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I'd like to start out with an apology. It's been, what, almost a year since I've posted anything? In fairness, I was in the middle of my senior year at high school, but considering all the free time I did have, there's really no excuse for the utter lack of material. Sorry about that!

I first had the idea for this post on the Fourth of July, 2015. Night had fallen, and I was in my backyard, keeping an eye on both the neighborhood fireworks and what stars were visible. I started thinking to myself, “why do some people feel so worthless whenever they think about outer space?” Maybe it has something to do with my religious background or perhaps my general interest in astronomy, but where other people see the vast distances between galaxies and suddenly feel insignificant, I look up and get excited. That's one reason I love shows like Doctor Who and Star Trek so much, because of that attitude that space is exciting and has so much to offer and let's go explore all the things.

Anyways, I had planned to head inside and wax eloquent about that for a bit, but I got delayed and this post got shunted to the back of my mind.

Until I took a Shakespeare class, that is.

See, one of our assignments was to write a sonnet. After a good hour of banging my head against the desk, I finally got the idea to write about my love of astronomy. It took me a while to get going, but I was pretty proud of the end result. And then it hit me – I've been trying to sit down and write about how awesome the universe is for almost a year now, and I just accidentally did it. In poetry, no less.

So, after some more unfortunate delays, I finally have the pleasure to show you all that sonnet, which summarizes my thoughts on this subject wonderfully.

I hope you enjoy it. :)


Infinite Timeless Everything

The night reveals the darkness of the sky,

Its secrets spilled to those who dare to look.

The place where stars and galaxies all fly's

A mystery; a waiting, open book.

But what we found defied our wildest dreams:

There's more than stars and planets in our view.

Mankind beheld that they had not the means

To fully comprehend this; it was new.

But some began to worry and to think

That humans do not matter: that we're just

An unimportant piece, we're just a blink

In space and time, and we are less than dust.

That might be how those few do choose to see.

But mysteries of space inspire me.


So, as you all know, Brandon Sanderson, everybody's favorite author, likes to answer some of the questions thrown at him with the phrase "RAFO". It, of course, stands for "Read and Find Out."

Or -- if you didn't know, Brandon Sanderson, everybody's favorite author, likes to answer some of the questions thrown at him with the phrase "RAFO". It stands for "Read and Find Out." :)

Anyways, whether or not you've heard it before is irrelevant. The point is, that phrase -- "Read and Find Out" -- is almost universally dreaded by the entire fandom. Countless fans have proposed theories after digging around the Cosmere (Sanderson's in-text universe) and got nothing in reply except a smug little RAFO.

I actually hate it for a different reason than most people.

I had been operating under the assumption that "Read and Find Out" meant, well, to go read and find out. I thought that if you got an RAFO that meant all the clues were there, you just had to go figure it out.

Apparently I was mistaken.

It's generally used as a "no comment" of sorts by Brandon, used whenever he can't or won't answer a fan's question. I actually knew that -- it's just that I had been taking it literally, instead of how it's apparently supposed to be used.

There are, in fact, little business-style cards he hands out with a big RAFO on them. They say:


Which annoyed me quite a bit when I first saw it. I mentioned in one theory that perhaps the answer was hidden in the text, hence the RAFO that was received. I was promptly corrected.

I get that the question can't be answered right now -- but could we please use a slightly less ambiguous term? Why say "Read and Find Out" when you don't actually mean to go read and find out?

Simply put, I think a "sorry, can't answer" or a "no comment" would work much better, even though RAFO is rather catchy.

Anyways, that's my take on the issue. Note that some people might not even think there isan issue (feel free to argue you points down in the comments if this is you). Also note that I'm not trying to single out or offend Brandon or anybody else. I'm just trying to state the problem I have with a common phrase.

Good night, and thank you for your time. :)



Yes, I realize the movie came out six months ago. :P Also, I wrote this a month or so after the fact, so several scenes have gone ignored. But the basic gist is still there.

Anyways, without further ado, I present to you my...

Thoughts of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies

(or rather, "The Battle Where Everyone Dies" or "All the Feels" or "Why I Hate Peter Jackson")

· Galadriel what are you doing here

· Why are you kissing Gandalf

· Now there's Ring Wraiths

· And Sauron

· Galadriel you okay



· Sweet Elrond is here

· So is Saruman and they are kicking orc butt

· That's awesome

· Thorin u jerk

· Be nice to Bard he kind of saved your life

· Wow Thorin

· Thranduil rides a moose

· That's awesome

· The moose is cool

· I like the moose

· The moose is going to die isn't it

· Yep it's dead

· Alfrid ur a jerk

· And ur crossdressing to hide from battle

· jerk

· And Bard's totally calling him out

· Alfrid just booked it with a shirt full of gold coins

· Alfrid reely



· I mean I read the booK BUT STILL




· ...aaand now Kili's gone too. Great.

· I shipped it. I shipped it and now he's dead. Why.

· Peter Jackson I hate you.






· And now Bilbo's back at the Shire

· heehee they're auctioning all of his stuff off

· "Can I get a signature?"

· "Yes... this is a contract of... well, never mind."

