't really have anything to say. I saw my blog and felt obligated to write. Problem seems to be, there was a reason I haven't updated since April, and that is because there is nothing for me to write about.


NOVEMBER 4-8 2011!

(Writing a about this was never my intention when I began this post. I promise.)

On these dates, I will be sojourning from the wintery plains I call home and traveling to Utah for the release of Alloy of Law.

It is my hope that, while there, I will hopefully see some of you! And meet Brandon, but that's totes second tier (really, you can believe me. I'm trustworthy).

Also, next semester I've applied to be in a creative writing class, so you can bet there will be some more updates coming your way then!

Oh look at that. I have a bajillion things to do (yes, that is a real number). Well, it looks like things are short but sweet today (have a cookie! It's real, I swear). Thank-you all for recognizing the fact that I'm not dead. Yet. I mean, it happens to us all eventually, right? Except for That of course. Don't you go thinking we'll ever get rid of That.

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