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Current Project - Allomantic Table

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I decided to start this little bloggy thingy to keep track of what projects I am working on. I recently posted photos of the project I am currently working on, but I will throw them in here as well, for record purposes.

I am working on a Mistborn Allomantic Table.

(There's a bit of a pun there. It's a coffee table.)

I'll just post some progress shots here for now.

First off, I had to design the thing. I'll skip the boring details and just post the design I came up with. This is a top view.


I modeled the table in Google SketchUp to make sure I had all of my dimensions right.


Then I cut out the centerpiece. I have a small mill of my own, but it wasn't big enough to do this easily, so I enlisted the help of a huge mill at my dad's work.


The entire thing was milled as one piece (though I had to use two pieces of wood, because I couldn't find a nice piece that was 18" wide.)

I have already built the frame for the table. I would give you a photo, but the table is in my living room, which is a mess. :-P

I am going to start staining tonight, following the stain pattern in the Google SketchUp model above. The colors wont be exact, but it will be the same light/dark placement.

I will still have to put together a couple of 1x10"s for the top of the table and cut a circle in the exact center of them that is about 1/8" larger than the circular insert. I want it to be perfect, so I may wait for another opportunity with a machine at my dad's work.

I am going to fill the holes in the allomantic table circle thing above with inserts of the symbols. Those inserts will be 1/8" thick and will be stained darker than the circle around them.

I'll give updates as I make progress!

P.S. I also milled this the other day, though I have no idea why or what I can do with it.


Maybe if I can think of a large project that I could put blocks like this of my favorite books and series in. Any ideas?

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