· heehee

· "Who's this Thorin Oakenshield?"

· "He was... a friend."

· Oh stoRMS WHY


· Movie's over

· Loved the movie

· Pippin is singing a song

· I like the song

· *Realization that it's finally all over*

· *sobbing*



Five Love Songs

Yes. Love songs. You heard right.

Anyways, I'm not (usually) one to mince words, so in no particular order, here are some songs that I personally enjoy. They may not be my all-time favorites, but are ones that I think get my point across.

Under Heaven's Skies -- Collective Soul

She Does -- Collective Soul

What I Can Give You -- Collective Soul (Noticing a trend here? :P)

Magic -- Coldplay

Every Night -- Imagine Dragons

Maybe I should have made this just "Favorite Songs Not By Collective Soul". Maybe then other artists would've stood more of a chance. Oh well.

Anyways, one of the reasons I love these songs is that they never talk about physical appearances -- it's never about "omg that blonde chick over there is hawt". I realize that it's kind of unfair to judge an entire art by the relatively few songs that do this, but it's prevalent enough that I find it noteworthy when a song doesn't mention physical attributes (in great detail anyways, there are exceptions to this).

For example, "What I Can Give You" says, in the chorus,

"I can't give you

Treasures only men have made

But what I can give you

No one can ever take away."


Imagine Dragons and Coldplay are fine examples of this, too:

"I'm coming home to you

Every night,

Coming home to you

Every night.

My mind is made up, nothing can change that

I'm coming home to you

Every night."

"Call it magic, call it true.

I call it magic when I'm with you.

And I just got broken, broken into two.

Still I call it magic, when I'm next to you."

Anyways, I might expand this later on, but for now, that's all, folks! Feel free to comment down below.



Not the most masculine thing to kick a blog off with, but whatever. :P

Anyways, I "arranged" a song. Hooray! Now you get to listen to it.

It's called "Lavender's Blue," a folk song/nursery rhyme featured in the new Cinderella movie.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a professional musician/technician. The sound quality is terrible, and my timing is likely way off. Oh, and the piano's out of tune.You have been warned.

Also, in regards to the photo used in the video, no copyright infringement was intended. If I did, just contact me and I'll change it.

[clicky the source button because RSS feeds apparently don't like embedded YouTube videos]



And So It Begins



I feel the community blogs get too little love, so I'll kick this off and then hook up an RSS feed* from my other blog to here, so y'all can read whatever it is I'm rambling about. :P

The Basics can be found under the "About Me" section of my profile page.

Geekdom, Nerdom, and Fandom


I would like to propose to you Slowswift's First Law: There is at least a 50% chance at any time that I'm talking. dreaming, what-have-you of any given geeky thing. I have prepared a handy guide of my various interests for your reading pleasure:

First off, as you may have guessed by my presence here, I love books. First and foremost is Sanderson, obviously. I enjoy the fantasy and sci-fi genres the most, but I'm open really to any genre. It just has to be good, though as you all hopefully know, art is entirely subjective. What I consider "good" may very well be completely different from someone else's definition. Some other favorite authors are JK Rowling, Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, and Michael J Sullivan.

Television, O marvelous magical medium of entertainment. I cannot begin to describe how much I love Doctor Who. It's just amazing. Even if the special effects are a bit, um, lacking in some areas (case in point, the deadliest killing machines in the universe wield a plunger and a whisk). Also among the favorites are shows such as MLP, Sherlock, and nearly everything by Marvel. And the odd episode of Supernatural.

Books will always be better than movies, but there are some that make a noble effort: LotR, for one. And once again, Marvel never ceases to amaze.

Interests and Interesting Things


Anyways, here are some random things about me:

  • My favorite color alternates between red, green, and blue. Currently it's blue. Because TARDISes.
  • I am extremely fond of mint ice cream. But I don't really have a favorite. If all else fails, vanilla.
  • I own a typewriter. And a quill pen or two.
  • I am extremely fond of cheese. I actually have derailed a topic into a discussion about cheese, thereby earning myself Epic status.
  • Sleep is fun. I like sleep. But I also like being awake. Oh look. A paradox.
  • I'm weird, if you haven't noticed. :P

I love music. I listen to music on repeat into the wee hours of the night. I know like two songs on the piano... but that doesn't matter, really. My favorite artists are Collective Soul, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, the Killers, and the Piano Guys. Probably actually a lot more than that. :P

Minecraft is about the only video game I play, aside from the occasional Lego.

Oh, and speaking of... Legos. There's something about little interlocking bricks. And there's an old line, Bionicle, which had an amazing storyline. They discontinued it in 2010, but they recently revived it. It's just not the same, though.

Lastly, but not leastly, is writing. I have yet to write a full novel, but my head is bursting with ideas, and I'm itching to get 'em out.

Currently the most I've written was 20K words for Camp NaNoWriMo July 2015.

Well, there you have it. Me, sort of, jumbled together incoherently with glue and some sticks. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a typewriter that's not going to typewrite itself. ^_^ 

*The RSS feature is being buggy. So it'll just be good ol'-fashioned copy and paste from here on out.