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My Thoughts and Experiments on Reading and Writing

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Story Ideas List

About once a week I think of an idea for a story. Here's a list of some of my favorites that I'd love to develop

1. Billions of years in the future humans have conquered death. In fact, they have done everything that they could ever think of. The biggest problem is boredom. Every idea has been fleshed out. Every invention has been invented. How does a race of people exist if there is nothing left to do?

2. A sect of magical beings have dedicated their lives to pouring energy into a globe of heat and power. No one outside of the sect knows of the globe. The sect has been dedicated to this effort for so long all but the highest priest remembers its original purpose. But the high priest knows he cannot do what his predecessors have left him.

3. Children are born with a power to alter the molecular structure of objects around them. They are dangerous if not kept calm and happy. The more cognitive and aware they become, the more the power diminishes. Newborns can make objects explode their molecules, breaking covelant bonds in their toys or in their mother's hand, making the birthing process extremely dangerous and most mothers opt for dosing their infants during birth. Toddlers "play" with their ability. Pre-teens can pretty much only agitate air molecules to push or pull on objects, making them fly across a room. Adults can hardly make a cup budge sitting on a table.

Let me know if you'd like to do a writing exercise using one of these ideas. I'll join in.


Sanderson Reading Log

Here's my "read" list so far:

  • Mistborn Trilogy
  • Alloy of Law
  • The Way of Kings
  • The Wheel of Time series
  • Elantris
  • Warbreaker
  • Infinity Blade I & II
  • Legion
  • Emperor's Soul
  • Firstborn
  • Defending Elysium

Any suggestions on what should be next on this list?

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